Best Electric Shavers for Men in India

Are you looking for best electric shaves for men in India? Then, you are right place.

Although a beard trimmer is perfect for trimming and shaping the beard or stubble, it uses an electric rasper to fully rasp the beard without leaving any stubble. Currently, I use both the shaving and trimming version.

Buying electric shaver makes sense as its cost is high up front but it is more economical than razors in the long run.

Electric shaver offers many benefits over razors. This is highly flexible, with the greatest benefit of dry rashing. Using that, you can shave from college to office anywhere.

We don’t need special toiletries like shaving cream, soap, or water. The electric shaver saves you valuable time, too. While it takes just 3 to 5 minutes for the electric shaver to shave your whole face, manual razor could easily take 10 to 15 minutes.

A good quality electric shaver will cause little or no irritation to the skin. Using an electric shaver you are less likely to get nicks and cuts to obtain a clean shave.

For any busy guy out there who doesn’t want to waste his precious time shaving more than required, an electric shaver is a must.

In my study, I learned about several tips for choosing the right electric shaver and also about these are India’s best choices for electric shavers. I am sharing the following guide, which offers tips for the best electric shaver based on my testing.

Best Electric Shaver in India

List of 10 Best Electric Shavers for Men in India

1. Philips AquaTouch Electric Shaver AT890/16

philips Aquatouch best electric shaver

Philips AquaTouch AT890/16 is a philips powerful electric shaver. Its actually the best shaver lots from the Aqua touch series and costs slightly higher than other series products.

The AT890 glides smoothly which is especially good at face curves that are normally difficult to manage. You just have to stretch your skin to get other electric shavers to get a decent shave but the AT890 performs better here than the rest.

The product has a dual precision shaving head which gives the shave clean and helps you target even the shortest stubble. This dual blade helps get a near cut when raising the scalp.

The shaver has a good battery for cordless operation which gives you around 55 minutes of power. The charging speed is also very strong, and the shaver can be charged easily in less than 4 minutes for a single fast shave.

It also comes with a convenient monitor with 2 LED indicator that tells you when the battery is full or running low, and also shows if the device is currently charging.

The style is ergonomic, and good grip is provided by the ribbed rubber finish at the handle. It’s extremely lightweight makes the handling very simple. Overall it’s India ‘s best electric shaver and we’d highly recommend this product.

Key Features:

  • LED Indication: Full Battery Indication, Low Battery Indication, Charging Indication
  • Handle: Fully Grip, Completely Waterproof, QuickRinse Hair Chamber, Shaving
  • System: DualPrecision Heads, Super Lift and Cut, Dynamic Contour Response, Integrated Pop Up Trimmer
  • 2 Years warranty by Philips and 1 Year extended warranty by online registration.

2. Braun Series 9 9240s Wet & Dry Electric Shaver

Braun Series 9 9240s Wet & Dry Electric Shaver

Braun is the most common brand offering a range of beauty products such as hair dryers, curl irons, hair straighteners, brushes and more. It’s a popular brand for the best electric shavers for men.

Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver is an outstanding combination of performance and comfort to the face. It has an elegant body that looks unique, and attracts the customer.

This waterproof electric shaver supports wet and dry options so you can use it without causing harm even in bathrooms. All the 5 shaving elements work effectively to trim the desired shape of the beard hair.

The 2 blades of the trimmer are made of titanium coating to absorb coarse hair at one motion. Strong auto sense engine technology helps travel freely on thick beard.

When this cordless electric shaver is charged for an hour, it offers a continuous 50-minute shave. Simply recharge the unit using a 100-240V power cable. This Braun electric shaver is backed, above all, with 2 years from the date of purchase.

Key Features:

  • Waterproof shaver
  • Electric shaver Wet and dry.
  • 2 Years Production Warranty.
  • 40,000 cross-cutting acts per minute.
  • 2 Five-element trimmers (4-cutting and 1- skin guard).

3. Philips AquaTouch AT620/14

Philips AquaTouch AT620/14

If you’re looking at a decent price for the best electric shaver then don’t look any further. The product you are looking for is Philips AquaTouch. Because of the close-cut blades it offers a clean, smooth razor closely shave without the cuts.

