Best Stethoscopes in India For Doctor & Students

A stethoscope is an integral part of any doctor’s life or for that matter,  of any medical student. In fact, if you had just enrolled in a medical school, then a stethoscope would be the first medical equipment or accessory that you would handle.

In fact, you would be required to have it on or around your neck at all times since you never know when you would be called on to use it. Given the essential need for a good stethoscope, it is naturally important that you should purchase one that can provide you with better acoustics that can help you diagnose a patient correctly.

Best Stethoscopes to Buy Online in India

Top 10 Best Stethoscopes Reviews

1. 3M Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope

3 M Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope

If you are a doctor, the most important device for your profession is the medical students so stethoscope. This 3 M Littmann cardiology master stethoscope is one of the best choices for you, it comes with compact size, also with dual-frequency. This stethoscope has soft ear knobs with the highest sound quality and chest parts plated with chromium, it would be nice to purchase for you.

Things we just liked

  • It comes with an open spring frame plated in chrome brass
  • It comes with seamless PVC tubing
  • It comes with a perfect, lightweight build and a special diaphragm
  • Headset design is anatomically

2. 3M Classic III Littmann Control Stethoscope

3 M Classic III Littmann Control Stethoscope

If you are a medical student who has enrolled in the medical school, you can then go in for a basic stethoscope and upgrade later, if necessary. In short, you need to make sure the stethoscope comes with some decent acoustics and to that end; you may want to test out the classic Littman. This stethoscope comes with high sensitivity to the acoustics, as well as a nice clean and sleek design. Check out some of its principal features,

What we always liked

  • It comes with high acoustic sensitivity which should help you to accurately diagnose patients
  • It comes with an elegant and sleek style
  • The cleaning and maintenance is easier
  • It comes with tubing of next-generation, designed to withstand all the wear and tear.

3. 3M Stethoscopes Littmann Lightweight II S.E

3M Stethoscopes Littmann Lightweight II S.E

3 M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscopes is an advanced stethoscope which facilitates hearing the heartbeat. The doctor does not need to worry about any sort of noise disrupting his diagnosis as the system is delivering highly successful results. Some of the features that make the product special include:

  • Low in weight and thus easy to bear around the neck
  • Effective and precise recording of heartbeats
  • Perfection in design so there’s no loss of heartbeat sound in the way

What we always liked

  • The scope manual tuning to capture even the slightest frequency disturbance.
  • Highly versatile, and easily foldable in the case of BP.
  • The product is extremely durable, as it can last for more than a couple of years.

4. 3 M Littmann Master Stethoscope in Cardiology

3 M Littmann Master Stethoscope in Cardiology BLUE

3 M Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope lets you say goodbye to the heartbeat excess noise and multi-tube rubbing within one set. This has improved the variety quality , making it one of the very best goods. Only available in blue colour, let us see the product’s different features:

  • Smaller in size than its competitors, and therefore pocket-friendly.
  • Excellent listening and frequency adjustment is given
  • Perfect product design, taking the dynamics of the acoustics into account

What we always liked

  • Less in weight, hardly 350 grams, making transport easy
  • The product can last more than seven years and is durable.
  • Great earpiece adjustment into the ear, to minimize frequency loss.

5. IndoSurgicals Silvery II-SS Stethoscope

IndoSurgicals Silvery II-SS Stethoscope

This IndoSurgicals Silvery stethoscope is one of the best for both medical practitioners and medical students, it also comes with dual sided chest piece technology and soft ear tips. This is the simplest and most convenient to use, along with all the specifications that you have under your budget.

Things we just liked

  • It comes with a chest piece of machined stainless steel
  • It was Highly Acoustic Sensitive
  • This is also a reliable brand with an astonishing look
  • It comes with soft ear tips

6. JSB S04 Double Tube Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope

JSB S04 Double Tube Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope

While buying a stethoscope, you first have to test its versatility and, above all, you have to check if it’s comfortable to use. That’s why you would want to check this model out as it comes with a fair price along with a sleek design and great functionality. This stethoscope comes with a dual tube which will give you better sensitivity to the acoustics. This is made of stainless steel and also offers durability.

This stethoscope is what you would like, because it gives you all the key features you need, and it also happens to be reasonably priced. Check out some of this stethoscope ‘s features,

What we always liked

  • Dual tube architecture, and improved acoustic sensitivity
  • It comes with good spring action to supervise better
  • It also comes with joint less tube
  • It also comes with a dual-head rapport type, to improve clarity
  • It holds a one year warranty from the manufacturer

7. Rossmax EB600 Cardiology Stethoscope

Rossmax EB600 Cardiology Stethoscope

Stethoscopes come in a number of sizes, costs and functionality; whether you are a student of medicine or a doctor who has just graduated, then you may want to start with the simple form. And you can also opt for a customized one, with advanced features depending on your specialty. You may want to check out this model in the meantime, it comes with advanced stainless steel construction and one you can expect to last for a long time. Yes, it looks sleek enough and is priced fairly. See some of the key features of this stethoscope,

What we always liked

  • Superior acoustic sensitivity which should help facilitate speedy diagnosis
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Includes two interchangeable bells, two sizes of ear tips as well as an extra diaphragm
  • It also comes with 2 years warranty

8. Hi-Tech Msi Microtone Stethoscope

Hi-Tech Msi Microtone Stethoscope

Often when you buy a stethoscope you may want to consider the purpose you ‘d need it for. If you have chosen to specialize in a specific specialty you may need an specialized stethoscope. Perhaps the one feature ‘must have’ is that the stethoscope must be user friendly and easy to use. And that’s precisely why you’d want to check out this model. This stethoscope is also comfortable, and easy to use, not to mention. See some of the key features of this stethoscope,

What we always liked

  • It comes with 45 m chest piece made of anodized aluminium alloy
  • The diaphragm used is imported and printed on
  • It comes with a robust head frame made of solid brass pipes
  • It comes with a piece of the dual chest and has a warranty for the same.

