Best Window AC in India – Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are looking for Best Window AC in India, then this guide is for you!

The summer season has arrived, and the weather has actually started biting the unbearable heat on our skin. If you’re traveling outside you might not be able to help yourself, but you can certainly keep indoors cool and comfortable in any weather. We’ve reviewed the Best Window Air conditioner down here, which will help you keep that scorching summer heat at bay. All the Window Air Conditioners we’ve described below are the finest models for both the online and offline market.

With features like low power consumption, timer, sleep mode, self-diagnosis, auto-swing, remote control, and memory functionality, window ACs are the best bang for your money if you want to keep that heat out of your way. The reason behind giving you this Top 10 listing is to remove all the pressure you feel when choosing a Window AC for your home or office. So, bring home any of the Window ACs reviewed below, and keep that relaxing atmosphere going throughout this summer.

List of Top Window AC

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Best Window AC in India – Reviews

1. Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC

Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC

Voltas is one of India’s most hotly sold best window AC company. Because of that high efficiency and worthy price it comes first in our list.

Voltas is the best window AC 1.5-ton capacity and a rating of five stars. Wherever you wish, you can fit it too. It fits easily into a 120-200 sq ft room. Even at 50 degrees, the company boasts its high ambient cooling. That has also been proven in our testing. The ultra-durable rotary compressor enhances the cooling capacity. There is also a vent for bringing fresh air inside the room and cooling every nook and corner at the same time.

This AC’s compressor has premium copper wires that will last long for you and help in years of unconditional cooling. Furthermore, it removes all the dust that collects within the AC on a daily basis as an anti-dust filter. It also has different modes to set the air-conditioner according to your level of comfort. For instant cooling the few modes we liked are the auto-restart, timer, sleep mode, and turbo mode.

Features of Voltas Window AC

  • This AC offers an Efficiency Rating (EER) of 5 stars.
  • It comes with Silver Nano, the anti-dust filters.
  • Its coil condenser is made of Copper.
  • It also features bluefin hydrophylic aluminum that looks after the condenser from the effects of moisture and humidity.
  • Its clever dehumidification function prevents your room from continuing to humidify during damp days.
  • The product comes with a warranty for one year.

2.  Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC

Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC

This is another great silent working AC from Hitachi’s house with great cooling capacity and user friendly features.

Hitachi is an AC window with a capacity of 1.5 ton and a rating of 5 stars. The product is packed with state-of – the-art features that are easy to use, and offer a great deal of comfort. The AC fits any intermediate to large area room between 121-179 sq ft. In our study, we found out that the AC can cool your room effectively in at least 15-20 mins and at a temperature as high as 51 degrees C.

What is more, the auto-climate technology is what we love. This intelligent feature determines your location’s temperature and humidity, and adjusts the temperature and velocity of the fan at the touch of a button to give you great comfort.

It also has an auto power saver mode. This feature allows the appliance to select a temperature of comfort at all times and thus reduce the consumption of power. In the case of cut-off, when the default temperature is maintained, the fan goes up to a higher level and descends.

Features of Hitachi Window AC

  • It offers an Efficiency Rating (EER) of 5 stars.
  • The coil used for the condenser is made from Copper.
  • It tends to come with silver ion filtration in the AC, eliminating dirt, bacteria, microorganisms and other germs which often find safety in AC units, effectively.
  • The product comes with a warranty for one year.
  • Uses the on / off timer mode to auto-restart.
  • It utilizes Auto Climate Technology that describes temperature and humidity in your town plus adapts the temperature and velocity of the fan with an easy press of a button to offer a satisfied cooling experience.

3. Voltas 1 Ton 5 Star Window AC

Voltas 1 Ton 5 Star Window AC

That can be a good choice if you are looking for a budget-friendly best window AC in India 1 ton then.

Voltas is an AC window with capacity of 1 ton and ranking 5 stars. The AC fits in well with any 0-130sqft room which is small to medium in scale. So, for your office, children’s office, or guest room, you may choose this one. The cooling performance for the small size room was good enough in our study, and it was able to cool the whole room even at 50 degrees temperature.

The AC is fitted with high quality copper wires known for their durability and effective refrigeration. In addition, it is fitted with specialized ion negative and anti-dust filters. They help remove the particles of dust and other contaminants from the air. It also has an active dehumidifier, which is beneficial when it’s sticky all around for those monsoon season.

Features of Voltas 2 Ton AC

  • It comes with an immediate cooling feature even at 50°C High Ambient Cooling
  • The active dehumidifier helps to sense and regulate indoor humidity in monsoons.
  • The special 100% Copper condenser coil is more robust & offers powerful cooling.
  • Only the intelligent “Eco Mode” optimizes power use and saves on your energy bills.
  • Quickly cools the room with Turbo Cooling mode.

