Best Vacuum Cleaners in India

Everyone is concerned about keeping their house clean, but most of the time the busy schedules make it a tough job. Here comes the importance of vacuum cleaners which helps you to clean with less effort and also in less time. The hygiene of the house is maintained by the vacuum cleaners, it cleans carpets, sofas, and any other household items. These vacuum cleaners remove the allergens and also pet hair from the house. Many of the vacuum cleaners comes with advanced cleaning and filtration features.

There are bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners, the bagged contains a dust bag inside the device, comes with better filtration feature. The bagless models have cyclonic action, it will have a container to collect the dirt and dust. Many types of filters are used in vacuum cleaners for better filtration purpose, they are HEPA filter, Charcoal filter, Foam filter and Disk filter.

While purchasing a vacuum cleaner an important feature you should notice is its storage capacity, if the storage is higher it will benefit you in no need removing the dirt particles frequently. Portability factor is also a concern, if the vacuum cleaner is heavy the operating process will not be an easy task. Quality and durability have to be checked for the long-lasting performance of the product. We are here to help you with a list of best vacuum cleaners (under Rs. 3000 to Rs. 5000 or higher) that can satisfy you requirements along with reviews for best vacuum cleaner.



DYSON V8  vacuum cleaner

One of the best options in the vacuum cleaners existing in the market. It helps in cleaning perfectly and also easy to handle. You can avoid allergens and pet hair, provides an allergen free environment using the powerful suction of this vacuum pump. The product helps to clean even the minute dust particles from the places you want to clean.

This vacuum cleaner is cord free, there is no uncomfortable situations caused due to the cord system. Hygienic dirt ejector system is present to remove the sucked dust and dirt. It is made to clean places which are at a height, and also easily portable.

Dyson v8 is a perfect choice for people who are looking for the best vacuum cleaner which can make them remain allergy free. It contains eight additional attachments and an accessory storage bag. The product comes with a warranty of 1yr for the possible defects in the working of the vacuum cleaner.

Features of DYSON V8

  • DYSON V8 helps to create an allergic free environment.
  • It doesn’t have a cord which makes it easier to handle.
  • The charging time of this vacuum cleaner is 5 hours.
  • It has two cleaner heads- soft roller cleaner head to absorb fine dust and dirt from the floor and direct drive cleaner head cleans the carpet by removing the dirt by going deep.
  • This system has a powerful suction up to 115 AW and has a higher efficiency compared to many other vacuum cleaners in the market.



PHILIPS is one among the biggest brands in the market and the legacy of the brand is upheld by its product. Customer satisfaction and quality of the product are the main concerns of the company. The vacuum cleaner is made with Powercyclone 5 technology that separates dust from air.

This product has a powerful suction with a 1900 watts motor, highly efficient system. The design of the vacuum cleaner is made such that the disposal of the dirt obtained is handled without creating any dust cloud. It is easy to handle and to control. The product is lightweight which makes it easier to carry the vacuum cleaner wherever you want.

This product is one among the best bagless vacuum cleaners in India. Dust container specially designed keeps the vacuum cleaner hygienic. It has a beautiful design and is also easy to assemble. Helps you in the cleaning purpose without taking much effort.

Features of PHILIPS POWERPRO FC9352/01

  • This vacuum cleaner has a weight of 4.5 kg and easy to handle.
  • Powercyclone technology used here helps in separating dust from air through filter.
  • Installation is easier and the system is highly efficient.
  • It helps you to keep the surroundings clean and hygiene.
  • Active lock feature is present to adjust the coupling to every task.



DYSON V7 is one among the best Vacuum cleaners, which has a high demand in the market. This vacuum cleaner comes with direct drive cleaner which helps in deep suction in carpets and also helps in removing the dirt from the floor easily. It helps to escape from allergens and pet hair.

Powerful suction property is yet another feature of this vacuum cleaner. It can be used to clean places at height and is also easy to handle as it can be transformed to handheld to remove microscopic particles from sofas, mattresses and many others. The motor filter is very efficient that it captures 99.97% of the microscopic dust particles.

