10 Best Steam Iron Box in India – Reviews & Buying Guide

best steam irons

Iron is an essential appliance in every household. Ironing clothes is just simple and fun to do. We cannot ignore ironing as it is a much important factor to wear wrinkle-free clothes.

You won’t realize, but you spend most of your life’s minutes in ironing clothes. Thus, the best steam iron box is a must-have product which can’t be neglected.

Electric Irons are of two types – Dry Iron and Steam Iron. Out of them, a steam iron is much efficient in removing wrinkles from any fabric. But, dry iron is also a choice of many as it also provides Breezy Affair. You may also check my another article on Best Dry Irons available in Indian Market.

In this detailed article, I am going to show which iron box is good along with the review which you can buy in India. Just go through the below article carefully before having any purchase.

Best Steam Irons in India

Steam IronsSole Plate MaterialWarrantyCheck Price
Philips GC1905 Steam Iron* Top PickAluminium2 Yearscheck price on amazon
Bajaj Majesty Steam Iron Box* Best BudgetNon-Stick2 Yearscheck price on amazon
Philips GC1920/28 Steam Iron* Overall BestNon-Stick2 Yearscheck price on amazon
Morphy Richards Steam IronCeramic Coated1 Yearcheck price on amazon
USHA Steam IronNon-Stick2 Yearscheck price on amazon
Philips EasySpeed PlusNon-Stick2 Yearscheck price on amazon
Maharaja Whiteline Steam IronNon-Stick2 Yearscheck price on amazon
Philips GC3811/80 Steam IronNon-Stick1 Yearcheck price on amazon
Black+Decker Steam IronCeramic2 Yearscheck price on amazon
Rico Steam Iron BoxNon-Stick2 Yearscheck price on amazon

Best Steam Iron Box Reviews

Check the below list of the steam irons available in India which are popular and budget-friendly.

1. Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron with Spray

Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron with Spray

This Philips iron is the best-seller in its category, and there are quite a few reasons for that. It is best for ironing cotton, silk and woollen clothes. GC1905 is the number one steam iron for home use in India under 1500. Below are the features of this electric iron.

  • Intelligent design to make it easy and fast to fill and empty of water tank.
  • A fine spray evenly moistens the fabric.
  • It can give continuous steam output up to 13 g/min.
  • American Heritage aluminium soleplate is provided for easy gliding on all types of fabrics.
  • Warranty of 2 years is given on product.
  • It boasts a low power consumption of 1440 watts for a steam iron.
Best in it
  • Well-thought out design helps in fast set-up and draining of water.
  • The fine spray system helps remove wrinkles easily.
  • Steam output is neither too high, nor too low.
  • An optimum wattage ensures power saving.

2. Bajaj Majesty MX 3 1250-Watt Steam Iron

Bajaj Majesty MX 3 1250-Watt Best Steam Irons

The Bajaj Majesty MX series is quite popular among steam irons in India due to really effective ironing. The steam iron box has a stylish design and is also light in weight. Check more specifications in below points.

  • Non-stick coated soleplate is provided to ensure safety of clothes.
  • The iron box has 12 grams of steam output from a 150 ml translucent water tank.
  • Self cleaning feature is available.
  • Power consumption is of a meagre 1250 watts for a steam iron.
  • Variable steam control means steaming can be done according to fabric and on user’s discretion.
  • Fast heating feature is a huge advantage.
Best in it
  • The soleplate is especially reinforced to protect clothing.
  • Self-cleaning feature allows use of hard water too.
  • Variable steam control gives far more control over the ironing based on fabric, intensity of wrinkles and deep ironing requirement.

3. Philips GC1920/28 1440-Watt Non-Stick Soleplate Steam Iron

Philips GC1920 1440-Watt NonStick Soleplate Steam Iron

This is another Philips best-seller. A lot of people have come to trust it over other steam irons due to a number of reasons. Philips iron box provides good gliding on all type of fabrics. This steam iron should be the perfect choice under the price range of Rs.2000.

