Best Optical Biometric Fingerprint Scanners in India

We ‘re all spending so much on our safety and the safety of our families like getting a home and office security camera, but what about our laptops and pc? Nowadays, keeping passwords just isn’t enough. A fingerprint scanner is one approach to that.

An advanced security solution in the form of fingerprint scanners has come up in the tech world. Fingerprint scanners provide access by using fingerprint recognition.

A Biometric or fingerprint is the safest way to keep your personal information and documents. Whether you’re cautious with passwords, PIN codes or other security solutions, there’s always a loophole here.

Fingerprint scanning operates on the concept of identifying the patterns on your finger (ridges and valleys) and correlating them with previous scans. A pattern analysis software match will allow you to access the area / file. Fingerprint scanners are largely made up of optical sensors whereby a charging-coupled device (CCD) captures a thumbprint image and highlights the ridges and valleys that are unique to each person.

Fingerprint scanners are nowadays the most preferred security mechanism in both transaction and authorisation areas. Here we mention some of India’s best available fingerprint scanners worth investing in. We also have attached an extensive buyer’s guide to help you pick up your best suited fingerprint scanner.

Top Optical Fingerprint Scanners in India

Best Fingerprint Scanner Reviews

1. Mantra MFS 100 Fingerprint Scanner

When it comes to an ideal fingerprint scanner in India, this compact, affordable, and conductive device tops the charts. Mantra MFS 100 is an optical fingerprint sensor that serves well to substantiate, record, and identify. The scanner is compatible with India- Windows operating system, which is commonly used.

Mantra released its fastest-selling and most accurate fingerprint scanning device series. MFS 100 will capture digital fingerprints and signatures, being the new version.

Its surface is scratch-resistant with hard optical fingerprint sensor. It can also hold back the shakes and the electrical shock.
The 16×18 mm sensor makes a compact computer perfect for this. It comes with a one year warranty and an OTG cable. This STQC accredited scanner weighs just 200 grams and has a resolution of 500 dpi/256 for reliable thumbprint analyzes.

Notable Characteristics:

  • Resolution: 500 dpi/256
  • Optical anti-scratch fingerprint sensor
  • Comes with a one year guarantee
  • Compatible with a Windows OS

What we like:

  • Handy and lightweight
  • Functions well with Windows operating system
  • Ideal for registration of Government documents
  • Go to the Identification and Verification option.
  • Comes with a one year warranty

2. SecuGen HU20 Hamster Pro 20 Fingerprint Scanner

SecuGen HU20 Hamster Pro 20 Fingerprint Scanner

SecuGem’s Hamster plus has more power and can be used simultaneously in 2 systems, as it has the function that allows you to precisely scan without any errors. And it can be used with or without a stand, without any problems.

This Fingerprint scanner is the most reliable and enduring on the market. This scanner also has the same switch on and scan feature, making this tool one of the fastest and safest fingerprint scanners available on the market.

Notable Characteristics:

Auto On – Scans your finger when touching the sensor
Smart Capture-Hard fingerprint image scanning
SEIR Biometric Fingerprint technology
Optical fingerprint reader, maintenance-free
Removable hanger
Multi-device Link
Supported Windows 10/8.1/8/7 operating systems for Windows Server 2012, 2008 R2 Android 3.1 and above, Java, Linux …

What we like:

  • Rapid and reliable VERIFICATION
  • Integrated Guide to Fingers
  • The powerful sensor prevents almost any possible damage
  • May work on dry, wet, scarred or aged skin with ease
  • Works even under direct sunlight

3. Cogent CSD 200 Scanner with Fingerprint

Cogent CSD 200 Scanner with Fingerprint

Cogent CSD 200 Fingerprint Scanner3 M is a reputable brand which also has a respectable customer base. 3 M Cogent CSD 200 is a fast, reliable and durable single-digit fingerprint scanner which is what 3 M expects. The body’s aluminium casing makes the capture of 10 frames per second easier.

The CSD 200 scanner comes with some advanced features like auto capture and brightness and contrast that can be customised.
The 500 dpi resolution assists the portable device in capturing images of high quality. The device’s integration with different applications is supported by a USB 2.0 connection which inadvertently reduces the need to have an image capture board and cables. The device also comes in the OEM version.

Notable Characteristics:

  • Windows XP compatible, and above
  • Casing in aluminium
  • Resolution: 500 dpi
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • Adjustable luminosity and contrast feature
  • Auto-capture
  • Caps 10 frames a second
  • Also available in OEM version

What we like:

  • Scan / auto-capture
  • Quick and secure
  • Caps 10 frames a second
  • Better Resolution

4. Safron Morpho MSO 1300 E2 Finger Print Scanner with USB support

Safron Morpho MSO 1300 E2 Finger Print Scanner with USB support

Safron Morpho MSO 1300 E2 Fingerprint ScannerDescribed by the company as a portable fingerprint scanner and biometric tool, this pocket sized scanner has proved useful for government-helped verifications and SIM activation based on Aadhar. This E2 model is an extractor and matcher device which can be used for enrollment, verification, and identification anytime, anywhere.