This vacuum cleaner is cord free, so you can easily clean the surroundings without any restriction of length. The dirt ejection system removes the dust and dirt in on action, there is no need to touch it.


  • The product has a weight of 2.3 kg and the suction is powerful of 100 AW.
  • This vacuum cleaner helps in removing dirt particles as small as 0.3 microns.
  • It removes allergens and creates an allergen free environment.
  • Powerful cleaning and suction ability.
  • 15 small cyclones create powerful source which helps to fill the dust into the bin.
  • It has smart charging feature and comes with additional attachment for storage and holding.



Panasonic is a well-known name in the market, which reach the customers with high quality products. This vacuum cleaner features with the presence of air dust catcher facility. The product is with a cord of length around 5m. it is lightweight so that you can carry this vacuum cleaner wherever you need.

Compared to other vacuum cleaners in the market this produces high energy efficient nature. It has power control which is adjustable for the desired output. This product is eco-friendly and it directly catches the dirt into the bag when the air is blown.

The vacuum cleaner is designed for being compactible and easier cleaning. This product comes with a warranty of 1yr for the possible defects in the working of the product. It is customer satisfying product.


  • Has suction power of 400 watt.
  • The vacuum cleaner is highly efficient and is weighs 3.3 kg which makes it easy to carry anywhere.
  • Air dust catcher feature is added to the system.
  • The product comes with eco power and compact features.
  • Maximum input power of this product is 1400 watts.
  • Power controls are adjustable which adds to the comfort.

5. iRobot 980

iRobot 980 best vacuum cleaner in india

iRobot 980 is designed to make your cleaning tasks easy, using iRobot home app you can conveniently clean and schedule the cleaning anytime from anywhere. The AeroForce 3- stage cleaning system helps in the advanced cleaning in this vacuum cleaner. Dual multi- surface brushes are used to remove the dirt, pet hair, dust and other materials from carpets and floors.

This vacuum cleaner comes with many features and uses the latest technology for the cleaning purpose, it reduces the human effort to a great extend and is better than many other vacuum cleaners in the market. It features auto- adjusting head, which can be used to clean at any height levels.

The product has highly efficient filter, which captures 99% of the dust particles. It is a great help for the people who are stuck in the busy schedules and is finding difficulty to clean house. iRobot 980 provides a high suction power which helps for an efficient cleaning.

Features of iRobot 980

  • Auto adjustable system which is a great help in cleaning.
  • Controlled from anywhere using iRobot home app.
  • Recharges and resumes the job which the vacuum cleaner was doing.
  • Improvised cleaning system using AeroForce 3-stage cleaning system.
  • The system shows high efficiency and comes with a wonerful design.
  • Dust suction is powerful in this vacuum cleaner.



The vacuum cleaner comes with a highly efficient system. The vacuum cleaner is lightweight which helps in the handling and carrying of the product easy. The product has a motor with high power of 1200 watt. The product ensures high suction capacity and reduces the power consumption if overheating occurs.

This vacuum cleaner has a highly efficient system to remove the embedded dust and dirt from all the surfaces. The product comes with various attachments used for multi- functional purposes. This can be used to clean a large area without removing the dirt collected in the bin frequently.

The design of this product is ergonomic and possess excellent filtration capacity. This is a perfect solution for the problems related to cleaning your house. This has wide functionalities which you can make use of according to your convenience.


  • Additional attachments are present to satisfy the requirements.
  • Convenient and versatile design.
  • Ergonomically made and is easy to handle for the cleaning purpose.
  • Highly efficient filters help in the advanced cleaning.
  • The vacuum cleaner is lightweight which weighs only 2.8 kgs.
  • Dust bag full indicator facility is present which helps in alerting the user when the dust bag is full which prevents blockage.



This vacuum cleaner is one among the highly efficient and it is designed for saving the space. It has blower function and low noise operation feature. It cleans both wet and dry dirt with its advanced cleaning facility.