The blades are high performance and for around 2-3 years you won’t need to alter or replace them. It offers smooth glide, and it can be used for both wet and dry shave based on foam.

This electric shaver is 100% waterproof, and you can even use it in the shower without worrying about getting watery. It is after use also very easy to clean. You can just take off the head of the shaver and rinse under running water.

The style is elegant and gives fast grip. The shaver comes with a pop up trimmer that you can use to remove your mustaches or sideburns. The users love this product just look at the amount of positive reviews it received at amazon.

What’s more, Philips with this shaver gives you a 2-year international warranty. But there are no flaws and repair issues. So to conclude this shaver analysis if you are looking to buy electric shaver in India then Philips AquaTouch AT620/14 will be a good option.

Key Features:

  • Completely waterproof
  • 1 LED indicator light
  • Close-Cut Blade Device
  • The monitor indicates low power, low battery charging, low battery charging.
  • 2 Years warranty by Philips

4. Philips AquaTouch AT610/14

Philips AquaTouch AT610/14

Philips AquaTouch AT610/14 provides good shaving experience and is very cost-effectively priced. It helps you to have both shaving cream-based or shaving foam based on a dry rasp or wet shave.

Philips handle is well built and gives a strong hand grip. After charging it can be used both as a corded or cordless unit. The charging support is also good and you’ll be given more than 30 minutes of cordless use with a 10-hour fee. Washing and servicing are also fast.

One downside that many customers find is that the shave is not very successful in the region of the face. For some people, the dry shave is a little rough on the skin. It also does not come with a built-in trimmer.

Key Features:

  • Simple Plastic Coating
  • Completely Waterproof
  • Ergonomic Easy Grip Handle
  • 1 LED Indicator Light
  • Shaving System: AquaTec Wet & Dry, CloseCut Blade System, Monitor Indicates: Low power, Low charging
  • 2 Years warranty

5. Philips AquaTouch AT756/16

Philips AquaTouch AT756

Another great Philips AquaTouch series product that will give you perfect finish for both dry and wet shave. It offers all of the features as part of the AquaTouch family, such as pop-up trimmer, full waterproof, dual blade technology etc.

The various features are that it sports an LED indicator to warn you about batter status. Fully charges in less than 8 hours, bringing you about 15 hours of shaving.

It is a cordless, rechargeable battery trimmer which is also Completely waterproof. Since it bears an Aquatec seal, it can be used with gel and foam in the tub, as well as dry shave.

The CloseCut blades have rounded edges that slide effortlessly across your skin, so you’ll still get a close – but relaxed – shave. The shaver handle comes with an ergonomic anti-slip coating grip which ensures close control for extra precision during the shave.

Key Features:

  • 1 LED Indication
  • Battery Full Indication and battery Low Indication
  • Charging Indication,
  • Rubber Grip, Ergonomic Easy Grip Handle
  • 2 Year + 1 year extended warranty

6. Panasonic ES-SA40K Men’s Electric Shaver

Panasonic ES-SA40K Men’s Electric Shaver

Enjoy a relaxing shave with this Panasonic Wet Shaver, without harming the skin. It has come with a finite number of features to suit the demands of the consumer. Its another one of the best electric shavers for men.

Compared to brand shaver models, the shaver can be fully charged in 8 hours, which is good enough to have a 30 minute shave. Waterproof design allows you to wash the trimmer in good condition and improve the lifespan of the trimmer.

For grooming moustache and sideburns the slide-up trimmer is perfect. Simply slide the trimmer up when you’re ready to use and tuck away when you’re done. The swivel head follows the counter space for a fast and effortless shave.

Ultimately, this is an advanced and strongest one which has all the shaver features. It offers easy and comfortable shaving in just a few minutes. As well as the positive stuff, it has some slight drawbacks because it doesn’t uniformly shave the beard and isn’t appropriate for all hair styles.

Key Features:

  • High-performance motor with Japanese technology
  • Electric shaver with cordless form.
  • Shaving time 21-30 minutes.
  • Requires 8 hours of loading time.
  • Lightweight, with easy handling.
  • 24 months warranty

7.  Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 Cordless Electric Razor

Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 Cordless Electric Razor

Another good electric shaver of the same brand-Panasonic. With the same product quality and competitive prices, Panasonic brand brings new technologies at your doorstep.

