Best Ceiling Fans With Light in India

Ceiling Fans With Light are ubiquitous in almost every semi-rural, suburban and urban home. They do not take up precious floor space like pedestal fans, do not have to be small and light and thus, less effective like wall fans, and need not require some kind of table or stand to be kept in like table fans. Being out of reach, they do not have to have the ugly cage we see the rest of the fans in, covering the blades. Ceiling fans can be of various sizes, colors and decorations to make them functional in relation to the size and shape of the room as well as matching the decor of the room. Thus, they can add to the aesthetic of the house while keeping us cool in the hot season, and, in some cases, even warm in the colder months.

Earlier, ceiling fans had only one job – airing the room. But as times advanced, so did these machines. With multi-functionality being the trend of the day, ceiling fans too have evolved to include another necessity of homes – lights. Many ceiling fans are available these days that have lights integrated into the central portion for decorative, functional or mood lighting. These are obviously more costly than ordinary ceiling fans, but if we combine the cost of individual lighting and ceiling fans, these turn out to be more economical solutions. On top of that, they also add a certain sophistication and pizzazz to the room that you will never get with an ordinary ceiling fan.

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Top Ceiling Fans with Light

India is a hot and humid country that sees moderate to significant precipitation in most places. Ceiling fans are quite popular in India – They are way more affordable than ACs and does the job quite appreciably. Many people are opting for ceiling fans with lights as an extra source of illumination or for the aesthetic. The top picks are:

1. Crompton Uranus 48-inch Ceiling Fan With Decorative Lights 

Crompton Uranus 48-inch Ceiling Fan With Decorative Lights

The highly popular and superbly performing Crompton fan obviously makes it to the top of the list. Whether you judge it looks-wise or feature-wise, it makes for the centre-piece of your home. The golden finish shanks and decorative canopy gives it an elite appearance. It works practically noiseless, a result of the perfect balance between number of blades and surface area of blades. Both the hang rod and motor are highly durable, imparting both safety and longevity to the fan. It has four speed settings can give really high speeds, effectively circulating air to every part of the room and ensuring maximum air delivery. In spite of high speeds,it is also energy efficient and consumes hardly any power, no matter which speed setting you are at.


  1. Product dimensions are 50.7 x 28.1 x 26.5 cm.
  2. Product weight is 7.25 Kg.
  3. Sweep of the fan is 1200 mm.
  4. Speed is 320 RPM.
  5. Air delivery rate is 200 m3/min or CMM(cubic metre per minute).
  6. It has four blades and three lampshades with pull cord.
  7. Power input is 72 W.
  8. There is two years warranty on the product.
  • The fan sports a beautiful elite design.
  • It provides high speed at the highest setting.
  • It hardly produces any noise.
  • The lights are too bulky and ostentatious.
  • It is only pull cord operated.

2. Orient Electric Aeroslim 1200mm Smart Premium Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Aeroslim 1200mm Smart Premium Ceiling Fan

It will not be wrong to say that this fan is truly for the future – it is packed with the most advanced features you can get at the international market right now. Starting with the blades,they are made of glass filled ABS, a high-grade compounded polymer that gives rust-free longevity to the fan. The aerodynamic design of the blades ensures that not only do we get superior thrust and air delivery, but also a uniform, smooth airflow with practically no noise. It is highly efficient and powered by an inverter motor that maintains the same speed and air flow no matter the voltage fluctuation while saving 40% more energy than its counterparts. The motor also has protection against short circuits.

Its telescopic adjustable design of mounting makes it suitable for any kind of ceiling. The seamless , sleek design with high-gloss hydrographic finish gives it a futuristic look. In fact, the fan is quite the smart one. It is IOT-based, being controllable by both remote and smartphone. Orient fan is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa as well as Google assistant. The Orient Smart Application can be used to control all the fan and light settings easily. There are many smart features for the fan like fan scheduling, built-in timer, turbo mode, sleep mode, breeze mode, reverse rotation, while for the lights, you have scene switch lighting with dimming options. Moreover, more than one fan can be connected via the same app account.


  1. Product dimensions are 66.3 x 39.8 x 41.2 cm.
  2. Product weight is 5 Kg.
  3. Sweep of the fan is 1200 mm.
  4. Speed is 310 RPM.
  5. Air delivery rate is 240 CMM.
  6. It has three blades.
  7. Power input is 45 W.
  8. Working voltage range is 140-260 V, with an optimum of 230 V.
  9. Power factor is over 0.98 and service value is more than 6.
  10. There is two years warranty on the product.
  • Smart aerodynamic design eliminates most of the drag.
  • It is highly energy saving.
  • It is a truly smart fan, powered by IOT.
  • It has reverse rotation.
  • App works only with Wi-Fi connection and not data.