The vacuum cleaner has a lightweight design which makes it comfortable to carry the product wherever you want. It features with rubberized wheels which helps in moving the vacuum cleaner according to your convenience.

The product has a long run time with an efficient system. The vacuum cleaner has a warranty of 1yr for the defects occurring in the working of the system. This product is a good choice for your problems related to cleaning process.


  • The vacuum cleaner has a high blower function.
  • The product is easily portable and has a lightweight design.
  • Can be used for each dry and wet cleansing.
  • High suction capacity and is also an efficient system.
  • Capacity to collect dust is 10 litres.
  • Motor is highly efficient with a power of 1200 watts.



DYSON BALL is a perfect choice as it is another best Vacuum cleaner to buy for cleaning the carpets, hardwood floors, sofas or any other things. This vacuum cleaner is suitable for all the surfaces, it can be used for cleaning an entire place. Even if it has many functionalities, the design is made accordingly so that it can be carried anywhere according to user’s convenience.

Dirt collection capacity is high, so there is no need to remove the dirt at a frequent basis. It is easy to clean even if there is a lot more dust on the floor or any other place. It contains many tools to perform all the functions according to the customer needs.

This vacuum cleaner is a perfect choice for people who are concerned about cleaning a large area or entire place. Even micron particles are removed using this highly efficient system.

Features of DYSON BALL

  • This vacuum cleaner has a highly efficient suction system.
  • Highly efficient filtration system is used here which helps in the removal of microscopic particles and also allergens.
  • The vacuum cleaner comes with 7 tools to satisfy the requirements of the customers.
  • Radial root technology is used here.
  • The vacuum cleaner is self- adjusting which helps to remove the dirt and dust from everywhere.



Cleaning is always a hectic task in between the busy schedules. This vacuum cleaner comes with advanced force technology to reduce your effort in cleaning purpose. It has highly efficient motor, and also has low noise operation.

The vacuum cleaner comes with HEPA which helps in reducing the air pollution caused when operating a vacuum cleaner. The product comes with additional attachments which helps in quick cleaning and provides you with better results.

This vacuum cleaner has a warranty of 1yr for the possible errors in the working of the system. It has a highly efficient system and consumes low electricity. The handle is made removable and you can change the nozzle.


  • Reduces the air pollution using the specific mechanism.
  • Easily portable as it has a rubberised wheel.
  • Has extra attachments to satisfy multiple functionalities.
  • Removes the dirt and dust even from the toughest corners, quality of the product is assured.
  • Highly efficient motor is used for the effective operation of the system.
  • Advanced force technology is used to make the cleaning task easier.



Panasonic is a famous name in the market which assures customers with good quality products. It features a durable hose and has a two- way nozzle. This lightweight vacuum cleaner consumes only a least power to operate. This product helps you to keep your house cleaner. You can also clean pet hair with this one of the best vacuum cleaners.

This vacuum cleaner design comes with a clear container and is bagless. Dry dust cleaning is carried out through the nozzle. This can also be used as a blower, and also has a quick cleaning feature. The vacuum cleaner helps to remove the microscopic dust from the surrounding.

The manufacturer provides a warranty of 1yr for the possible defects in the working of the vacuum cleaner. This has a good filtration mechanism and is easy to use. It is a perfect choice to keep your house clean without much efforts.


  • This vacuum cleaner is operated at 700 watts.
  • This a bagless type vacuum cleaner and comes with 2- way nozzle for dry dust cleaning purpose.
  • The vacuum cleaner comes with a lightweight design, it weighs only 1.8 kg.
  • This can be even used as a blower.
  • It has a flexible design with a good suction capacity.
  • Eco- friendly and efficient vacuum cleaner.

