Best Earphones under 1500 in India

Here are India’s top 7 best earphones under 1500 Rs (reviews with buying guide). Buy the best earphone available right now in your budget.

These days most of the mobile companies are not giving earphones along with mobile phones. Even if you’re a casual music lover, an earphone is an important accessory for every mobile user. Even though the prices of smartphones have decreased even most of us who purchase a decent smartphone are not left with enough money to buy high-end earphones and that’s the reason we have built this list under your budget.

So here in this post, we have got the top 7 best earphones under 1500 Rs which are currently being sold in India. While making our list we have tested most of these earphones and found them really great. These best earphones below 1500 Rs will give you the best quality music in this budget category. These are the best earphones below 1500 Rs in India that you can purchase for a mid-budget segment right now.

7 Best Earphones under 1500

1. House of Marley Smile Jamaica EM-JE041-SB

House of Marley Smile Jamaica EM-JE041-SB
  • Stylishly designed with a wooden back, this earphone comes with a mic and gives you the esteemed experience of the musical world.
  • Once you put on the earphones, you completely are in a world of your own offered by its dynamic speakers and noise isolating feature.
  • It is compatible with a 3.5 mm jack and can be used with all of your android apps.
  • The audio quality is blissful and it offers a tough competition to others for the sheer clarity of tone.
  • The tangle-free cable is among the highly appreciated features.
  • It comes in black and blue in two colors, and is easy to treat. The manufacturers also sell 2-year earphone warranty.

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2. Sony EX155

Sony EX155
  • Sony EX155 Offering you a range of colors- black, light blue, red and white, this earphone comes with a 9 mm driver mic and high sensitivity.
  • It offers an elevating sound experience that expresses the peaks and lows of sounds clearly.
  • The cable is also tangle-free due to its robust design which ensures easy handling.
  • Experience your daily music with this wired Sony earphone in a new way, away from all the noise.
  • On top of that, according to your satisfaction and comfort you can choose from 4 pairs of earbud sizes- SS, S, M or L.

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3. JBL Endurance Run

JBL Endurance Run best earphone under 1500
  • JBL is one of the most respected companies in this sector when it comes to sound tools.
  • Much less to demand from them, this earphone has a microphone and, with its sophisticated nature, they guarantee that these earphones do not hurt or slip off their customers ‘ear.
  • They try to give you the elite experience with their characteristic of noise cancellation.
  • The remote in-line and microphone attached to the earphone means you do not need to take out your computer when answering a call.
  • In addition, the earphone’s tactile nature provides a tangle-free time when using those earphones.
  • This also offers quick launch access to your mobile assistant without getting to your phone.

4. BoAT BassHeads 172

BoAT BassHeads 172
  • The boAT BassHeads 172 is a highly affordable earphone catching your heart and mind with its elegant build and absolute sound quality.
  • Slip these earphones away into a completely blissful musical atmosphere. This blocks out even the busiest surroundings to ensure that all music lovers have a trouble-free and relaxing abode.
  • It strengthens the bass, and offers the strong sound highs and lows we all yearn for.
  • It’s built in such a way that it stays tangled even in your pockets.
  • Switch your environment to that sound which with the aid of these earphones keeps you moving and tunes out the unwanted external noises.
  • Move into your own world and experience your music with these eye-catching boAT earphones in total harmony.

5. Philips SHQ1405BL

Philips SHQ1405BL
  • The Philips SHQ1405BL wired earphone comes with a microphone and has 3.5 mm jack compatibility.
  • Crafted particularly keeping in mind that the earphone is convenient to the ear and does not fall out.
  • Its sound quality and bass enhancement make it no less competitive with other earphones.
  • This incredible earphone gives you a very useful experience as well as the stylish color that you wouldn’t want to miss.
  • This earphone also comes with its maker promising a 1-year warranty.

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6. Sony AS210AP SPORTS Earphones

  • One of the things we all do is to work out while listening to the music. Yet listening to our favorite artists makes us more motivated to work out.
  • Now listen to your dream work out playlists with Sony’s these Sports earphones that bring procession and clarity to the beats.
  • Because of its high sensitivity you will listen perfectly to all of your songs.
  • These earphones are built specifically with the intention of giving the gym freaks a total nirvana, even in their highly packed gyms, keeping you excited until the end without thinking about them falling off your feet.
  • Such earphones are also water-resistant to ensure you keep working out so you can’t be prevented by the smallest of sweats.

7. BoAT Nirvana Uno Sports

BoAT Nirvana Uno Sports earphones under 2000
  • These earphones are extremely comfortable and complement your style.
  • It suits your ears perfectly and gives you the perfect blend of beats and bass. Put them on and drown your favorite songs into the nirvana.
  • In its elegant looks it is unsurpassable and in its sound quality it is equally stunning. The earphone’s ergonomic nature affords optimum comfort and fast tuning.
  • The sound is of optimum quality, since it has highly sensitive 7 mm drivers.
  • It comes with a durable wire coating to guarantee extra security and is compatible with all your devices including tablets and laptops.
  • They also have repair and replacement services along with national 1 year warranty.

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Buying Guide – Best Earphones under 1500

Rs 1500 is a reasonable budget for an earphone, under this budget category you can get a good quality earphone, although getting too many models from different brands can confuse you, but no worries, here’s our fast buying guide that’s going to be handy.

Sound quality

The most important thing you can look for on an earphone is the quality of the sound. That’s very clear, we are buying earphones for music collection. The loudness, clarity, bass and other musical qualities should be tested for.

Wired or Bluetooth

These days, when many mobile manufacturers drop the 3.5 mm jack, you need to decide that you do need a 3.5 mm jack wired earphone or a Bluetooth earphone so you can use it even if you don’t have a 3.5 mm jack on your phone.

Earphone or headset

This is a personal favorite. If you’re a casual music fan, you can go for an earphone and pick an on-ear headphone if you’re someone who’s more into the music. Earphones as opposed to headphones are easy to wear and to use.

Wire length & quality

The quality of the construction is critical here, the poor quality wire will not last long. The consistency of the earbuds is also tested along with the wire build quality. Do check the wire length as well, the optimum wire length for most of the earphones mentioned here is.

You spend 1500 Rs on an earphone, which is a good budget and you can get some great earphones from some of India’s top brands. You’ll get great music with the branded earphones, along with a guarantee, and also the best-built product.

FAQs (Commonly Asked Questions)

Here are some of the frequently asked questions from various groups that we chose from. Most users have some questions when they go to buy one of India’s best earphones below 1500 Rs. Do test these, they’re going to help you too.

Which of the best earphones in India below 1500 Rs?

Choosing the best single model here is very difficult, as different consumers have different criteria and brand preferences. You can check our list above, which has the top 10 best earphones in India under 1500 Rs, so you can pick according to your wants and needs.

What are India’s Best Earphone Brands?

India has a number of strong earphone brands to sell. JBL, boAT, and Sony are only a few brands you can trust. These are India’s famous brands which most people prefer. If you want any of those earphone labels, you won’t go wrong.

I keep breaking an earphone cable, what am I supposed to do?

That’s the main problem with using the wired earphones. It all depends on how the earphone is handled. Fold the earphone properly when not in use, and keep it in a safe location. Also be careful when placing the earphone into the pocket of your jeans.

Final Words

I hope you like this post about best earphones under 1500 in India. Les us know in comments which earphone you like the most.

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