4. Hitachi 1 Ton 5 Star Window AC

Hitachi 1 Ton 5 Star Window AC

When you’re looking for something that has apps that are easy to use and work efficiently then that can be the one. Hitachi is the lowest price window ac 1 ton and rating 5 stars. The AC will fit in from 0-130sqft to any small to medium area space.

Even in a medium size room area of 0-130sqft, we found in our test that supports its cooling aspect which is actually impressive compared to other 1 ton window ACs of this type. Another impressive aspect is that the device with its intelligent technology will automatically set the desired room temperature.

With this, you need to set the AC temperature over and over again. However, it has Auto Filter Clean Indicator which reminds you to clean the filters at all times and give you fresh air. Moving on to its build, it has Evaporator high-reliability, Interconnecting pipes and Copper Tube Condenser for better efficiency and longer life.

Features of Hitachi Air conditioner

  • The “Pre-coated aluminum fins” ensure the AC’s durability because the aluminum coating can in the long run protect the device’s fins from corrosion.
  • The “Auto Climate Technology” is a smart app that determines your city’s temperature and humidity and controls temperature and fan speed with a click of a button to provide a nice cooling experience.
  • Kaimin purpose makes sure energy is used sensibly and prevents its use. This allows manually increasing the temperature of the AC and sets the temperature up every hour to maintain the environmental degree of ease.
  • Present koukin filter helps to preserve safe circulated-air coolness.
  • It gives an energy efficiency rating of 5 stars, and the condenser coil used is made from copper.
  • The commodity comes with a warranty duration of one year.

5. Carrier 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC

Carrier 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC

Carrier is a window style AC with a capacity of 1.5 ton and a rating of 3 stars. This AC is well suited to any small to large area space between 110-200 sqft. We found out in our test that the AC’s cooling efficiency is pretty decent but it consumes a little more energy when the temperature is going really high particularly in June.

The air conditioner come with an intelligent sensor and 2 + 1 feature that includes a feature for dehumidifying and cooling along with the mode for saving energy and dry. During the monsoom season in India you can use dehumidifier and dry mode when there is a lot of humidity and things get sticky. Throughout the summer season the cooling mode along with the fan speed can be used according to the level of comfort.

In addition, the AC is made of high-quality Tropical Rotary Compressor and Exhaust. It not only improves AC’s life but also helps to refrigerate capacity. This has several other exciting features such as anti-dust filters, sleep mode, auto restart mode, etc. Overall, a good product that in the summer season has already won several hearts.

Features of Carrier AC

  • It has an Energy Efficiency ranking of 3 stars. Its coil condenser is made of Copper.
  • The Dry Mode function dehumidifies the air inside the building, particularly at high humidity during the rainy season.
  • Super Turbo mode lets you get a fast and efficient cooling experience.
  • The sleep mode gradually raises the temperature for the first two hours by 1 degree Celsius per hour, and then stays steady for the next five hours.
  • This has a 1-year pump and condenser warranty, and 5-year compressor warranty.

6. Blue Star 1.5 Tons 5 Star Window AC

Blue Star 1.5 Tons 5 Star Window AC

The Blue Star 3W18LB is a 1.5 ton capacity Window AC with 5 star rating. The AC fits well into a 130-200 sqft medium to large sized space. We figured out in our check that the cooling is good if the temperature is below 45 degrees it works well. Yet when the temperature rises above 45, heating up the whole room takes a longer time.

The system is made of the Hydrophilic Blue Fins Evaporator to prevent water condensation and the corrosion resistant Anti-Corrosive Blue Fin Copper Condenser. And the antifreeze thermostat feature prevents the cooling coil from freezing. All together, that enhances the unit’s existence.

Moving on to its job, the feature we liked is an auto restart feature that comes with both the memory function and a on and off timer. This feature helps you to determine the timing of switching it on / off. Furthermore, the panel of this device is easy to clean. You can do this by simply removing the filters from the soil. Some other features include fan amplitude, dry mode etc. All in all, a simple package that can give you summertime relief from the hot weather.

Features of BlueStar Window AC

  • It has an Energy Efficiency ranking of 5 stars. Its coil condenser is made of Copper.
  • Its dual rotor compressor is designed to boost cooling performance at low energy consumption, increase output and cut costs.
  • Comfort Sleep app smartly senses differences in indoor temperatures and automatically adjusts the same to keep you warm during the night.
  • Anti-freeze thermostat is a protection device that prevents frost formation on the heat exchanger by stopping the compressor at a lower temperature while the machine is running.
  • The AC is programmed with a unique ‘self-diagnosis’ feature that automatically alerts you to a malfunction in service. Error codes make troubleshooting issues simple and you can quickly get the air conditioner up and running.
  • This has a 1-year pump and condenser warranty, and 5-year compressor warranty.

7. LG Electronics 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC

LG has been a well-known electronics company that has manufactured high-quality products for decades and so is this one.