  • Soleplate is of Black American Heritage.
  • Continuous steam output is impressive at 17g/min.
  • Variable steam spray settings helps user adjust steam rate according to need.
  • It has an extra large water tank filling hole among others in the market.
  • Self-cleaning facility is available.
  • Fast and easy water filling and emptying is possible due to design.
  • Warranty of 2 years is given on the product.
  • Optimum power consumption of 1440 watts is observed.
  • It gives an easy glide on fabrics.
Best in it
  • Its large water tank eliminates the need for repeated refilling and thus, saves time.
  • High steam output helps cover greater fabric area in short time.
  • Variable steam control gives user greater discretion regarding usage.
  • Set-up and drain is fast due to user-friendly filling and emptying system.
  • It is not at all rough on the fabric.

4. Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000-Watt Steam Iron

Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000-Watt Steam Iron

This iron is one of the best in its category, with beefed up specs that give it a premium quality. Morphy Richards Steam Iron provides better ironing experience. It has smooth and easy gliding over clothes / fabrics.

  • Extra large water tank of 350ml gives longer ironing facility without constant need for refilling.
  • Variable steam control gives user discretion of steam usage.
  • 11gm of continuous steam with powerful steam shots of 150gm/min is quite good in this category.
  • Vertical ironing provision is there.
  • Self-cleaning technology with anti-calc function ensures longer life without must effort.
  • Premium ceramic coated soleplate gives lifelong and smooth ironing.
  • It has extra large soleplate in its class for faster ironing.
  • Extra long 360 degree swivel cord is provided for easy movement.
  • Fine water spray helps to remove difficult creases.
  • There are 46 steam holes in the soleplate for uniform steam release.
  • ISI approved safety standards is an assurance to buyers.
  • 1 years warranty is given on the product.
Best in it
  • Extra large water tank and high steam flow rate coupled with wide surface area helps iron more clothes in shorter time with lesser effort.
  • Vertical ironing gives it greater versatility.
  • It can be used with hard water.
  • Ceramic coating protects fabrics and produces easy glide.
  • Greater number of steam holes make the fabric wet more evenly.

5. Usha SI 3412 1200-Watt Steam Iron for Home Use

 Usha SI 3412 1200-Watt Steam Iron for Home Use

This one is strictly for those loyal to Usha. It is quite a buy in its niche and price category. Usha is favorite company of many Indians. Their steam press is best for all kind of clothes as it is light in weight and made of durable material.

  • Soleplate is made of high quality non-stick polyteflon coating for uniform heating.
  • Fast heating is a an important feature.
  • Full water tank capacity water tank capacity is appreciable at 170 ml.
  • Steam output is of up to 15 gm/min .
  • Spill proof water tank sealing helps to avoid formation of wet patches on clothes while ironing.
  • Self-clean facility helps in the draining of extra water from the water tank.
  • Overheat safety shut off ensures minimum risk of damage to internal parts and short circuit.
  • High accuracy thermostat dial helps to easily control temperature for desired fabric.
  • Indicator lamp helps in easy temperature control.
Best in it
  • Fast and uniform heat generation and transfer makes ironing more convenient.
  • Temperature settings are accurately controlled by high quality thermostat.
  • It is usable with hard water.
  • Overheat safety feature prevents damage to iron as well as injury to user from heat.

6. Philips EasySpeed Plus GC2040 2100-Watt Steam Iron

Philips EasySpeed Plus GC2040 2100-Watt Steam Iron

Philips seems to be the most sought after brand when it comes to stem irons, and the EasySpeed does not disappoint. For the price range below 2500 – 3000, Philips is the best choice. Find more details and features about EasySpeed Plus underneath.

  • Non-stick soleplate gives easy glide on fabrics and smooth finish.
  • Its plug is compatible with 15 amp power socket.
  • Drip stop system is installed.
  • Steam boost can go up to 100 grams.
  • Vertical steam facility is provided.
  • It is extremely easy to fill and empty.
  • The iron heats up fast.
  • It has got triple precision tip.
  • Even steam distribution is ensured by up to 30 g/min of steam.
  • Warranty of 2 years is given on the product.
Best in it
  • It can be used over different circuit settings.
  • Drip stop system prevents water leakage.
  • High range of steam flow helps iron a variety of fabrics in any condition.
  • It is easy to use and maintain
  • Vertical steaming facility helps iron fabrics with easy crease retention.