Like other shaving kits, it has come with 5 trim blades to shave easily and effectively. The lightweight nature makes transportation to other places simple with no effort. For your convenience, you can place all of the trimming accessories in the travel pouch.

The motor is specifically designed to work at 14000CPM by providing optimum output during battery life. With cutting force it is nearly 1.5X times faster than 10000 CPM shaver kits.

The timer and trim mode are displayed on the LCD monitor so that the user can easily know the current process. The built-in sensors will automatically detect the density of the beard on the jaw, cheeks and neck to make fine grooming without damaging the skin.

This quality wet and dry shaver is ready to use while you’re engaged in certain household or office works. The unit can be cleaned 100 per cent, so it can be held under running tap water to prevent the particles of dust and look bright.

Key Features:

  • 5 Shaving blades quick and efficient. 
  • Comfortable gripping to hold comfortably. 
  • Comes with the options to shave wet and dry. 
  • Automatic Premium Cleaning and Charging Station.

8. Havells RS7131 Rechargeable Shaver

Havells RS7131 Rechargeable Shaver

In India, Havells RS7131 is a digital shaver that comes with 4d floating blades with active contour and two cut-blades with precision control. It provides for a smooth and quick finish.

The product has an outstanding design, which offers greater grip and comfort. Cutting your moustache and sideburns completes your looks with the pop-up trimmer. Havells shaver comes with a two-year warranty for development.

The shaver comes with a lithium-ion battery allowing for fast shaver charging. It has one port with micro USB charging. The Lithium-ion battery enables fast shaver charging. It has Ipx 7 shaver technology, waterproof from head to toe.

The shave’s dual track system offers greater coverage with least strokes.

Key Features:

  • It’s great for cordless use.
  • Pop up trimmer: Perfect for sideburns and moustache growth.
  • It has a one-touch button and is quick to clean to open the shaver-head.
  • After a full 8 hour charge, it works for 75 minutes.

9.  Syska SHR626 Acu Sharp Reciprocating Shaver

Syska SHR626 Acu Sharp Reciprocating Shaver

Syska Shaver is well built to give you a cleaner, smoother and refreshing shave. It comes with a high acute shaving device that slides onto your facial skin smoothly while shielding it from cutting.

It gives smooth, easy shave, thus its a best electric shaver for men. They are suitable for susceptible-skin type men. This Syska shaver has a high-speed motor which ensures an extremely clean look for a shave.

The electric shaver has acute sliding shaving system. It comes with a trimmer of pop-up sideburns. It has ultra-thin shaving foil which gives a healthy experience of shaving.

Key Features:

  • It is easy to manage and is travel-friendly.
  • Its battery life is long-lasting.
  • The product comes with a two-year warranty for development.
  • Charging time takes 8 hours and can work up to 60 minutes.

10. Inalsa Impress Electric Shaver


A dual blade-system comes in Inalsa Impress. It has spinning blades which are ideally suited for hair that grows thick and strong. Its another best electric razor for men.

The shaver is a rasper with dry and wet shaving option. It offers a smooth shaving experience. It is one of the Best Electric Shavers that fits perfectly with your budget.

It is a 360 ° triple rotary shaver which is ideal for those with longer, longer hair. It comes with ergonomic handles, which offer additional grip during use. It does have a waterproof function.

The popup trimmer beautifully trims sideburns and moustaches. It offers fast battery charging while shaving, and great and quick handling. The company has a one year warranty for the manufacture.

Key Features:

  • Inalsa shaver is ultra-silent
  • it has a powerful motor
  • The shaver’s construction efficiency is outstanding and offers flawless shaving.
  • The rasper has a tidy look and is a commodity of high quality.

Best Electric Shaver Brands in India

Types of Electrical Shavers

An individual has different facial hairs and skin types. Choosing a shaver for your skin type is sometimes tough. For men, there is a list of different types of shavers which can be used for different types of shaving.

