10 Best Body Massager in India


The hectic life of the 21st century means that people get more exhausted nowadays. Intense physical and mental exertion results in extreme tiredness that gets carried over to the next day. This often affects the quality of work done and the volume of results produced. While mental weariness can be alleviated by hobbies and entertainment, physical weariness requires more effort to overcome. That is not all. The widespread epidemic of obesity and related disorders due to sedentary lifestyles, faulty food habits and lack of exercise has pushed many of us to hit the gym. Due to busy schedules, often,the only time we get is before or after school, college or work. This means that we must either go to our institute or organisation with a tired body, or work out after a long day’s work.

The best thing to do in these cases is to somehow relax our sore muscles and rejuvenate ourselves by increasing blood flow to the different parts of our body. And there is no better way to do that than with a refreshing massage. Unfortunately,not all of us able to afford daily spas or even have the time to add another appointment to our already cramped day. So we try the next best thing – a body massager.

Body massagers are an innovative way to get those juices flowing and give that much-needed relaxation to our stiff muscles. It is with this very thing in mind that brands across the world are now directing their brains towards creating the most scientific methods to massage the body,to give maximum relief in the shortest span of time. Based on this, there are a number of different types of body massagers in the market. To understand which type is best for your needs, take a look at the buying guide given below.

How to Choose the Right Body Massager for You

A body massager is one of the best investments you can make, directed towards your health, wellness and self-care. So, to ensure that it actually accomplishes that, you must make sure that you are buying the right product that will suit you and the needs of your body. As such, a buying guide will help determine all the parameters to be considered when making such a buy.

#1. Type of Body Massagers

Body massagers are of so many different types, it is easy to feel lost. If you do not know which type serves which purpose, it is easy to end up buying one that does nothing for you. Let us expand further on this.

Body massagers can be classified according to agent or tool they use to relax the muscles. The most common types have a bumped massage-head that moves or rotates to give the feeling of an actual hand massage. Vibrators, as the name suggests, vibrates the part of the body in contact with it to relax it. Infrared massagers use IR to heat up the muscles and increase blood circulation and energy breakdown in the region to remove the tired and sore feeling. Electric therapy massagers flex and relax muscles using light electric pulses.

Massagers can also be categorised according to the movement they deploy. The Shiatsu technique uses an old Japanese full body massage technique that stimulates energy channels across the body, by pressing specific points, jumpstarting the nervous, circulatory, lymphatic and endocrine systems to help the body self-heal.

If you have read “The Yellow Emperor’s Cure”, you will make the connection. This is somewhat similar to acupressure, which has a Chinese origin, but differ from Shiatsu in using moving pressure and being more localised. Acupressure massagers are therefore smaller in size. Massagers may use the kneading, knocking or tapping technique, which, true to their name, massages using pressured rolling movements, gentle taps or deeper pressures respectively.

#2. Design

The design of the massager greatly determines how you use it. A well-designed, ergonomic massager should be able to reach difficult parts easily, its operation should be lucid and it should be sturdy. The message heads should not be uncomfortable against your body and should not cause abrasion. It should also be easy to hold and store.

#3. Versatility

A good massager should be versatile in that it should come with multiple massage heads, so that we can get different types of massage in one device only. It should have different speed settings, while vibrators should additionally have different vibration intensity settings, due to be used according to need and comfort.

#4. Weight and Portability

If a massager is too heavy, it will be inconvenient and burdensome to hold it out on different parts of the body. Also, if you are looking to carry the massager with you everywhere, it is best to go for a light and and sleek design.

#5. Usage

Some are full body massagers that either massage the whole body at once, or are suitable to be used one body part at a time over the whole body. Massagers may also be more specialised, made especially to relieve the tension in one part only like the head, back, feet, etc.

#6. Budget

Budget is a big consideration when looking for massagers. The price bracket ranges from below 1000 to several lakhs. Know your need and splurge according to your necessity and budget only.

