Best Stand Mixer Grinders in India | Reviews 2020

What about preparing tasty food items at home? For this purpose, a stand mixer is made precisely for this. It blends and blends the raw materials required into the perfect combination. Most modern stand mixers can not only mix, but also chop, slice, and beat eggs.

It can surely relieve your hands from doing the hard part of mixing and blending by having a stand mixer at your home. The machine will continue to do the job without your interference whilst you get involved in other tasks. So, it could be a terrific addition to your kitchen.

Best Stand Mixers to Buy in India

Factors to consider when buying a stand mixer

Let us now look at the variables we need to consider before purchasing a stand mixer.


You must first decide, as already discussed, whether you need a tilt-head mixer or a lift-bowl.


A stand mixer’s size is usually measured by the number of quarts that the bowl will hold. There are sizes ranging from 4.5 to 6 quarts for most home-based mixers, while commercial ones can go as high as 60 quarts. It is possible to mix and beat about 8 cups of flour in a 4.5-quart mixer.

Pouring Shield/Splatter Shield

Try to opt for a blender with a shield for pouring and splatter. Not only does it make it easy to add ingredients, but it also prevents splashes and spills. If you opt for a mixer without them, you need to purchase it separately.

Power Usage

Another important factor to take into account is power consumption, especially if you are into professional home baking. Compare the capacity and power required of different mixers before nailing the most suitable one.

Extra Attachments

Look into the different options of attachment that come with the mixer. Paying a little extra and choosing a mixer that increases the versatility of work options is wiser.


Another significant criterion is price. A greater price tag will clearly attract more capacity, power and attachments. But in the long run, instead of compromising for a few bucks, it’s better to opt for a flexible, durable stand mixer.

Speed Configurations

You can get mixers with three to 12-speed configurations. While less than 6 speed settings is sufficient for domestic use, if you are a professional home baker, it is better to opt for 10-12 speed settings.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning a stand mixer is certainly a job on its own! Before committing yourself, check out which attachments are dishwasher-safe and need cleaning by hand.

Noise Level

All stand mixers will inevitably produce noise, but some are louder than others. In particular, check it out if you’re sensitive to noisy appliances.


Look into the aesthetics, finally. To liven up your kitchen d├ęcor, you can stick to the basic black or white or opt for a splash of colour.

Final Words

Considering the finances involved and the plethora of options available on the market, buying a stand mixer is a difficult decision. Overall, if you are not tight on budget and seeking a quality appliance that is durable, one of the Branded Stand Mixers would be the best choice.

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