3. Orient Electric Spectra Under-Light 1200 mm Ceiling Fans with light

Orient Electric Spectra Under-Light 1200 mm Ceiling Fan

The most eye-catching feature of this ceiling fan is its multi-coloured multi-intensity LED light. The diffused mood lighting underlight has five colour options and their brightness can be changed depending on user’s wishes. The LED has both automatic and manual colour change changing mechanism. It is remote-controlled, with a timer and five speed settings that can be easily controlled from any corner of the room. The full copper motor has high speed rotations that ensure maximum air circulation and high durability. The electroplated finish gives it a premium look that can upgrade the appearance of any room.


  1. Product weight is 7.45 Kg.
  2. Sweep of the fan is 1200 mm.
  3. Speed is 320 RPM.
  4. Air delivery rate is 230 CMM.
  5. It has three blades.
  6. Power input is 70 W.
  7. There is two years warranty on the product.
  • It has multi-coloured lights for mood lighting.
  • It has a large number of control settings to suit every need.
  • Lower speeds produce choppiness and sound.

4. Gorilla Renesa Energy Saving 5 Star Rated Ceiling Fan

Gorilla Renesa Energy Saving 5 Star Rated Ceiling Fan

The Gorilla Renesa is truly an energy-saving beast of a fan that gives impressive airflow while consuming only a puny 28 W at even its highest speed setting. This is made possible by the fact that it is powered by a BLDC motor, and on top of that, it is five star rated. BLDC motors are not only more reliable in that it has better tolerance to power surges and voltage fluctuations, but it is also more long-lasting as it takes little damage over the years due to the above. It has a number of useful operation modes like sleep mode, timer mode and boost, as well as five different speed settings. What’s more, you can control multiple fans with one remote, which can operate up to a distance of 20 feet.


  1. Sweep of the fan is 1200 mm.
  2. It employs BLDC motor.
  3. It has three blades and six LED lamps.
  4. Power input is 28 W.
  5. Operating voltage range is 140-285 V.
  6. There is one years warranty on the product.
  • It is highly energy efficient.
  • BLDC technology protects against power supply surges and spikes.
  • The lights are too low.

5. Luminous 1200MM Lumaire Underlight Ceiling Fan

Luminous 1200MM Lumaire Underlight Ceiling Fan

With a design that is a throwback to the ye olde days of chunky ceiling fans with accented shanks, the Luminous Lumaire is true to its name. A diffused underlight produces the perfect soft setting for when you need lowlight, and augments the light intensity of other sources when you need brighter light. Moth the fan and the light are remote operated. The full aluminium body is the biggest advantage of this fan because it protects the fan from corrosion or rust and gives it a long life. This fan may not have many fancy features, but that definitely works in its favour. Not only is it so simple that everyone from kids to seniors can easily use it, but it also makes the actual fan robust and work for years without malfunctioning.

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  1. Product dimensions are 61 x 36 x 24 cm.
  2. Product weight is 6.4 Kg.
  3. Sweep of the fan is 1200 mm.
  4. Speed is 350 RPM.
  5. Air delivery rate is 235 CMM.
  6. It has three blades.
  7. Power input is 80 W with light.
  8. It is made of aluminium.
  9. There is one year warranty on the product.
  • It has a corrosion-resistant body.
  • It is compact in size, and is equally suitable for small and moderate sized rooms.
  • It does not have a premium finish.
  • There is a noise issue.

6. Havells Aluminium Octet Under Light Ceiling Fan

Havells Aluminium Octet Under Light Ceiling Fan

The big deal about this fan can be realised as soon as you look at it. It has eight blades, the highest in this list. The large number of blades ensure a high rate of airflow, but do not be fooled into thinking that this results in extremely high energy consumption. Like all Havells products, this one too delivers high performance in an energy-efficient manner. The eight-blade design also means no corner of the room will be without ventilation. The Havells fan is remote controlled and has four speed settings to adjust according to your needs. The fan also adds a unique look to the room you install it in. The wooden finish with vintage metallic accents is perfect for a regal home decor.


  1. Downrod length is 30 cm.
  2. Sweep of the fan is 1320 mm.
  3. Speed is 290 RPM.
  4. Air delivery rate is 280 CMM.
  5. It has eight blades.
  6. Power input is 88 W.
  7. It is made of aluminium.
  8. Rated voltage is 220 V – 240 V, while rated frequency is 50 Hz.
  • Its large sweep size gives wonderful air flow.
  • It is sturdy and durable.
  • Eight blades greatly raise the power consumption.