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Top Body Massagers in India 2019

The Indian population are obsessed with insane working hours and workloads. It is but natural that there is a dire need for good quality body massagers in every household. Below is a list compiled especially to suit the Indian demography of 2019.

1. Dr Physio USA Electric Full Body Massager

Dr Physio USA Electric Full Best Body Massager

Even though it is an American product, the Dr Physio hand-held electric massager is the most popular one among Indians. It has four interchangeable massage heads for different functionality. It provides deep tissue relaxation which helps to speed up message recovery. The manipol body massager is ideal for usage all over the body, especially the neck and back. It claims to cure a number of somatic and psychological disorders like anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, headaches, stress-related insomnia, myofascial pain syndrome, soft tissue strains and sports injuries as well as in boosting immunity. It creates different levels of pressure to replicate the Shiatsu method of massaging. Its non-slip handle, light weight and convenient design ensures that you can manoeuvre it easily around your body to reach those tough spots,without fearing damage due to falling.

  • It has four massage heads – wave massage, dead skin removal head, scraping and rolling heads.
  • This can be used all over the body.
  • It has a strong, long-lasting motor.
  • Its proactive fabric covering makes it easy to just zip on and off to clean or replace.
  • It also helps in fat burning and skin tightening.
  • It comes with a one year warranty, extendable free of cost by six months with registration on the manufacturer’s website within 15 days.

2. Lifelong LLM180 Electric Hand-held Full Body Massager

Lifelong LLM180 Electric Hand-held Full Body Massager

This hand-held, full-body, percussion massager is perfect for a full body massage at home. It has four message heads, that can be changed and used for different levels of relaxation. The massager has a dual function – it not only relieves pain but also enhances blood circulation for quick rejuvenation of sore muscles. The long handle with textured top helps you comfortably get to harder areas like the lower and upper back or under the arms. Just like its predecessor, this too can help in fat loss and toning of high adipose and cellulite areas like hips, thighs and buttocks, chest and belly area. The body massager relieves stress and can even correct digestive issues.

  • It has four massage heads – flat, wavy, ball and scraping, multiple speed settings.
  • It is powered by a high efficiency, long-lasting copper motor that operates at 220V.
  • Its body is made of ABS plastic and TPR material and it comes with a mesh cover, that help provide durability.
  • The long, grip-friendly handle and 1.6m long cord fives greater reach to the far-away regions of the body.
  • It can be used for the whole body.

3. Dr Physio (USA) Electric Heat Shiatsu Machine Body Massagers

dr physio (usa) electric heat shiatsu machine body massager

Dr Physio brings a revolutionary Shiatsu kneading deep muscle relaxer that is much better than its counterparts due to its unique, belt-like design. It uses a two-pronged method to counter muscle pain, tension and tightness. The rotating massage nodes free up the tightened muscle fibres while the warmth from its infrared bulbs help to heal the muscles from fatigue and soreness. It employs an optimum, continuous temperature of 45°C gives long-lasting relief to injuries and improves recovery time. The heat therapy is guaranteed to help you reach REM sleep quicker, which is the sleep that rests the body and mind. The innovative design is made especially so you don’t have to put in any extra effort to massage every single part of without you having to hold it there for a long time. It is lightweight, and holding is made ecven easier by the sleeves at the ends.

  • It is ideal for neck, belly, waist and legs, but also works perfectly well in other parts.
  • Its eight heatable kneading knobs with changeable direction of movement combine the best of both modern IR therapy and the ancient Shiatsu technique.
  • It is very easy to operate , with simple buttons for instant configuration.
  • The breathable multilayer mesh body prevents uncomfortable sweating when using the IR setting.
  • It comes with a heat protection smart chip to with 15 minutes auto-timing to prevent burnouts.
  • This comes with free charger and adapter, one for home or office and one for car, that sets operating voltage range at 110-240V.
  • It comes with a standard one year warranty, extendable by six months on registration at the manufacturer’s website within 15 days of purchase.