Rotary Shavers

The shaver style has three to four rotator heads for smooth shaving, with round edges. It lets you shave just under your lips, neck regions, and jaws. It is typically perfect for men with thick and fast-growing hair. It is suited to men whose hair is rising in various directions. It may cause sensitive-skin allergies or irritation.

Trimmers or Shavers

If you are not looking for a smooth finish, Beard Trimmers also known as Hair Clippers is a safer option for trimming. You can use that on both your head and face. It is time-saving and helps you to clip every couple of days.

Electric Foil Shavers

Foil Shavers uses a thin, sharp blade that moves in and out, rather than circular motions. It allows to shave clean, closely and helps to lift hair away from the face. Electric-Foil Shaver varieties come in three to four blades. This type of shaver can be used by men or guys who want to grow their hair slowly With this type of shavers one can shave moving in a straight line and it doesn’t work on contour areas. Wet & Dry Foil Shaver can also be found with clean and charge station.

Top Electric Shaving Machines – Buying Guide

Wet shavers, or dry ones

Some men enjoy using shaving while taking a shower while others prefer shaving in their spare time. Two alternatives such as dry-shaving or wet-shaving are readily available in the market. Some shavers are made to be readily accessible on the market for use in the showers.

Without the shaving cream, you can use shavers, but if you have sensitive skin, use gel or foam to produce better results.


The new and advanced shavers come with waterproof construction. This can be used conveniently in the bath water or while showering. They are particularly designed to be used in showers. Pick the 100 per cent washable shaver.

LCD Screen and Indicator

In a shaver, both are cool features which indicate whether the battery is low or full. With the technology infusion, some branded shavers come with advanced options, such as setting the trimming time according to your needs.


Maintenance is an absolute influence on shaver purchases. Check for a shaver which comes with a collection of foils and blades. Some razors have costly replacement parts. When buying a shaver, you need to remember the aspect.

Easy to Grip

The shavers of today’s technology comes with a firm grip. The shaver is easy to keep and use according to the requirements. Find a grip-friendly, washable and convenient rasper to use.


Most of the best electric shavers come with charging port and are easy to charge. Though some shavers have a system for auto charging and washing. Clean and charging station Shaver is responsible for the auto cleaning and charging in very less time.

You can quickly charge your shaver, and ready to use it. Many women razors come with a charging monitor displaying the battery indicator and telling the status of the batteries. This usually comes with an indicator of green and red charging which shows battery life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What sort of electric shaver suits closer shaves?

Foil shavers are ideally suited for delicate hair cutting or shaving. With foil shavers, a better shave can be obtained than with rotary shavers.

Are rotary shavers better than foil shavers?

Foil shavers are pocket friendly and intended to be used every day as opposed to rotary shavers. Foil shavers work best on fine hair and stubbles in minutes. However, daily cleaning of the foil shavers is required.

After how much time, blades should be replaced?

Changing the blades depends on how much you use the electric shaver and the product (brand). It is only advisable to upgrade the blades and cutter once every 12 months.

How to clean an electric shaver properly?

An electric shaver is easier to clean than it looks. Everything one has to do is clean the head and tap the hair residues gently and brush them off. Some rotary shavers are also waterproof, which enables under running water cleaning. Most of the electric shavers come with accessories including a brush to help you clean every cutter nook and corner.

Shaver or Trimmer, Which one could be better?

Electric shavers are better than trimmers because they shave faster, trigger minimal nicks and cuts and are ideal for most parts of the body.

Do electrical shaver cuts the skin?

Yeah, there’s a slight risk that electric shavers will trigger cuts. But, it depends on how much pressure you apply when you trim or shave. Small bumps and imperfections can also help to cause wounds.

Do electric shavers cause hairs to ingrown?

Ingrown hair is a common side effect of the shaving process. If you are using manual razors or an electric shaver, it’s unavoidable. However, when compared to the manual razors, electric razors cause ingrown hairs as they use lift and snip technique. This prevents curling in of the stubble.

Which Philips shaver is best?

The best in the section is the Philips Aquatouch collection. Power, price, charging and other advanced features make them one of India’s best electric shavers.


I hope you like this post on best beard shavers for men in India. Philips is the favourite brand among most of the people. Do let us know in comments below, which shaver you gonna buy or which one you like the most?

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