Best Electric Rice Cookers in India

Electric rice cookers are one among the kitchen appliances that anyone would love to have, as it adds to the convenience for cooking. Whoever prepares delicious food will require this appliance for the time-saving process. This cooker is not only used for cooking rice, but you will be able to steam the vegetables or meats, prepares oatmeal and other cereals. A variety of food items can be prepared using this appliance.

Electric rice cookers help you to prepare perfect rice by just adding rice and water to the cooker. The main objective of this product is to provide perfect and effortless cooking, that may require some features to be considered.

The inner pot can be non- stick, aluminum, or stainless steel. If the material is non- stick then there is no need to worry about the sticking of the food particles, but it may wear fast. Stainless steel has high durability, and if we use aluminum then it will be lightweight but not durable as stainless steel.

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The size and shape of the cooker should be chosen according to the requirement of the user. Some rice cookers may have additional settings, this may help in getting many other features. Multiple coking functionalities, added timer are the advantages in some products. You have to look through the features of electric rice cookers that are available in the market to get a perfect rice cooker according to your requirements.

Here is a list of electric rice cooker price with their features, which may help you in buying the perfect choice.

Best Electric Rice Cookers

1. Prestige PMC 2.0 Multi Cooker

Prestige is one of the common names when coming to kitchen appliances. The quality of the product is assured with the brand name. This is a multi- purpose rice cooker which is used for making noodles, boil eggs, prepare soup and many more besides cooking rice. The rice is cooker has an ergonomic and elegant design.

This is perfect choice if you prefer cooking small quantities of food. The electric rice cooker is a smart cooker with temperature control and automatic cut off for dry heating. It is easier to handle and also comfortable to clean. It comes with an extra attachment which is an egg boiler stand.

The body of the appliance is made with high graded stainless steel so that after cooking you can store the food in the same cooker. Single touch lid is used here which assures an efficient seal system which prevents the escape of heat from the cooker. This product comes with 1yr warranty for the possible damages in the working of the cooker.

Features of Prestige PMC 2.0 Multi Cooker

  • This cooker with concealed element is of multiple functionalities.
  • The power rating is 600 watts for this multi- cooker.
  • Highly durable as the body is made of stainless steel.
  • Closely fit lid is used in this electric cooker.
  • Capacity of this rice cooker is 1 litre.
  • The product weight is 1.18 kg.
  • It has features like temperature control and automatic cut off while dry heating.

2. Prestige PRWO 1.8

This yet another product from the prestigious brand Prestige which has marked their position in the market by producing high quality products. This cooker is not only used for cooking rice but also for other dishes like porridges, soup, stew and many other delicious dishes. It has additional cooking pans, measuring cups and rice scoop.

The rice cooker has a control switch which enhances automatic cooking, when the food is cooked it automatically shifts to warm mode. The handles are made for making the carrying of the cooker easy and it is durable. The power cord is detachable which makes the cooker portable and also convenient for usage.

High quality stainless steel is used as the lid in this rice cooker. The lid has a vent through which the heat can escape. It is advised not to wash the main body of the cooker in water as the electrical insulation may get damaged. The manufacturer provides 1yr warranty for the possible errors in the working of the electric rice cooker.

Features of Prestige PRWO 1.8

  • The power rating of the rice cooker is 700 watts.
  • Control switch is present for automatic cooking option.
  • The capacity of the electric rice cooker is 1 kg.
  • Stainless steel is used to make the close lid which has a vent.
  • The weight of the rice cooker is 2.66 kg.
  • The power cords of this product are detachable.
  • Additional attachments of the electric rice cooker is cooking pans, measuring cups and rice scoop.

3. Panasonic SR- Y18FHS – Best Electric Rice Cooker

Panasonic SR- Y18FHS best rice cooker in india

Panasonic has introduced another delightful product, which is Panasonic SR- Y18FHS. This automatic electric rice cooker helps you to cook various recipes for small quantity. The main advantage of this system is you can try various dishes with a limited time.

The handle of the automatic rice cooker is a convenient bridge handle. You can easily prepare dishes for a small group of people in this energy efficient rice cooker. There is no need to worry about food getting burnt as the product is a non- stick cooking pan.

The rice cooker has automatic cooking option, which is a great help in preventing overcooking of food. This rice cooker is easy to be cleaned and maintenance, you can regularly clean this cooker. The product comes with a 2yr warranty for the damages that may happen in the working of the rice cooker.