7. Maharaja Whiteline Aquao 1300-Watt Steam iron box

Maharaja Whiteline Aquao 1300-Watt Steam iron box

The Maharaja Whiteline Aquao is a dark horse in its category, doing really well due to its impressive features. This is another top steam iron available in Indian Market. Check details and buy this press now from amazon from below button as it suits all users.

  • Soleplate provided has non-stick coating.
  • It is lightweight and heats up fast.
  • It has continuous steam output.
  • Fast and easy filling of water tank helps in quick operation.
  • Variable steam settings is available.
  • There is provision for vertical steam.
  • Steam Boost is an appreciable 40gm.
  • Steam Rate is in the 0-12gm/min range.
  • Water Tank Capacity is 170ml.
  • Safety auto off feature is incorporated.
  • Easy movement is possible due to swivel cord.
  • ISI marked safety standards pulls customers.
  • Warranty is of 2 years on the product.
  • Power consumption is low at 1300 watts.
Best in it
  • Variable steam settings with steam boost feature helps to tackle stubborn wrinkles.
  • Continuous steam output facilitates uninterrupted ironing.
  • ISI standards guarantee a completely safe experience.
  • Safety auto off prevents thermal risks and lowers power consumption.
  • Faster heating eliminates the need to pre-heat the iron.

8. Philips GC3811/80 Azur Performer Steam Iron

Philips Azur Performer Steam Iron

This Philips iron in a pristine blue colour is available for an affordable price, and its impressive characteristics and decent performance are top of its list. The iron’s 160g/ min steam boost and steam glide plus sunlight are one of the best features. The strong steamboost technology also helps to refresh hanging surfaces like curtains, suits and clothes with vertical ironing.

  • Strong steamboost technology with steam discharge up to 160g / min.
  • Steamglide more sunny.
  • The 2400 watts are used.
  • Calc purifies double active technology. Double active.
  • Control of temperature.
  • 40-160g / min steam shots steam boost technology.
  • Double active calcareous technology is the self-cleaning ability.
  • Temperature and steam control automatically.
  • The one-year guarantee comes.
Best in it
  • It heats up fast.
  • Every corner and nook of the material reaches the point tip and button groove.
  • Safe to use for children in particular.
  • Dispenser of vertical steam.
  • Just one or two strokes leave your textile plunged free.

9. Black+Decker Steam Iron

Black+Decker Steam Iron

Black+Decker is an old company with more than 100 years, offering a broad range of products including power tools, lawn+garden, home cleaning, batteries and accessory. The steam iron with 2200 watts includes an auto shut off. Self-cleaning, anti-drip control, temperature control and steam control, spraying are few of the iron’s best features.

  • The capacity is 2200 watts.
  • Steam iron comes with auto-cleaning and self-suspending function.
  • It is suitable for all materials and has an option of vertical steam.
  • The capacity of the water storage tank is 380ml.
  • It has ceramic covered plates even for heat distribution.
  • The iron has a function of steam bursting and spraying.
  • Temperature control and steam control for different fabrics is provided.
  • Anti-drip function prevents the dropping of water in the fabric.
Best in it
  • The special safety cut-off characteristic.
  • After 30 sec, if machine is not used, it automatically switches off.
  • It is very simple to use.
  • This product can be used by the user on a vertical steam option.

10. Rico SI-03 1350 Watts Steam Iron

Rico SI-03 1350 Watts Steam Iron

Rico steam is a good, robust product that is pricey for all its features very moderately. The wattage is really good and proves to be a good product once it has been bought. The brand is not very famous, but the product is well suited to its purpose. It’s in a blue light color.

  • This includes 1350 Watts wattage.
  • The spray feature is also high steam and explosive.
  • It has a non-stick covered platform, the most important of all.
  • The temperature control dial is also available.
  • The iron is also provided with a light indicator.
  • The non-adhesive coat ensures the iron works without adhere to the fabric perfectly well.
Best in it
  • The strong steam ensures that the clothes stay stubborn.
  • The temperature dial helps you to adjust your cloth-based temperature so that the tissue does not burn.
  • The light indicator ensures operational security.
  • It is very budget friendly.

