Best Drill Machines For Home Use in India

Here you find reviews and buying guide of Best Drill Machines in India.

Drilling machines are familiar among the people working in the construction field. But it can be utilised in home as for many improvements and repairing of the many things. You can get this drilling machine various sizes and shapes. Manually controlled and computer- based drilling machines are also available in the market. It is your duty to make the wise choice and utilise your money efficiently.

This drilling machines can help you in your DIY projects for screwing and assembling the components all by yourself. You can save your money and time by using the drilling machine for supporting you while working. The drilling machines now in the market are available with different additional features.

You will be looking for a drilling machine with high power, maximum additional features and which is affordable to everyone. We are suggesting you the best drilling machines with desirable features to fulfill your requirements.

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Best Drill Machines in India

1. Bosch 500W 10 RE Professional Tool kit

Bosch 500W 10 RE Professional Tool kit

Bosch is a well-known name in the industry and assures you with high quality products. This drilling machine will be a great help for you while repairing or fixing your household furniture. You can also this to drill holes in the pictures, DIY projects or in toys.

The design of the drilling machine in such a way that it will be easy for the user to use and to maintain. This drilling machine consumes only less power and works efficiently.

There are more attachments coming along with the product which can be a help for you to do various tasks without putting much effort. The product can be used in different modes in different directions.


  • The product comes with functionality in both forward and backward direction.
  • The input wattage to the drilling machine is 500 watts and the output power is 250 watts.
  • The machine is designed with an ergonomic handle and has efficiency in working.
  • The drilling machine can be used as multiple equipment like hammer, drill and screwdriver.

2. Black and Decker Reversible Hammer Drill Machine

Black and Decker Reversible Hammer Drill Machine

This is one among the leading sellers in the market. This reversible drilling machine is very useful for DIY projects, to fix furniture, for drilling holes and many other functions. The product comes with an ergonomic grip and is lightweight so easy to handle.

The product doesn’t give you much strain or stress even if you work with it for long time. The drilling machine comes along with many additional accessories for fulfilling many other requirements.

The drilling speed of the machine can be monitored continuously. The product also has an insulated shockproof plastic body. It helps you in repairing most of the furniture and is useful to everyone.


  • The drilling machine has other functions like rotation and hammering action.
  • The product is made with ergonomic handle which has grip.
  • The drilling machine has reverse function.
  • The machine is used for multi-purposes and can be used in wood, metal, or in steel.

3. Bosch GSB RE 450W Drill Machine Kit

Bosch GSB RE 450W kit

The drilling machine comes with multi- functions like drilling works for plumbing, carpentry and also for commercial crafting in various places. The handle is comfortable and easy to hold due to the grip it provides for long time applications.

You can easily switch between reverse and forward mode with one click. The reverse button helps in removing the machine the surface after drilling. This product has a good customer review which ensures the quality of the product.

The product is the best choice to everyone due to its ergonomic design and also easy handling ability. The machine is affordable to all as the rate is according to the standards. This drilling machine can also help you in drilling concrete.


  • The handle of the drilling machine is made ergonomically and with grip.
  • The drilling machine has lightweight feature and can be moved to anywhere according to the wish of the user.
  • The body of the drilling machine is made from steel and plastic material.
  • The product can be used for the fixing and repairing of household products.

4. Cheston Cordless Screwdriver Drill Machine

Cheston Cordless Screwdriver Drill Machine

This drilling machine is built with high quality and is easy to be carried around. The product is used for drilling wood, metal, concrete or brick. The machine is compatible to everything. The product is designed ergonomically with shockproof nature.

The drilling machine is easy to handle as the product is lightweight and also it operates efficiently. The handle can withstand the pressures as it is made with grip. It assures good torque values and has high operational speed.

This product has a wide range of applications with an efficient battery life. The product comes with integrated LED which provides lighting. The indicator light incorporated with the product shows the battery life.


  • The product comes with an indicator for showing the battery life.
  • The front LED provides sufficient lighting while working.
  • The drilling machine has a good torque and also rotational ability.
  • The ergonomic grip handle has soft padding which helps you without slipping.

5. iBell Cordless Driver Drill

iBell Cordless Driver Drill

The drilling machine comes with an ergonomic design and at affordable rate. The product is a good choice for people for easy installation and building applications. It is used in drilling out wood, metal and concrete surfaces.

