Best Hand Sanitizer for viruses in India

We all know the value of washing our hands very frequently when it comes to basic cleanliness and personal hygiene.

This basic procedure has long been promoted by medical professionals and goes a long way to protecting us against many infections and diseases. Hand hygiene is the primary tool for reducing a variety of infections according to WHO.

In the view of the worldwide Corona virus epidemic, hand hygiene is becoming a routine thing to do. But it’s not realistic to have hand wash and water available all the time despite our fast paced and on the go lives. It’s when we come to our rescue with hand sanitizers for viruses.

Choosing the right hand sanitizer can be very difficult and therefore we have brought this article particularly to help you make the best choice for your health and family. Hand sanitizer meaning in hindi is हाथ प्रक्षालक haath prakshaalak. For more detail on what hand sanitizer is best, check-down the article.

Hand Sanitizers Types

Alcohol based

Alcohol has long been known for being used as an antiseptic. Such types of hand sanitizers are therefore very effective in killing the micro-organisms which thrive on our hands.

They contain 60-95 percent alcohol, killing various types of fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Overall the action begins after 30 seconds of operation.

In the list of its essential drugs the World Health Organization also lists alcohol-based hand sanitizers. They are even more moisture resistant than soaps, as they have glycerol that stops the moisture from drying. Follow below post for best alcohol based hand sanitizer in India.

Non-Alcohol Based

These types of sanitizers, as the name implies, contain other ingredients which destroy the microorganism. They usually have formulations based on triclosan or other chlorine and iodine, rather than alcohol.

Although higher concentrations of alcohol are required to kill bacteria, non-alcoholic formulations use alcohol-free hand sanitizers just 0.1 to 0.13 per cent.

They are as powerful as those which are focused on alcohol. Often, however, alcohol-free solutions are vulnerable to contamination, but so are alcohol-based solutions. Therefore it is advisable to read carefully about the drug before purchasing it.

How to choose Hand Sanitizer for Viruses


Hand sanitizers are made according to WHO guidelines. To disinfect your hand, it is necessary to effectively destroy all the germs.

Hand Sanitizer Composition is 96 percent ethanol, 3 percent hydrogen peroxide, and 98 percent glycerol, or 99.8 percent isopropyl alcohol, rather than ethanol, in separate amounts for alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

Both hand sanitizers also have the same basic ingredients. But if you like any fragrant ones they might also include any coloring agents and other preservatives and fragrances.

They do include, other than these, some foaming agents and a small fraction of sterile or distilled water and gelling agents.

Skin suitability

Hand sanitizers dependent on alcohol usually tend to dry out the skin regardless of skin type.

In this case benzalkonium chloride hand sanitizer is safe to use if you suffer from skin sensitivities. These non-alcoholic hand sanitizers work on the skin surface and cause no dryness. To people of all skin types these types are healthy.

For normal form of skin, you can use any sanitizer with glycerin, though vitamin E sanitizer is effective on dry skin. When you do have extremely sensitive skin, however, do go for those free of fragrance and alcohol.

Now that we gave you a good understanding of the hand sanitizers and also how to buy the right one for you, let’s take a look at the best hand sanitizers you can find on amazon. So scroll the below list.

Value for money

Select a Value for Money Product Most hand sanitizer brands are available on the market and you’ll have plenty of choices. That’s why it’s important to choose a hand sanitizer that will deliver value for money for you.

Many sanitizers may be more costly because of their brand name while others may be inexpensive but as powerful as others. It may range anywhere between Rs.50 to Rs.600.

10 Best Hand Sanitizers for Viruses

1. Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel

hand sanitizer amazon
hand sanitizer dettol price

If we’re talking about getting rid of germs, the first brand that comes to mind is Dettol. So, one of the top hand sanitizers to find will come as no surprise that is the Detoll Instant Hand Sanitizer. This product not only offers protection against disease-germs but also has a good fragrance which leaves your hand refreshed after through use. Check hand sanitizer dettol price.

Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer is easy to use and use, providing optimum security because it keeps the hands safe from germs. And you have the choice to choose between two fresh fragrances: floral and spring.

One of the hand sanitizers that I also use a lot too, this product is well suited to all types of skin and also contains moisturizer so that after each use it ends up leaving your skin smooth and soft.

2. Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer

lifebuoy hand sanitizer for viruses
check price on amazon

Lifebuoy Complete Company comes our 2nd best hand sanitizer. The formula is free from preservatives and alcohol and comes in three fragrances namely lemon fresh, Full 10, and Care.

Because of its advanced bacteria defense the sanitizer not only decreases skin chapping but also redness. This hand sanitizer is a good choice if you’re looking for an easy alternative to alcohol-based alternatives.

But, it’s a little sticky so it takes a while to dry up. Overall for the quality, particularly if you like fragrant sanitizers, it’s a good product to have.

3. Himalayan PureHands Hand Sanitizer

himalaya hand sanitizer for viruses
check price on amazon

The Himalayan PureHands Hand Sanitizer is another famous hand sanitizer that I keep in the house. This sanitizer provides 99.9 percent protection against germs without the use of soap or water and is also very effective in protecting you from diseases.

A hand sanitizer based on alcohol guarantees that the hands are germ-free and contain such ingredients as lime and coriander. Lime gets rid of the bacteria while the antimicrobial properties of coriander also help to provide full protection of the skin.

Neem extracts protect you against viruses, fungi and bacteria in this drug making it one of the most powerful hand sanitizers on the market. Another nice thing about this drug is it softens your hand and also protects against oxidative damage.

And for some time, the good scent should keep your hands healthy and smell sweet too. Plus, because it’s hypoallergenic, you don’t have to worry about any allergic reactions when still using this sanitizer.

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4. Sterillium Hand Sanitizer – Blue Pack

sterillium hand sanitizer for viruses
check price on amazon

Whether you have been operating in or visiting a hospital, you probably have to have seen one of those bottles. The Sterillium hand sanitizer for viruses has been widely used in the medical industry for over 50 years now, and is one of the best products on the market.

This is a hand sanitizer based on alcohol and is highly effective at destroying microorganisms. It is a rub-in ready-to-use drug, which is also trusted for surgical hand disinfection.

It offers long-lasting efficacy of up to 6 hours for the patient and is useful for disinfecting bacteria, yeasts and other viruses. It does not cause irritations to the skin and is very mild when applied. In addition the sanitizer always leaves the skin hydrated and gives you excellent after impact.

5. Savlon Hand Sanitizer Spray

savlon hand sanitizer price
check price on amazon

Savlon Hand Sanitizer Spray is the best option for you if you are looking for a sanitizer spray that will keep you free from germs, viruses, bacteria, mold, etc. This small hand sanitizer is able to get rid of millions of germs with any usage and will keep you safe during the day. You get 100 + sprays with this pen sanitizer which are effective in keeping you free from germs for a long time. It is also known as the best hand sanitizer for babies in india.

Another nice thing about this device is that it’s small in size and therefore easy to use and conveniently portable. This is good for all forms of skin, and can quickly get rid of dirt and grime from your face. You just don’t have to think about it leaking with this drug as well because there’s no risk of wasting. More notably, however, the Savlon hand sanitizer spray provides an impressive antimicrobial action which is also found to be properly checked in laboratories.

6. PURELL Advanced Instant Hand Sanitizer

purell hand sanitizer online
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Purell Hand Sanitizer is the most commonly used drug in most hospitals and clinics, and a trustworthy hand sanitizer for viruses. Keeping the skin germ-free and safe has been scientifically proven, and is twice as successful on the market as other hand sanitizers. The hand sanitizer also meets the criteria of the FDA and is capable of destroying 99.99 percent of germs on any demand. It contains 70 percent alcohol and four forms of moisturizers, so that it not only keeps your hands free from germs, but also soft and smooth.

The moisturizing agent present in this product makes sure your hands are not cold and that your skin is soothed. One of the best things about this hand sanitizer is it can be held anywhere and used. So, it can be used in your office, home, car, or anywhere you may need to clean your hands.

7. Godrej Protekt Hand Sanitizer Spray

Godrej Protekt Hand Sanitizer buy online
check price on amazon

Godrej Protekt’s natural is another best hand sanitizer in India which made it onto our list of top brands of hand products for the right reasons. In its composition it is alcohol-free which keeps your palms relaxed, naturally.

The formula is super mild so it does not cause any damage to children as well. And the drug comes in a spray bottle that releases the right dose, which is easy to use. The Godrej hand sanitizer is suitable for use and carrying anywhere.