LG electronics is an AC window with a capacity of 1.5 ton and a rating of 3 stars. This one is again suitable for any area between 110-200 sqft in medium to large size space. In our test, we find out that the AC’s cooling efficiency is pretty good, it works well even when the temperature is going really high particularly in June and a lot of humidity is present.

This air conditioner is made of 100 percent copper wire with ocean black safety to give it exceptional longevity against India’s bad air and atmosphere. The condenser also has advanced gold fins to make it anti-corrosive. It has 4-way air deflection and 2-way auto swing (left / right) and manual vanes (up / down). When combined, both of these features give a friendly air in a well-desired direction.

Features of LG Window AC

  • It has an Energy Efficiency ranking of 3 stars.
  • Its coil condenser is made of Copper as it is always better than silver.
  • 4 Way auto air swing features is attached.
  • This Air conditioner is programmed with Dual protection filter
  • The AC comes with 1 year warranty

Best Window AC Buying Guide

To get hold of Best Window Air Conditioners if you decide to buy one from the market, there are few items you need to bear in mind that were discussed below:

Cooling Power

It is the primary thing needing to be on the list of considerations before buying an AC panel. In BTUs (British Thermal Units) the cooling capacity or strength of an air conditioner is measured every hour, which is the fundamental measure of thermal energy. For the finest level of productivity and efficiency, choose the device that offers a level of BTU suitable for your room or space.

Without a strong BTU filter, a window AC would work incessantly to try to cool the wide area and thus will consume the entire energy budget. A window air conditioner that is very large for your room can not cool and uniformly dehumidify your place, making the indoor air vulnerable to hot and cold pockets.

For get a full estimate, a consumer can also consider these aspects:

Ceiling height – the average ceiling height is 8 feet, according to estimates. You will need to increase the BTU level if the ceilings are higher than 8 ft.

Sunlight – If the space is filled by the sun all day long, you will need to increase the BTU level by 10%.

Number of people – If there are regularly more than 2 occupants within the building, you will need to add up to 600 BTUs of cooling power for each additional person.

Kitchen – Wanna install a Window AC inside the kitchen? You’ll need to increase the cooling power by no less than 4,000 BTUs in that scenario.


Many Window AC models are designed to fit inside the normal double-hung window panes. In comparison, most models may also be installed in a custom-made wall section with distinct kinds of hardware for installation. It is a good option if your window measurements are fairly small or very wide, or if you don’t have the upright sash windows.

Window: First of all, you must precisely measure the window frame’s inner length, paying superior attention to the window’s width. Before that, check the maximum and minimum measurements of the width of the window specified in the specifications of the air conditioner. When your AC doesn’t stretch out to match the window frame correctly, you should not get worried. That window air conditioner consists of an installation package consisting of side curtains to cordon off the extra space left on either side of the opening wall or window.

Wall: Before installing the air-conditioner inside the building, first make sure that the model you want will accommodate this form of installation and that you have the correct installation kit. Jot down of the measurements of the complete opening of the wall at that stage, which must be included in the product specifications. You’ll then need to use the dimensions for opening the wall.

The window AC will sit comfortably inside the opening when you have the AC fully installed – whether inside a wall or window – the warm air exhaust facing the outside and the cooling arrangement facing the room. However, in addition to a rugged assembly sleeve, most window air conditioners have the slide-out frame that continuously locks the unit, thus providing you with easy access to it for repairs. Each single window air conditioner provides a detailed easy-to-understand installation instructions.

Electrical Prerequisites

As the window air conditioners are very efficient relative to the other home appliances, make sure the existing electrical configuration suits the unit’s specifications. Most air conditioners were designed to cool your room work on electric circuits of 115, 125, or 220 volts. Customarily work on the standard residential (115- to 125-volt) circuits, the air conditioners providing cooling power under the 15,000 BTU mark. On the 220-volt circuits, however, the window ACs offering the cooling capacities over 15,000 BTUs usually operate. You would need to install superior electrical wiring with these AC models, or look for an electrician to get that done.


The air conditioners in the window need interval maintenance to give them longevity. We can be exposed to outdoor debris and dirt that can collect indoors or in rear. In fact, the particles and the dust can build up after a while on the AC air filter. In the event that it is left unchecked, this accumulated dust will eventually combine and diminish the Window AC output.

To ensure the AC works for a long period of time, every year you need to clean it comprehensively no less than once. The window AC that includes the slide-out frame makes this ideal as all you need to do is move the panel out to get it patched or serviced. Many air filters are easily washable with some mild water and soap. You need to refer their user manual for specific maintenance instructions for your AC model. A few room air conditioners to protect your unit against pests include mosquito traps that allow condensation to migrate outside deprived of permitting insects inside.


For smaller spaces, the Window ACs are perfect. In size, they are cheaper, and easier to install than split AC.

Their service is simple too. Unlike a split AC, there is no need to create a hole in the wall to add a Window AC.

If you regularly change your home then an AC window is your best bet. I hope you like this post about India’s top 10 best window ACs you can buy right now.

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