4. Dr Physio (USA) Eva Cordless Rechargeable Personal Body Wand Massager Machine

Dr Physio (USA) Eva Cordless Rechargeable Personal Body Wand Massager Machine

Lookwise, anyone will say that its cordless operation is its USP, making it truly portable and hand-held. But convenience is not its only advantage. You will be surprised to hear that this compact vibrator packs in 28 vibration modes and eight speed intensities, that gives the user superior control over the kind of massage they want. That is not all. It is also water resistant, a feature that eluded the previous contenders in the list. The soft, bendable silicon head adds another dimension to the salience. The 360° usable head makes it perfect for use in the corners and edges like crook of the neck, underneath the feet, curve of the back and so on. It is operated easily with the help of indicator buttons in the front, and works very quietly.

  • Twenty-eight vibration modes and eight speeds give a massive number of choices of massage intensity by permutation and combination.
  • The body is made of soft silicon in a honeycomb design that makes it soft, stimulating and bendable, while making it water-proof.
  • It comes with a USB charging cord, with the port having a water-tight seal.
  • Massager is cordless, compact and portable.
  • It can be used all over the body to reduce soreness, relax muscles and stimulate blood flow.
  • It comes with a one year warranty, which, like all Dr Physio products, can be extended by six months on registration at the manufacturer’s website within 15 days.

5. Ozomax BL-182-PR Pro Massage Apparatus

Ozomax BL-182-PR Pro Massage Apparatus

Many people tend to prefer Ozomax over other products, because of one very special feature – it comes with 17 attachable massage heads, each of which serve a different purpose and gives a different type of relaxation according to the body part you are using it on. The motor is a powerful one, but provides only two speed settings, which is somewhat a compromise due to the large number of massage heads. The massage heads get attached to the massager body via a magnetic head. The ergonomic design and light weight are bonuses for easy, hand-held use.

  • The first feature is of course the 17 attachable massage heads for different parts of the body, that come with the massager for a truly customizable experience.
  • It can be used all over the body, and gives muscle relaxation, relief from pain and reinvigorated blood circulation.
  • It is only 730g in weight, and thus, not too heavy on the hand.
  • The design of the massager body is grip-friendly, with grooves for the fingers.
  • The body is robust in design.
  • Power specifications are 220 V AC and 50-60Hz.

6. HealthSense Toner-Pro HM210 Electric Hand-held Body Massager

HealthSense Toner-Pro HM210 Electric Hand-held Body Massager

The look of the HealthSense toner-massager is as premium as it gets. This is achieved by manufacturing the body with ABS and TPR material. It is powered by a heavy-duty, efficient, coper-wired motor that delivers the best service for a long time. We can deduce right from the title that not only does this help release the tension from the muscles, it also helps melt fat and tone the problem areas of the body that exercise just cannot help. Its four attachable massage heads perform different functions according to the user’s needs. A salient feature of this massager is thatinstead of buttons, it uses a knob system for greater control over the speed that the massager is giving. The four high precision gauge sensors produces accurate results with a 0.2lb/3oz resolution.

  • It has a dual function of massager as well as weight-loss toner.
  • The functions of its four massage heads are weight loss by the flat head, acupressure by the wavy one, oil massage with the ball one and dead cell scrub removal by the microfiber one.
  • A mesh cover is provided to prevent dirt and hair from getting trapped in the inner parts.
  • It comes with a 1.6m long cord and ergonomic grip for convenient operation.
  • The unique knob control gives a large number of speed settings.
  • Manufacturer provides a one year warranty.

7. Dr Physio (USA) Electric Hammer Pro Body Massager

Dr Physio (USA) Electric Hammer Pro Body Massager

This Dr Physio body massager has been created keeping in mind those users suffering from pain and stress, who have difficulty reaching certain body parts like the back, foot, nape of the neck and so on. This is accomplished with the help of the extra-long handle. The handle is lined with a strong, slip-resistant rubber grip that makes sure handling and using is extremely comfortable. This massager provides powerful massaging via its double heads. It comes with three pairs of attachable message heads for treating different types of conditions. The percussion massage pillow is just perfect for pain relief and fatigue therapy. Its build is specifically suited to deep tissue message and enhancing blood circulation. It uses a slider for settings control instead of buttons for easier operation.