Buyer’s Guide for Steam Irons

Things to Consider While Buying Best Steam Iron Box

Before spending money to buy steam iron, shortlisting your necessities and requirements is an extraordinary method to begin. After that, you should search for an appropriate model that fulfils those picked rules. We are here to ease that procedure for you. Here is a portion of the essential and significant elements that you should search for while buying a steam iron.

There are essentially two sorts of steam iron accessible.

1. Conventional steam irons

The conventional irons for the most part exceed expectations in the dry ironing strategy. These days, these conventional dry irons also provide steam feature buy at very lower rate. They in some cases even utilize a mixture of hotness and steam to make your fabrics wrinkle-free. Their lightweight form is perfect for little loads. On account of conventional irons, the buyer can settle on the temperature and warmth required for the clothes by setting up the thermostat.

The conventional irons work best on smooth and light textures however not on harder textures and creases. On the negative side, a conventional iron can’t be left on a surface for a really long time as there are chances of burn. In view of its low amount of steam and light weight, wrinkles can’t be eliminated totally. Conventional irons additionally accompany diverse coated and non-coated sole-plates.

2. Advanced Steam Press/Iron

The steam producing framework in this type of iron makes ironing task quicker and more effective. An efficient gadget that is perfect for saving money on laundry, steam iron comes with a large water tank that necessities rare maintenance and support. Steam irons are advanced and contain features, for example, temperature control, self-clean, and steam control, and vertical steam blasts. Steam irons work best on creases and harder textures, for example, Pima cotton and linen.

The warming response is faster in steam irons as they use high power as compared to conventional ones. The sole-plates are commonly covered with non-stick material and give a more extensive base so as to cover more surface region while ironing. Steam producing irons are nearly heavier in construct and have a high rate steam blasts.

3. Different Features to consider

#1. Soleplate

Soleplates assume a significant job in choosing the life span of the steam irons. As a rule, the soleplates of both conventional and advanced steam irons are comprised of either aluminum or covered with titanium, poly-teflon, earthenware and other non-stick materials. This gives a smooth completion to the plate helping in its simple development over textures. It additionally avoids the odds of consumes. A more extensive base comprises of increasingly number of steam vents. This aides in covering huge zones of texture in a limited quantity of time. The pointy end of the soleplates is basic for handling troublesome corners of the texture, for example, collars, among catches, and creases.

#2. Anti-calc Feature

Practically all the new age steam irons accompany this remarkable element that decreases our outstanding task at hand. For the most part, when the water goes to vapor, the calcium carbonate in the water responds to the warmth connected and structures lime buildups as a result. These limescale stores develop inside the water tank and even stop up the steam vents averting the capacity and notwithstanding harming the framework. To counteract this limescale develop, oneself clean enemy of calc highlight moves in the direction of it by inside cleaning the tank. Steam irons are a low upkeep instrument.

#3. emperature Control

Both conventional and advanced steam irons accompany a customizable temperature control handle. Advanced steam irons, furthermore have a steam control highlight that chooses and sets upon the measure of steam required to deliver for that specific piece of clothing. The steam irons additionally have an inbuilt auto-cut off component that holds the inward warmth temperature in line and diminishes the odds of overheating.

#4. Water Tanks

Size of the water tanks changes starting with one instrument then onto the next. Advanced steam irons have a bigger tank so as to enable a predictable measure of steam to be created over the span of ironing without refilling it. When you request an item on the web, check for the water beads within the straightforward tank. On the off chance that water beads are discovered it implies that the organization has tried the item before transportation it to you. It affirms the nature of the steam iron.

#5. Wattage and Power Cord

So as to accomplish high temperatures in no time flat, one ought to likewise consider the wattage of the steam irons. Higher the wattage, quicker the warmth reaction! The wattage of the iron likewise influences the steam develop and scattering. To make the best of the steam burst innovation, settle on a steam iron that takes up in excess of 1500 watts of power. While the standard string length is around 6 feet, some steam irons do accompany power lines up to 3 meters. This enables you to move around the iron all the more uninhibitedly and have longer strokes for a quicker ironing assignment.

#6. Steam Vents

The number and putting of the steam vents are a significant trademark highlight to consider before buying a decent steam iron. The soleplates are installed with 16-46 steam openings/vents to give the powerful steam blasts when required. Higher the quantity of steam vents, higher the wattage to encourage the steam creation and dispersion. All the advanced steam irons have a huge water tank to create and circulate the steam equally and reliably through these vents.