The product is made with a plastic body and with handle which has grip to prevent slipping. The machine can be used for wide range of applications. In-built reverse mode prevents the overdriving of screws.

The drilling machine has two speed settings for speed controlling function. This function is helpful for completing various drilling tasks. The product uses rechargeable battery and it has battery indicator at the bottom of the handle.


  • The product has high capacity and efficiency for drilling functions.
  • The machine has two speed settings which adjust the speed of various drilling purposes.
  • The battery charge is indicated with the help of light at the handle of the machine.
  • Auto- chuck is present and also high torque is provided for the applications.

6. Khadija HI-MAX Drill Machine

Khadija HI-MAX Drill Machine

The drilling machine has multi-drilling speed settings which helps in the efficient working. This machine can be used for drilling purposes at home and for repairs. The product can be used for drilling through fibre, plastic, wood, aluminium and many more.

The body of the drilling machine is made by the solid plastic material and the handle is designed with good grip for preventing the slipping of the machine while using. The drilling is done with perfection and doesn’t cause any damage to the appliances or material surfaces.

The machine provides high operational torque and speed for the effective working of the machine. The trigger switch helps in maintaining the speed of the drilling machine at a constant rate.


  • The product is offers affordable price for the consumers.
  • Trigger on or off switch helps in maintaining the speed of the drilling machine at a constant.
  • The body of the product is made up of solid plastic which has an ergonomic handle to provide grip.
  • The drilling machine has both forward and reverse action.
  • Speed regulation feature is added to the product for speed controlling applications.

7. Foster FPD-010A Pistol Grip Drill Machine

Foster FPD-010A Pistol Grip Drill Machine

The drilling machine is efficient and made such that it is affordable to all. The design is made ergonomic and the handle has grip to prevent slipping while working with it. It has several other accessories which helps to act to perform other functions.

It is good to be used for drilling wood deeply without damaging the material. The machine helps greatly in repairing and assembling of the furniture. It can also be used to drill concrete surfaces.

The product comes with a high-speed motor which provides a good operational speed. This will suit you well in your household for repairing and fixing the things.


  • The handy pistol grip prevents the slipping of the drilling machine while working.
  • The product is lightweight and has an efficient motor working to provide the maximum operational speed.
  • The machine is affordable to all.
  • The product features reverse motion as an added advantage.

8. Generic SK1308 Drill Machine

Generic SK1308 Drill Machine

This drilling machine is perfect for drilling holes and a good choice for the repairing works at home. The body of the product is made with good quality plastic and steel for good maintenance. The drilling machine efficiently operates at high speed.

The semi-metal body of the toolkit is meant for long term use of the product. The machine comes with additional accessories of 41 piece screw driver kit for serving other functionalities. The storage box which is compactly designed makes the carrying of the tool box easy.

You can use this product for repairing, fixing and for DIY projects at home. The drilling can be done on surfaces like wood but not on metal surface using this drilling machine.


  • This drilling machine is a perfect choice for drilling holes and comes with additional set of 41 piece of screw drivers.
  • The body of the machine is made lightweight with shockproof feature.
  • The drilling can be carried out easily using this machine.
  • The machine body is made semi-metal for long term usage.

9. Bosch GSR120-Li Cordless Drill Driver

Bosch GSR120-Li Cordless Drill Driver

This drilling machine is a replacement for the traditional carpenters. You can use this machine for DIY projects, wood and many other applications. It is one among the best cordless drilling machines which has the LED illuminator which lights the dark situation.

The product works using a rechargeable battery which is a benefit as there is no need for replacing them frequently. The drilling machine has pistol handle which provides grip to prevent slipping of the machine while working.

You can increase or decrease the speed of the drilling according to your requirement. The rotary levels and torque applications can be manipulated by the user. The product provides you a comfortable working environment.


  • The product operates with high torque and produce a good speed level.
  • The speed settings can be controlled by the user according to the requirement.
  • The drilling machine has handle, which helps to prevent the slipping of the equipment while on work.
  • The accessories are changed to different for different functions.

10. Black and Decker EPC12K2 12Volts Cordless Drill

Black and Decker EPC12K2 12Volts Cordless Drill

This drilling machine which is compactible is easy to handle and store. The product is cordless and with extra accessories for performing other functions. Multi-torque clutch is an added feature to this drilling machine which helps in effective drilling of materials.