9. Healthgenie HG-401 G Aluminium Cardiology Dual Light Weight Stethoscope

Healthgenie HG-401 G Aluminium Cardiology Dual Light Weight Stethoscope

Although there are many low-priced stethoscopes, most of them are not worth the money you pay for the same simply because they lack the requisite staying power and frequently break down in less than a month. Because of its consistency, therefore, you need to sort the different stethoscopes and choose the ones which stand out for the right reasons. Check out some of this product’s key features;

What we always liked

  • Both the chest pieces and the frame are made of aluminium, making it relatively light
  • It comes with a single piece of the head chest
  • High sensitiveness to the acoustics
  • It also includes heavy-duty PVC coating
  • This also comes with soft tips for the ear as well as an ergonomic style.

10. Dr. Morepen ST01 Deluxe Stethoscope

Dr. Morepen ST01 Deluxe Stethoscope

When it comes to Stethoscope, then Dr. Morepen stands No.1 in other brands and with all good features this manufactures robust. This deluxe stethoscope features chrome-plated chest parts with a special diaphragm along with softer ear knobs that offer good tone. It is a compact model dual frequency stethoscope constructed from seamless PVC tubing. This will be nice to purchase for you and for your dream stethoscope, which also fulfills all your needs.

Things we just liked

  • It comes at a fair price with all the good features
  • It has soft ear buttons with outstanding sound quality
  • This stethoscope is constructed from smooth PVC tubing that provides output optimisation.
  • This has chromium-plated parts of the chest with a different diaphragm
  • It comes in a sleek package with stunning looks

These are some of the best-arrayed stethoscopes in terms of ease of use, reliability and sensitivity to the acoustics. This goes without saying that the stethoscope you are using must be long-lasting and last for some time to come.

You will need to test if the respective stethoscope will comes with a product warranty. And, you will be able to treat patients effectively with the right stethoscope.

How to Pick a Good Stethoscope?

Adequate Brand

There are numerous stethoscope brands on the market but you need to make sure you choose one of the best options for yourself. It can’t be easy for you to find the best sort of stethoscope for yourself without doing work. Your job also dictates what kind of stethoscope you’ll need. Every type of professional, such as cardiologist, pediatrist and gynaecologist, has unique requirements. So when you’re planning on getting a stethoscope, you need to know your needs and then you can buy the one that’s durable and lightweight. When you buy a stethoscope you shouldn’t try to save money, because you want your neck to be happy.


Accuracy is the most important aspect to remember when buying the stethoscope. You can’t buy a perfect tool for you, without checking the accuracy. There are two types of stethoscopes on the market, those being acoustic and electronic. The electronic ones are ideal for those operating in noisy environments. And if you buy an electronic stethoscope, it should have long-lasting, thick tubing that will help to lower outside noise and enhance the tone. Check that the stethoscope stem is made of durable material and that it should be best for optimal sound transfer through chest piece.


When tools break down within certain uses, it can be frustrating because you are adding your money into it. If that turns out to be bad for you, then it can ruin your mood and that’s why you should buy the long-lasting stethoscope. It should meet all of your basic requirements and the headset should contain spring design while the piece of the chest should be polished by hand. Titanium and chest piece made of stainless steel will also be an excellent option. You can invest in the device, along with replacement options, for which you can get excellent guarantees.

Easy to handle

The stethoscope has a long time to live around your neck and that’s why you need the one that fits you. It will come with adjustable tips for the head, and you can get the one with a total of three tips for the ears. You should choose the one that ‘s easy for you, and keep away the noise from outside. Use the tubing stethoscope which is long enough to not make your patient nervous.

Some types of Stethoscope

  1. Acoustic: This is the stethoscope most commonly used. A classic bell- and diaphragm stethoscope, both of which have separate uses. The bell picks heart murmurs, and the diaphragm is used to hear other normal sounds such as breath sounds. Acoustics is the best choice for medical students about stethoscopes.
  2. Electronic: Works just like any standard stethoscope, except it uses electricity to hear sounds. It needs a battery, it’s heavy and it’s definitely costly. Can not carry this type to daily work. They may also be connected to other recording devices.
  3. Cardiology Stethoscopes: These are designed specifically to suit a cardiologist or an intensivist ‘s requirements.
  4. Doppler stethoscopes: These are the variety of electronic stethoscopes. Monitors fetuses in the womb.
  5. Fetal: Those are used to monitor fetal growth, as the name suggests.

Final Words

If you buy stethoscope online in India above are among the best recommendations you can get. Take a close look at each of the stethoscopes and select your pic. In general, however, medical practitioners want to buy littmann stethoscope that has an excellent reputation in the medical community.

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