Moreover, a few irons have a splash valve with a push catch put on the nose of the item. These shower valves produce a fine fog to give the additional soddenness required to harder textures. A couple of vents at the pointy end of the soleplate enables one to handle the wrinkles at spots, for example, collars, sleeves, creases, and between catches.

#7. Weight and Design

The plan of the steam iron should be so that it encourages simpler treatment of the item without making any damage the buyer. Youngster wellbeing and simple to hold handles are the most looked for after perspectives here. The heaviness of the steam iron is basic in choosing its exhibition. Heavier the item, increasingly productive is its presentation. Heavier steam irons for the most part have an enormous tank and thus high steam blasts.

Steam Iron Cleaning Guide

Cleaning a steam iron press is a necessary activity for its owner. But most of the people don’t know what is the best way to clean the steam iron while considering its durability and efficiency.

Ways to Clean Steam Iron Box.

For cleaning water tank of a steam iron, fill the tank with white vinegar and shake it well. After that, clean the water tank with normal water.

For cleaning sole-plate, use a wet cloth and rub gently. Make sure to use a soft cloth to prevent any damage like scratches.

For cleaning steam vents, dip the cotton into vinegar and clean the steam vents with that cotton. Vinegar removes starch buildup in steam vents for maintain its working efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Dry iron or steam iron, which is best?

Steam iron is better for treating garments with wrinkled clothing or creases, rather than hot iron. Chances may be your dry irons could damage your fabrics.

2. Can we use steam iron for dry ironing too?

Yes, you just have to put the iron in the no-steam mode.

3. Do steam iron give a shiny surface when used on fabrics?

Chances of the shine showing on dark coloured fabrics are present. It is recommended that the dark coloured garments be ironed inside-out.

4. Why do you need to clear your water tank?

That is to eliminate the persistence of contaminants and impurities for too long. The performance of the steam iron can be significantly impacted in areas with hard water.

5. How to prevent the iron from leaking water?

In general, higher wattage steam irons come with an anti-drip feature. It prevents the steam pipes and pumps from releasing water droplets and vapours. Conventional steam-ironing, however, needs extra caution. Do not plug the iron in when the tank is filled with water. Where not in use, place the iron in an upright position. If the iron is at low-temperature setting, do not use the steam mode.

6. How much does a steam iron weigh?

Steam iron can weigh between 2 to 4 pounds. If you face lifting problems then you should pick lightweight steam iron.

7. How are water tanks and vents cleaned?

If you have a steam iron with the anti-calc feature of self-cleaning, set the mode to optimum temperature and no steam. Fill the tank with water, then plug in. Hold the iron over a sink with the soleplate facing down, after the heat is cut off. Switch on the anti-calc light, and gently shake the iron. You can see residuals of water and lime leave the vents. 

8. How to use vertical steam?

When the temperature is very high, vertical steam bursts are produced. To steam hanging iron garments, let the iron heat up at a high temperature. Then hang it upright and float softly over the cloth. The high-temperature vapour softens the fabric and keeps it free from wrinkles.

9. How much will I have to clean the tank and the vents?

It should be cleaned once in 2-3 months.

10. What is the function of self-cleaning in a steam iron?

This is a method that maintains the steam iron ‘s optimal efficiency by washing the steam chamber and vents to extract contaminants, which can block the iron.

For the self-cleaning function follow the steps below:

  • Fill the water tank to the full, with the iron unplugged.
  • Place the steam control on dry, and maximum thermostat control.
  • Place the iron on its heel rest in a vertical position, and allow it to heat for 5 minutes.
  • Unplug the iron now, and hold it over a sink.

Final Words

I hope you find this list article useful about Best Steam Iron in India 2020. If you are still confused then you may go with Philips GC1905, Our 2nd choice is Bajaj Majesty MX 3, our 3rd choice is Morphy Richards. Steam irons are always best than dry irons, but dry iron is also best known for its compact design and functions. You may also check Top Dry Irons in India. Which electric iron you like and wanna buy? Let us know in comments!


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