The machine has various speed control limits for variety of requirements. The battery used here is Ni-Cd battery which can be easily replaced at necessary conditions. The ergonomically designed handle fits your hands easily which helps in preventing the lose of control over the grip while working.

This can be used for drilling woods, metals and similar materials. Extra battery backup is given to the product for long term use. Reverse functioning is also possible in this drilling machine.


  • Speed varying is possible according to the requirement of the user.
  • Forward and reverse mode is present in the working of this drilling machine.
  • The battery backup is large and has a good quality.
  • Can be used to drill any kind of materials like wood, metal and others.

Best Drill Machine Brand in India

It is difficult for a beginner to determine which drilling machine to go for as everything looks the same overall. The drilling machine brand came into picture at that time. The better the brand and the more popular the better warranty and the service you can expect after sale. Below are some of India’s best brands of drilling machines (the list is in no specific order):

1. Bosch

Bosch Ltd is a supplier of auto parts, based in India. The organization has its presence in three industry sectors including Automotive Technology, Industrial Technology and Consumer Goods and Construction Technology. We manufacture and export goods as varied as fuel injection systems for diesel and gasoline, automotive aftermarket goods, automotive electrics, special purpose devices, packaging devices, electrical power equipment, and protection systems.

2. Black and Decker

The Black & Decker Company is the world’s largest maker of power tools and accessories — and is the corporation most responsible for developing the post-World War II power tool consumer market. Black & Decker (B&D) is also the world’s leading maker of electric lawn and garden products, specialist fastening devices, glass container making equipment, steel golf club shafts and protective equipment (locks and locksets). The company is also North America’s largest full-line manufacturer of small-household appliances. B&D goods are marketed in over 100 countries, and are produced in 14 countries’ plants.

3. Cheston

Established in 2017, Cheston Industries has made a well-recognized reputation as an Air Blower, Drill Machine, Drill Bit Pack, Glue Melting Gun maker, wholesaler, and distributor, etc. We gained expertise in catering to our customers’ needs exactly as per their specifications. We emphasize rigorous quality standards to ensure that the goods provided to our customers are always satisfactory to their satisfaction.

4. Khadija

Khadija Traders is a Dubai-based company mainly selling building materials, equipment, and other items related to building. Currently the most affordable 800W motor and 26-mm Drill bit support hammer drill machine is from this company. The Khadija Tiger 800W driller is one of the strongest drill hammer machines under 5000 Rupees. This hammer drilling machine, thanks to its powerful motor, can easily drill a hole in a concrete roof, wall and even on a sheet of metal.

Buyer’s guide for purchasing Drilling machine

There are many factors that should be considered while buying the drilling machines for using at your homes to reduce the use of carpenters what we do traditionally. Some of them are:

Types of drills – Various types of drills are there:

  • Drill drivers: drills hole and also functions as screwdrivers.
  • Combination drills: these machines possess triple functionality including drilling, used as screwdrivers and for hammer drill.
  • Rotary hammer drills: these drills are used for heavy works like those in concrete or masonry.
  • Hammer drills: they are advanced drilling machines used for heavy works like drilling through hard rocks or for masonry.
  • Cordless and corded drills: Cordless drills are convenient to use as there will not be interference of extra wires. Battery life and capacity will be more for corded ones. You will require to keep extra battery while using cordless equipment.

Chuck- the chuck comes in different types and shapes, which is an important part of the drilling machine. Choose according to your need.

Size and weight- the drilling machine is available in variety of shapes and sizes. Lightweight compatible for using at home and bulky can be used for heavy works.

Reverse feature- look for this feature while you buy this product otherwise it will get stuck at the surface while working.

Drill kit- while you buy the kit, look for additional functionalities which you need to get fulfilled. Choose the product with more accessories for performing various tasks.

Warranty- this is required to replace the product if any error occurs at the working of the machine.

Price- choose the drilling machine which suits your budget and don’t go for low quality products.

How Drill Machine Works?

You can learn from below video about the working of drilling machines (Unscrew and Screw):


The drilling machines are necessary to fix or repair the things at household or for DIY projects. Choosing the best drill machines in India which can fulfil all your requirements is the hectic task you will have to face while purchasing the drilling machine. Go through this manual to get an idea about this.

When you go to buy the product select the product which can suit your budget. Drilling machines used for household and other heavy works are different when we compare the features. Best quality drill machines are available at lower prices.

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