Features of Panasonic SR- Y18FHS – Best Rice Cooker

  • The product features with the presence of convenient bridge handle.
  • The food will remain for 4 hours in this cooker after cooking.
  • This rice is cooker is non- stick type which prevents food to get burnt.
  • The product has a weight of 3.4 kg.
  • The capacity of this automatic rice cooker is 1.8 litres.
  • The cooker has a powerful motor with a power rating of 660 watts.

4. Panasonic SR- Y22FHS

Best Rice Cooker

This another top-quality product from Panasonic, which continues to uphold the legacy of the brand. This product comes with a convenient bridge handle. The rice cooker is perfect for parties or get- togethers if you want to cook and serve the guests. This is an ideal appliance in your kitchen.

In this automatic rice cooker, you can cook and steam the food particles at the same time.  The product comes with a supreme quality handles, these two are plastic handles which protects you from getting burned. The cooker a convenient lid for preventing the escape of heat while the food is kept warm.

The body of the rice cooker is made of food- grade plastic CRCA material. The cooker is made extremely durable, it is easy to clean and also safer to operate. The product comes with 2yr warranty for the possible errors that may occur in the working of the rice cooker.

Features of Panasonic SR- Y22FHS

  • Convenient bridge handle is present.
  • The cooker is of non- stick type.
  • The weight of this automatic rice cooker is 3.24 kg.
  • The food will be stored warm in this rice cooker even after 4 hours of cooking.
  • The steaming basket is another speciality of this system.
  • The product has automatic scoop holder and a lid holder.
  • The capacity of this rice cooker is 2.2 litres.
  • The power rating of this product is 750 watts.

5. Prestige PROCG 1.8 Electric Rice Cooker

Prestige PROCG 1.8 best vacuum cleaner in india

This is another quality product from the famous brand Prestige. This is a small cooker which is best option for your small kitchen, this also cooks not only rice but soup, porridge, stew, vegetables and many more. The rice cooker has additional features like cooking pans, measuring cup and a rice scoop.

The powerful motor helps in making your tough cooking jobs easier. The lid is made of stainless steel which has high durability and also prevents the escape of heat to the outer environment. The handles are manufactured in such way that it can be easily carried to anywhere according to our convenience.

The power cord in this rice cooker is detachable, the control switch is present which helps in automatic cooking. When the cooking is perfectly completed the cooker is shifted to warm condition. 1yr warranty is offered by the manufacturer for the possible damages in the working of the appliance.

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Features of Prestige PROCG 1.8 Best Electric Rice Cooker

  • The product features with stainless steel lids with warm mode for keeping the food warm automatically.
  • The power rating of this automatic rice cooker is 700 watts.
  • It is advised not to immerse the rice cooker in the water as a whole, the electrical insulation will get damaged.
  • This highly efficient system can prepare any type delicious food.
  • The product comes with two aluminium cooking pans to act according to your convenience.

6. Bajaj RCX 5 – Best Electric Rice Cooker

Bajaj RCX 5 Best Rice Cooker

Bajaj is one among the famous brands in the market of home appliances. This rice cooker keeps up the quality of the brand. This is the perfect solution for the cooking issues, it saves your time and also saves space in kitchen. It has a detachable power cord and it is easily portable. This consumes a less power and is easy to handle by adjusting the settings.

Aluminium bowl in this rice cooker provides high durability to the product. The bowl absorbs heat and helps fast cooking. The handle is made in such a way to provide safety to your hands from burns. The lid is stainless steel material which prevents the escape of heat from the appliance.

The product comes with a warranty of 2yr for the possible damages in the functionality of the rice cooker. This rice cooker easily controllable and serves your requirements as well. Customer satisfaction is assured by the manufacturer.

Features of Bajaj RCX 5

  • Capacity of thus rice cooker is 1.8 litres.
  • Automatic cooking feature helps in saving your time and also this consumes only less power.
  • The power rating of this cooker is 550 watts.
  • The rice cooker weighs 2.39 and has durable lid.
  • The cooker has shut off system to prevent the overcooking of the food.
  • Can prepare any dish with a limited period of time and it is an energy efficient system.

7. Bajaj RCX 3

Bajaj RCX 3

Bajaj RCX 3 is a multi-functional rice cooker which ensures the quality of the product by its brand name. This rice cooker is easily portable and also compactible for anywhere. The product consumes less space, a perfect option for your kitchen. It has a warm mode to keep the food warm even hours after cooking.

The product has thermal fuse which assures the safety of the user, it is less power consuming with better performance. It comes with additional accessories like cooking bowl, spatula and measuring cup to make the cooking task easier. The capacity of this rice cooker is perfect for a small group of people.