Buying Guide – Best Vacuum Cleaners in India

Here are the things you should bear in mind to find the best Indian vacuum cleaners. You’ll need to consider those points carefully, such as:

1. Price

This is a very important consideration when you decide to purchase a vacuum cleaner because there are several choices available at different budget items. The price of the vacuum cleaner typically ranges from Rs 1000 to 40,000 but if you need to clean the carpet then the models ranging from Rs 2500- Rs 40000 are only fine because they have all the advanced features built-in The models with less price are good for hard floor cleaning and include all the features built-in so you need to choose wisely after taking the budget into consideration.

2. Design

As daily new product is added to the market and the pattern is replaced, there are vacuum cleaners of varying size and style. Earlier, the vacuum cleaners had a dust bag that gathered the dust after cleaning so it was important to purchase the dust bag over and over again. The vacuum cleaners are bagless today and are handy. The vacuum cleaners come with different sizes and mechanisms so make sure you’ve got the cleaner that fits your needs.

3. Brand

In today’s market brand is nothing new to speak about as its default option of an appliance that has a strong reputation on the market and has created trust among its customers all around. Some vacuum cleaner brands offer after-sales services and are promising brands which are often recommended for these products.

4. Easy to clean

All home appliances are for regular use and therefore it becomes important to know about the durability of the appliance, since the product becomes inefficient without regular cleaning. The vacuum cleaner with bag needs replacement of the bag when it is packed.

The bag-less vacuum cleaners come with the system where the dust can be separated from the cleaner’s body and the bag doesn’t have to be replaced.

How Vacuum Cleaner Works?

If you want to see how a vacuum cleaner works, then watch below video:

Frequently Asked Questions – Best Vacuum Cleaners in India

1. What’s a HEPA filter requirement?

HEPA stands for (High Quality Particulate Air) and if you are asthmatic there are vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters which are perfect for you. These filters will clear the minute dirt from air and thus set a clean dirt-free atmosphere in the house. In case you are an asthma patient it is strongly recommended. The creative cleaning really makes it fun.

2. What canister vacuum or upright vacuum would you choose?

Canister vacuum is better than upright vacuum because it is lightweight, more effective and more manageable than upright vacuum. The vacuum canister requires a efficient engine and is much preferred over upright vacuum. The upright vacuum is better for wet cleaning of thick carpets. This depends entirely on your requirement.

3. Is it true that the vacuum cleaners are safer for allergy sufferers with dust bags?

The response is a huge yes and the vacuum cleaners with powder bags are safer for allergy sufferers as they usually come with a cap that suits the bag manually. Brands such as electrolux bags are of great quality and support a lot if you suffer from an allergy. In the case of bagless vacuum cleaners, however, you must clean up the storage by throwing it into the dustbin. In this situation, you need someone else’s help in cleaning up, or you can clean using a mask.

4. If a vacuum cleaner is fitted with a more powerful motor, does that mean more suction power?

It is not so as the vacuum cleaner’s suction capacity depends on the vacuum cleaner’s size, air flow, and filtration as well. Sometimes even after having a powerful motor the vacuum cleaner might not be so efficient. Brands like black&decker, or Dyson are perfect cleaners for vacuum.

5. How much will we need the vacuum bag changed?

The shift in the vacuum bag varies from vacuum to vacuum and has no fixed length as it depends entirely on the application. For some months, most of the vacuum cleaners use one container. The vacuum cleaners have an indicator labeling the bag shift so it’s easy to remember that.

6. What’s the biggest difference between a powerbrush and a turbobrush?

Turbobrush is the air-driven brush, and powerbrush is the electric or battery-driven brush and is separate from each other.

7. How am I going to clean my home?

This depends entirely on how much your home is dusty and where your place is, as though it were on the main road, the rooms that also become dusty because of pollution.

8. What vacuum cleaner is bestselling?

The best-selling vacuum cleaner with the Free 3 Dust Bags is Eureka Forbes Fast Clean DX 1200-Watt Vacuum Cleaner (Red).

9. What’s the best-selling vacuum attachment?

The long flexible wand which connects the canister is the best selling vacuum attachment. It helps effortlessly travel around the room freely.

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