The device encrypts the image captured and will detect imitated fingerprints. You can also get help with match-on-card applications in the smartcard reader version.

Notable Characteristics:

  • Captured data encryption
  • LED indicator
  • All in one feature
  • Highly reliable performance
  • 500 dpi resolution

What we like:

  • Pocket Size device
  • Digital signature and data encryption
  • Easy access to your Windows session
  • Smart card reader variant available

5. SecuGen Hamster Plus Fingerprint Scanner

SecuGen Hamster Plus Fingerprint Scanner

SecuGen Hamster Plus Fingerprint ScannerThe SecuGen Hamster Plus scanner is one of the most popular fingerprint scanning devices in India. Its ergonomic design has always been one of the Instrument’s positive features. This high-performance fingerprint scanning system comes with a solid scratch-proof, effects, and vibration resistant sensing glass. It also possesses high resistance to electrical shocks.

Comes with an advanced optical sensor that works with biometric fingerprint technology patented by an SEIR company. Another of its amazing features is the Auto-on feature that automatically switches on and scans the finger when it recognizes one nearby.
The smart capture feature ensures high-quality capture of images, even when the thumb is scarred, aged or wet. Even when put under the direct sunlight the tool works impeccably. Windows 7 and above support the scanner, Java, Linux, Android 3.1 and higher operating systems.

Notable Characteristics:

  • Anti-scratch sensor glass
  • Automatic finger detection technology (Auto-on)
  • Smart capture feature
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Encryption of digital templates
  • USB connection

What we like:

  • Maintenance -free sensor
  • Scratch, impact, sunlight, vibration resistant tough sensor glass
  • Fast and accurate capture
  • Auto-on feature
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Works with or without the weighted stand
  • Smart capture feature

How to Select Best Fingerprint Scanner


Sometimes because of some mechanical error scanners can give false positives or false negatives. On optical fingerprint scanners, such errors are more common. Illegal access to such scanners is easier to misuse. Thus, before investing in it, it is essential to consider the precision of the device. Check the equivalent error rate (EER) for the specific device that you are looking for. The lower the prices, the better the health.


A complicated algorithm could be used by the fingerprint scanner to figure out the best print but the device must have a simple usage functionality for the consumer to work with. You can be confused by complex networking and software features which could also lead to possible lockouts and other technical issues. Opting for a simple device that does all the complicated work is always better. Do some research on the device in question before you buy it.


When buying a device with the potential access to your digital data, brand name does matter. Because security is the major factor here, it is essential to buy a scanner from a known brand which provides good customer support or warranty. Local devices could misuse your private data, endangering the protection of your identity. The brand ‘s reputation matters a lot when considering this tiny yet very important device.


Most fingerprint scanners might function efficiently when the fingers are clean and the right amount of moisture is coated. However, while scanning a finger that is aged, wet, damaged or scarred, low quality or the most basic device will have glitches. To satisfy the needs of people of a different race, age, ethnicity and colour, accurate scanning and responses to such fingers are important. The scanner’s responsiveness matters, as it helps to avoid false positives/negatives and breaches of security.


It doesn’t necessarily mean the higher the price the better the instrument will be. Cost-effectiveness is something that we must always consider before buying a device of any kind. Cross-check the price quoted using the features it offers. The features here carry more weight than the price. It is about security, after all. So, make sure you get enough testing and compare a variety of brands and devices before you decide on one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kinds of biometric devices available?

Biometric sensors are classified into Biometrics of physiology and Biometrics of behavior.

Physiological biometric devices include facial, iris, fingerprint, DNA, and hand scanners, while keystroke, voice, and signature recognition devices are the biometric devices for behaviour.

Which sensor on a fingerprint scanner is used?

Fingerprint scanners are optical scanners which illuminate the finger using an LED light sensor. It detects the fingerprint and creates the image by getting the light and dark areas that the ridges create.

Do fingerprint scanners always have accuracy?

The best accuracy of fingerprint scanners for single-finger testing was found to be 98.6 per cent, according to NIST testing. For two-finger testing, it was 99.2 per cent and four or more fingers it was 99.9 per cent. And almost always fingerprint scanners are successful.

Final Words

The fingerprint scanner is accurate and is more useful when it comes to securing the data and also for taking part in the office. It’s a simple, fast, and safer way to hold data accurately without any secondary errors and it comes with zero complications, enabling us to move on and store data adequately.

Buying a fingerprint scanner is a huge deal because it has to do with our security and is used to authorize it. We’ve picked some of the market’s best fingerprint scanners which come in various shapes and sizes and have peculiar functions along with a collection of prices.

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