The Bajaj RCX 3 has a cool touch body which prevents burning of hands while preparing food. Stainless steel lid is present in the cooker to prevent the flow of warmness outside the cooker. The product can be easily cleaned and also operated. The manufacturer gives a warranty of 2yrs for the possible damages in the working of the rice cooker.

Features of Bajaj RCX 3

  • The automatic rice cooker needs only less space.
  • The weight of this rice cooker is 2.01 kg.
  • The total capacity of this rice cooker is 1.5 litres.
  • Warm mode is used to prevent the food from getting cold hours after finishing the cooking process.
  • The additional accessories coming along with the product increases the cooking efficiency.
  • The power rating of this rice cooker is 350 watts.

8. Prestige Cute Delight Electric Rice Cooker

Prestige Cute Delight Best Electric Rice Cooker

The top brand Prestige continues to provide its customer with quality products. This rice cooker has multiple functionalities, not only cooking rice. It can prepare porridge, soup, stew and even steam vegetables. It comes with most of the advanced features and is necessity in your kitchens. The design of the rice cooker attracts everyone to purchase the product.

The rice cooker comes with the additional attachments like cooking pans, measuring cup and rice scoop. For carrying the cooker, scoop holder adds the convenience. A control switch lever is present which helps in functioning automatically. The handles are made durable and is safer to handle the product.

The power cord in the rice cooker is detachable and portable easily. Aluminium pans are given additional for the convenience of the user. Closely fit lids are another advantage in this rice cooker which helps in preventing the lose of warm of the food. The warranty of the product given by the manufacturer is 1yr for the possible damages in the working of the automatic rice cooker.

Features of Prestige Cute Delight Electric Rice Cooker

  • The power rating of the rice cooker is 700 watts.
  • The additional attachments along with the products helps you to cook easily.
  • Stainless steel lid is used to remain in the warm mode offered by the rice cooker.
  • Water level indicator feature adds the importance of using this product.
  • The weight of this automatic rice cooker is 3.08 kg.
  • This product is an essential one with higher efficiency and comfort.

9. Preethi RC- 319

Preethi RC- 319 best electric rice cooker

Preethi RC- 319 rice cooker is a multi- functional product which is not only made to prepare rice, but also for some other dishes like pulao, pasta, and many more. It has thermostat cut off feature to prevent the overcooking of food. It is a good choice for your kitchen and it lessens your efforts in cooking food.

Overlapped heating coli is present in the design of this rice cooker. The cooking is made faster and easier with this efficient product. Uniform amount of heat is passed through the food which preserves nutrients and also provides a healthy dish. Several protection features are incorporated in the product to provide protection to the user.

The rice cooker comes with automatic warm facility, that is when the cooking if completed the food is kept warm for at least four hours. The product has 1yr warranty provided by the manufacturer for the possible damages in the working of the rice cooker.

Features of Preethi RC- 319

  • Easy and fast cooking to which lessen your efforts in kitchen.
  • Thermostat cut off feature helps in preventing the lose of warmness outside the appliance.
  • Double protection is given to ensure the safety of the user.
  • The rice cooker weighs 2.02 kg which comparatively less weight.
  • The capacity of the system is 1 litre and high quality of the product is assured.

10. Panasonic SR- DF181 Electric Rice Cooker

Panasonic SR- DF181 electric rice cooker

This rice cooker has many features and is user friendly product. The main feature of this product is you can control six frequently cooked menus with just four buttons. The electric rice cooker provides the user a new experience and also gives faster results.

Food remains warm in this electric rice cooker, when the food is perfectly cooked the appliance will notify the user. It resumes its work if the power fails. This efficient system is suitable to fulfil the cooking needs in your kitchen. The product is designed in a versatile manner and easy to carry as it is lightweight.

The product is made with metal for the durability. This is a perfect solution in front of you to cut down the tasks and time used for the cooking. The product comes with the warranty of 1yr for the possible damages in the working of the product.

Features of Panasonic SR- DF181

  • The product has a weight of 4.91 kg.
  • The appliance is easy to handle and carry.
  • The cleaning of this electric rice cooker after use is easier.
  • This product has high durability as it is made from metal.
  • The power rating of this electric rice cooker is 750 watts.
  • Controlling the appliance using four control buttons is easy and comfortable.
  • The rice cooker has a compatible design.

Electric Rice Cooker Buyer’s Guide

Cook and Warm Functions

The model should have a cook and warm feature that cooks the rice efficiently and evenly automatically while maintaining its nutritional values. The auto warming feature will then be triggered automatically to keep your rice warm to a longer period. That helps to keep your rice soft and fluffy.