8. Dr. Batra’s Non Alcoholic Hand Sanitizer

dr batras non alcoholic hand sanitizer
check price on amazon

Dr. Batra’s Hand Sanitizer for viruses has tulsi extract and other ingredients such as castor oil, benzalkonium chloride, glycerine, citric acid, and chlorhexidine gluconate in its formulation. Some users say this as a calming skin protector, too.

The basil-tulsi extract formula content is healthy for everyone, including babies, and effectively kills germs. It is designed for repeated use. For a germ-free routine just hold this natural hand sanitizer all the time.

9. Kaya Hand Sanitizer

kaya best hand sanitizer brand in india
check price on amazon

We have made it to India’s top brands of hand sanitizers. Kaya and their gentle hand sanitizer occupy that position. This is a solution based on alcohol, which disinfects the hands. And the best thing about that moisturizes the skin, allowing it to touch super-smooth. Easily load the bottle into your suitcase and purse.

The hand sanitizer based on alcohol-gel disinfects the hands of anti-bacterial agents effectively.

10. VITRO Hand Disinfectant

VITRO Hand Disinfectant 175 ml Hand Sanitizers
check price on amazon

One of the few hand sanitizer for viruses that consists of essential natural oils, VITRO Hand Disinfectant functions not only as a disinfectant but also as a cleaner, moisturizer and deodorant. As a result, it keeps your hand clean and is smooth, gentle and very new.

This product is truly good for disinfecting your hands and is also super easy to use. If you apply it to get rid of the pathogenic germs, you can feel a coolness on your hands too. Because of its efficacy it is very common among practicing surgeons and clinicians.

Right way to wash hands?

This can’t negate the value of washing your hands at all. Washing hands regularly not only decreases the risk of exposure to a plethora of pathogens, but is also a healthy personal hygiene activity.

How do you wash your hands properly to prevent infection?

right way to wash hands

Washing hands can be accomplished in simple steps as described below:-

  • Step 1- Using running water or tap water wet your hands
  • Step 2- Take sufficient amount of hand wash or any other soap or disinfectant and rub your hands until lather appears.
  • Step 3- Massage and wash the back of your hands, palms and between your fingers thoroughly. If they are thick, clean your nails too.
  • Step 4- Follow the above steps for at least 20-30 seconds Phase 5 –Use a clean towel or hand dryer, wash your hands at the end until the soap is fully gone under running water and pat dry.

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When we have to wash our hands?

It may sound like a very common knowledge, but many people do not take the appropriate precautions and do not know how much and when to wash their hands. Ideally, having used the washroom or bathroom, you will wash your face.

Please wash your hands before you cook and eat a meal because most illnesses appear to occur during this period, if you miss it. When visiting any patient or taking a baby in your lap, and after changing diapers and cleaning them up, one must absolutely wash hands.

Upon treating injured places, washing hands properly, runny nose, handling trash and treating pet animals. When you are unwell, take extra care to wash your hands to avoid further infections. And lastly, after handling some contaminants at the workplace, one always has to wash hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hand sanitizer safe? or is hand sanitizer toxic?

Yes, hand sanitizers do the deed of extracting the uppermost oil coating from your palms. Thus, when you touch things it kills the germs you unknowingly come into contact with.

Hand Sanitizer vs soap – Which is better?

People nowadays forget to clean their hands with soap and water, and mostly use a sanitizer. But science says nothing is as good as soap and water to clean your hands so that you can stay healthy. To avoid getting sick and prevent the spread of infection it is recommended to wash your hands regularly. Use sanitizers only when soap and water is not available for handwash.

Is hand sanitizer flammable?

As predicted, hand sanitizer is flammable and can be easily ignited with a typical grill lighter when poured into a cup, which is around 60 per cent alcohol per volume. So dont keep your hands near fire immediately after using sanitizer.

Hand sanitizer good or bad?

People often ask why hand sanitizers are good. Well, it helps to kill germs even when soap and water is not available. Its cost effective and long lasting. But, on the other side, unlike soap it can’t help to remove, dirt, grease, or blood from hands.

Final Words

It is our first line of defense against contracting various diseases and infections, while hand washing is easy. It is imperative that we teach and encourage personal hygiene among all, particularly the children. Thus, the practice of washing hands can go a long way to preventing us from being sick.

Everyone can use hand sanitizers and hand wash products and bring them everywhere they go, as an important product. We hope this article has provided you with the importance of washing your hand and given you an idea of what hand sanitizer is best.

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