7. Usha Fontana One 1270mm Ceiling Fan

Usha Fontana One 1270mm Ceiling Fan

Usha is a respected name in the world of fans. A home-grown brand we have come to trust more than international ones, its thoughtful designs always suits Indian folks the most. The Fontana One is no exception. For example, we all know how hot and humid it can get in some parts of the country. The wide tip blades address exactly that problem, by delivering large air volume at high speed and with wide spread. The high gloss electroplated finish protects against the corrosion and damage from the environmental elements and pollution. It provides separate chain cords for the Ceiling Fans With Light and light controls to avoid confusion during operation. The fan has three speeds that can be controlled with the pull cord. The underlight is removable. High durability and an elegant look round off this excellent product.


  1. Product dimensions are 58.3 x 13.9 x 25 cm.
  2. Product weight is 8.32 Kg.
  3. Sweep of the fan is 1270 mm.
  4. Speed is 310 RPM.
  5. Air delivery rate is 205 CMM.
  6. It has four blades.
  7. Wattage is 70 W.
  8. Operating voltage is 230 V.
  9. There is one year warranty on the product.
  • Air distribution is good.
  • The light is removable.
  • Pull cord is the only control method, which can be inconvenient.

8. Kanz Enterprises Designer Modern Imported Ceiling Fan

Kanz Enterprises Designer Modern Imported Ceiling Fan

The speciality of this fan lies in the fact that it has folding blades. It has eight flyup blades of acrylic ABS polymer that open up automatically when you turn the fan on, and close down when you turn it off. The rest of the fan is made from high grade steel for added strength. The fan has three speed settings and four timer settings of one, two, four and eight hours. The light too has different modes like white light, war light and neutral light, that can be changed according to mood. The fan is entirely remote operated, including the light. It makes zero to low noise, which ensures there is no interference during sleep. The premium silicon steel motor delivers high performance without eating up too much power. The gold-accented brown look with transparent blades gives an overall vintage vibe to the fan.


  1. Fan dimensions when fully open are 106.68 x 106.68 x 58.17 cm.
  2. Sweep of the fan is 42 inches.
  3. Speed is 220 RPM.
  4. It has eight blades.
  5. There is one year manufacturing warranty and five years on the motor.
  • It has a large number of controllable settings.
  • It has an aesthetic look and feel.
  • Wind speed is not significant.

9. Halonix Morpheus CRYS 1050mm Retractable Ceiling Fan

Halonix Morpheus CRYS 1050mm Retractable Ceiling Fan

This Halonix fan has a unique feature – its blades are retractable, so that in expanded form, it can function as a normal fan, while in collapsed form, it will simply look like a ceiling light. It is fully remote operated. The three colour LED lights are incorporated in a pendant design. They are as energy efficient as the fan, and has different lighting modes like warm, cool and neutral. The fan works super silently, so that you are not disturbed at all during sleep. It is suitable for use in AC rooms to circulate the cool air around the room. The transparent blades and silver accents on white impart an uber cool feel to the fan, that goes well with for urban decor.


  1. Product dimensions are 55 x 55 x 29 cm.
  2. Sweep of the fan is 1050 mm.
  3. Speed is 260 RPM.
  4. Air delivery rate is 180 CMM.
  5. It has four blades.
  6. Power input is 58 W.
  7. Operating voltage is 230 V.
  8. There is one year warranty on the product.
  • Foldability helps keep the fan blades clean when not in use.
  • The chandelier light design spreads light to all corners.
  • Airflow is low.

10. BAJAJ Magnifique Fl-01 Premium Ceiling Fans with Light

BAJAJ Magnifique Fl-01 Premium Ceiling Fan

Having a Bajaj appliance in your home means you can be in peace regarding quality as well as performance. In this case, Bajaj brings a versatile product that gives stiff competition to the others on the list. In fact, this is the second fan on the list with reversible blades, which makes it functional throughout the year. It has regulator-free operation, via a remote controller. The shape of this fan may be sleek, but it packs in a powerhouse air delivery. Having six blades minimises sound to nearly nil and ensures interference free bedtime. Even with so many useful features, you do not need to worry about your electricity bill – This fan hardly consumes much even on its highest settings.


  1. Sweep of the fan is 1200 mm.
  2. Speed is 250 RPM.
  3. Air delivery rate is 200 CMM.
  4. It has six blades.
  5. Wattage is 60 W.
  6. There is two year warranty on the product.
  • Sleek design produces less air drag.
  • It has reversible blades.
  • Six blades cause significant air drag.

11. Syska SFL1000 Arty LED 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Syska SFL1000 Arty LED 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Whenever we hear the name Syska, we immediately associate the product with ultra-modern features and the latest energy efficiency technology. This fan is quite a typical study in the same. It is remote operated and has five speed settings to suit every season and every user. The fan can also be set with a timer. Its light is LED and has three dimmable settings. The blades of the fan are especially designed to ensure an even distribution of air. The fan moves on a powerful motor, yet its operation is noiseless for all practical purposes. Saving the best for the last, perhaps the most amazing feature of this fan is that its premium looking finish is achieved by dust-resistant protective paint, that literally frees you from the hassle of mounting a ladder and craning your neck to dust it.