The cooker’s lid should be made of stainless steel, because it traps the heat inside, making it easier to cook the rice evenly and to perfection. In fact, it’s corrosion-resistant, making it easy to clean. The cooking plate should be made from aluminum, and it should come with starch holes to sprinkle. This prevents the rice from being soggy and helps you to make idlis and momos therein.

Cool Touch Handle

The heat-resistant cool-touch handle can have a strong and safe grip so that you can easily bring it around and serve. This also stops you from burning your hands when you prepare or serve rice. So this is an essential safety feature that the rice cooker ought to have.

Water Level Indicator

The water level indicator is also relevant, as it denotes the water-to-rice ratio needed during rice cooking. This gives you the right amount of water to add, so that the rice is perfectly cooked.


The product quality is also vitally significant. Only a product promising decent and high quality will work successfully and offer promising longevity.


This is one of the most critical aspects that must be considered before any purchase is made. This product is going to be a good investment, but you have to make sure that whatever price you pay for the product, you get the kind of value you paid for. If that doesn’t turn out to be the case then it’s a waste of time.


The weight of the product is also taken into account here as the product does not easily fall or get hurt. The result should be lightweight and easy enough to bring without much

PROS & CONS of Electric Rice Cookers

Below are some advantages and disadvantages of using rice cookers at home or restaurant:

Pros of Electric Rice Cookers

There are many reasons why they use rice cookers. They speed up the whole process of cooking rice, making it user friendly. The following are some of the reasons you should buy rice cookers:

  • They are simple to use and provide more accurate rice/water ratio measurements.
  • Effectively they cook rice without undercooking or overcooking it.
  • Some rice cooker models allow the consumer to cook different rice varieties including brown rice and white rice.
  • Some versions have a keep-warm feature that keeps the rice warm before it is served, even after the cooking is done.
  • During cooking, they don’t need regular monitoring to decide whether the process is finished or not.

Cons of Electric Rice Cookers

Nothing is perfect and rice cookers have their downsides just like every other product. Even though they are easy to use, you can find a bit of deficiency in them for certain reasons. The following are some of the reasons why:

  • Some models are very big and voluminous, and they need enough room in the kitchen which can often be lacking.
  • Some rice varieties like brown rice do not cook effectively in some rice cooker models.
  • Often deciding the size of the cooker to purchase can be a challenge for certain people.

Pressure Cooker vs Electric Rice Cooker

These two devices use steam to cook up food. The resemblance does end there, however. A rice cooker has an outer case with a heating pad or coil, an inner pot, and a lid. Extra parts like a steaming basket or a simple tofu maker might or may not come along.

In the rice cooker, the heating unit heats up the liquid with the water, allowing it to evaporate and turn to steam. Afterward, the rice absorbs the hot liquid and becomes fluffy. This explains why, after the rice is cooked, the liquid added to the rice cooker “disappears”

On the other hand, a pressure cooker comes with parts identical to those of a rice cooker but with some variations. A pressure cooker has a pressure sensor and a sealable or lockable lid. Normally, the lid has a rubber coating to prevent vapor from escaping. It helps the cooker to lift and sustain the amount of pressure within the pot. Since the combination of heat and pressure, it cooks the food more quickly than traditional pots.

Types of Best Rice Cookers

You’ll be shocked how electric rice cookers developed and have four versions now. See the list below to help you pick which will suit your needs.

Standard cookers for rice.

This is the cheapest kind. This is easy to operate, just add the rice and water and click ON. When cooking is finished it will turn to warm mode automatically. This comes with a reversible belt, a non-stick cooking pan, and in various sizes.

Improved cookers for rice.

It just adds some changes to the normal form from the word itself and allows you to do some extra things. These items are: they each have settings for cooking different types of rice, steam functionality, digital timer, and additional functions for heat heating.

Rice Cookers multifunction.

It boasts its flexibility with plenty to choose from in rice cooking environments. This is likely because an advanced control system is being used. Typically it has a digital monitor and delay settings such as extended processes for heating and reheating.

Heat cookers for rice induction.

Induction Heat Rice CookerThis is the king of all styles and a cooking appliance of high-tech quality. This being said, this is the most expensive kind of electric rice cookers. This constantly enhances rice, as it creates a magnetic field that heats the pot quickly and evenly. It has options for digital and multifunction control.

Now, let’s move on to the stuff that you need to consider when deciding which electric rice cooker to go for.

Final Words

I hope you like our article on Best Electric Rice Cookers in India. Let us know in comment section, which one you like the most from above list.

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