Best Exercise Cycles for Home Gym

To get a fit & disease-free body, daily exercise and physical activity play a very important role. Exercise equipment such as a treadmill or an exercise bike / cycle makes it easier for you to comply with your regime of exercise. And you can look for “best fitness bikes / cycles in India” or “best workout cycle in India” if your aim is primarily to minimise belly fat or shed any body fat.

The stationary bike is also called an exercise cycle/bike. If you want to minimise body fat, lose weight, get stronger or make fitness a part of your routine, choosing to buy an exercise bike is a great start.

It can help lower high blood pressure , lower bad cholesterol, control blood sugar, and prevent heart attacks, especially if you’ve had one already.

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15 Top & Best Exercise Cycles in India

Health Benefits of Exercise Cycle

  1. The best advantage of an exercise cycle is that even though you do not go out due to poor weather conditions or your busy life or you are a patent and have kids at home, it helps you to exercise.
  2. Unlike other forms of aerobic exercises, such as jogging or team sports, because of the low impact, it is not rough on the joints. A stationary bike is joint-friendly.
  3. It helps you to burn calories without damaging your joints and get your heart racing.
  4. If you regularly ride a stationary bike 4-5 days a week for approximately 30 minutes, the heart can pump more blood.
  5. It also helps raise the amount of good cholesterol in your system and decreases poor cholesterol, resulting in less plaque build-up in your arteries.
  6. Want a stomach that’s flat? Not only can an exercise cycle help you do so, but it will also tone your quads, calves, and glutes to sculpt them into the form of a killer. It targets much of your lower body’s muscles-inner thighs, outer thighs, hamstrings, calves, shins, and thus helps you to get rid of stubborn belly fat.
  7. That helps to lift your mood. You feel happy after riding on the workout bike since it increases the entire body’s blood circulation.


By ranking, features and client reviews, I have tried to cover only the best exercise cycles available in India. One of them will serve your function if your attention is on reducing belly fat. I hope that you can find the article helpful in making the right choice!

Stay healthy, enjoy life and stay happy!

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