  1. Product dimensions are 53 x 31 x 24 cm.
  2. Product weight is 1.75 Kg.
  3. Sweep of the fan is 1200 mm.
  4. Speed is 340 RPM.
  5. Air delivery rate is 220 CMM.
  6. It has three blades.
  7. Energy consumption is 74 W.
  8. Voltage requirement is 230 V, and frequency is 50 Hz.
  9. There is two year warranty on the product.
  • It has dust-resistant finish.
  • It is extremely lightweight.
  • It has five speed settings.
  • It is not as energy-efficient.

Buying Guide – Ceiling fans with light modern

There is not much difference in the things you need to consider when buying a normal ceiling fan and a ceiling fan with lights, except the nature of the lights themselves. The guide below should make it clear:

Blade Size

This is one of the most important considerations that you must make, since it determines if the room will be well ventilated or not. There are fans with blade sizes ranging from 24 to 60 inches. A larger room volume demands a larger blade size. For rooms up to 100 sq feet, 24 to 42 inch blades are enough, while for rooms sized 100 to 150 sq feet, 44 to 50 inch blades work well. Rooms between 150 to 300 sq feet require 52 to 60 inch blades and rooms over 300 sq feet should either have fans with blades up to 74 inches, or two fans with 42 inch blades.Greater blade surface area produces greater airflow, but also causes a larger air resistance or drag, making more noise and requiring a stronger motor that consumes more electricity.

Blade Number

Fans can have any number of blades from even one to six and above. Some fans even have two tiers of blades. The number of blades affect airflow by the same theory as blade size. Greater the number of blades, greater is the gross airflow. However that does not mean net effective airflow is also high. More number of blades inevitably creates more turbulence, ie, the air flow pattern is choppy and ultimately does not create much wind. Greater number of fan blades does imply lesser noise as individual surface areas are reduced, but the cumulative size is still high, so the drag on the motor is high too. Four to five blades is considered the perfect balance between noise control and air flow.


The mount of the fan is determined greatly by the height of the ceiling. Low ceilings should be installed with flush mount fans, while high ceilings require a downrod, whose length is directly proportional to the ceiling height. Every one foot increase in ceiling height is compensated by 6 cm increase in downrod length, with a 9 foot high ceiling requiring a 6 cm downrod. Ceiling fans need to be installed with an angular mount in rooms with sloping roofs. These mounts allow an angle of 34-56°, so that the fan can hang vertical.


The efficiency of any electrical appliance is judged by its energy star rating. More the number of stars, greater the efficiency. Nowadays, BLDC or brushless DC motors are being used in fans which are far more efficient than the conventional brushed motors. When buying a ceiling fan with lights, always try to go for one where the fan as well as the lights are star rated.


Ceiling fans have always been used in rooms, but it is slowly making its way to patios and porches too. Outdoor ceiling fans differ widely from indoor ones in that they have to be weather-resistant. Dry-rated fans are not suitable for use outdoors. The Damp-rated ones can withstand humidity and slight moisture, but if your area experiences a lot of rain or snow,go for a Wet-rated one. You can also look for an UL rating that is a good indication of the ability of the fan to withstand environmental elements.


There are basically three types of controls in fans. The classic wall control unit with regulators and switch is still the most widely used in India. However, remote controlled fans are slowly and steadily coming up. You will also find that in some smart homes, fans are also controlled by Wi-Fi from smartphones. Fans with lights often come with pull cords to control the lights.


This is important in regards to the longevity of the fan. Brass finishes are popular. Aluminium bodied fans are long-lasting as they hardly see corrosion through the years. Nowadays, dust-free finishes are slowly taking over the market since they resist accumulation of dust and eliminate the need to clean the fans, which is especially difficult in rooms with high ceilings.

Reverse Rotation

This is a very useful feature in fans that make them usable in both summer and winter. It implies that the fan rotates in a certain direction in summer so as to push cold air in our direction. This direction can be reversed in winter so that the warm air can be circulated around the room.


Ceiling Fans With Light are an integral and indelible part of Indian households. But as times change, people try to upgrade. The old, bulky, noisy ceiling fans are no longer welcomed in modern houses. Thus, companies must also upgrade their products to keep up with the times. Necessity is the mother of all invention, and it is along this very line that these advanced ceiling fans have been made. The ones in this list are the best ones out their, with the most spectacular looks and even more impressive features that are sure to blow your mind. Make it a point to go through the buying guide so you know exactly what you need and can buy accordingly.

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