  • It is a twin headed massager.
  • The massage head can be attached with three types of heads – ball, bump and dense needle.
  • It is run by a powerful motor that can reach up to 3,350 pulses per minute.
  • The speed and intensity of the massager can be custom controlled.
  • Streamlined body with curved neck, long handle and non-slip grip makes it easy-to-use.
  • The product is given a one year standard guarantee with six months extension on registration at manufacturer’s website within 15 days of purchase.

8. Weltime 8 in 1 Digital Therapy Machine Full Body Massager

Weltime 8 in 1 Digital Therapy Machine Full Body Massager

The best way to describe this massager is as a digital, electropulse therapy machine. It has seven different therapeutic modes, which when used in the right combination and for the correct duration, can help achieve optimum levels of health as per Chinese medical model. It can be used in any part of the body, and provides relief from pains, aches, stress and weariness of muscles and joints. But over and above that,it combines modern technology with ancient Chinese wisdom to help in healing frozen shoulder, end neural paralysis, neuralgia, shank ache, whole body fatigue, stomach ache, bad cold, cervical vertebra neck ache, arthritis, toothache, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, energy failure, weak sexual ability, irregular menstruation and various various acute chronic diseases.

  • It operates through four electrodes and a digital display controller.
  • The massager is based on electric pulse therapy.
  • The display shows strength, mode, function, treatment time and body meridian chart.
  • Its seven modes of function are stroke, massage, acupuncture, manipulation, scrapping, capping, weight reducing, hypnogenesis, adjust BP and immunotherapy.
  • The small size makes it comact and portable.

9. Dealsure Dolphin Handheld Massager with Vibration, Magnetic, Far Infrared Therapy

Dealsure Dolphin Handheld Massager with Vibration, Magnetic, Far Infrared Therapy

The first thing that catches your eye about this massager is its funky dolphin design. This massager can be used anywhere in the body to quicken the release of endorphins to relieve pain.It also helps reduce muscle stiffness, soothe soreness abd alleviate stress. Its massage heads are specially designed not only to address physical fatigue, but also increase blood circulation throughout the body and stimulates nerve ends and brain points by reflexology therapy to combat anxiety,depression, fatigue, poor memory and drowsiness. It also helps boost immunity and metabolic rates of the body. The massage head is coupled with an infrared lamp that warms the sore sinews to make them relax. The streamlined body comes with an easy grip that retains functionality while looking pretty.

  • The massage heads provided are concave, single bump and multi-bump.
  • It has a large button for control that makes its operation easy to understand.
  • The streamlined body provides anti-skid hold for easy maneuvering.
  • It has an IR lamp along with the massage heads for extra relief.
  • The massager is highly durable and efficient.

10. Jsb Mz16 Full Body Massage Chair

Jsb Mz16 Full Body Massage Chair

This is a class apart in that it is a full body massage chair and not a hand-held one. This chair is the epitome of comfort and fatigue relief, stuffed with features to refresh the user entirely. It provides a full body massage, literally fro head to toe, and can be adjusted to give a snug fit to the user. It can provide five techniques of massaging, and even has five auto-modes for specific purposes. The user can even save two customised modes that he or she likes. Every massaging component can be individually controlled using the remote controller. The massager has a Zero Gravity mode for full body massage, and also has options for spot massage that targets to soothe particular locations in the body. The chair and footrest heights are adjustable to the user’s requirements and it can even be used for stretching exercises.

  • Its massaging tools include 14 massage rollers, stretching provision, extendible footrest, auto-programming, airbags and foot rollers, along with heat.
  • Its seven massaging functions are kneading, tapping, shiatsu, knock, air squeeze, thumping and wide roller coverage.
  • The auto-modes are ache relief, comfort, demo relax, upper body & lower body.
  • It gives both full body massaging and spot massaging.
  • There are six sets of airbags for six main body regions.
  • Massage rollers, foot rollers and thermal therapy is combined for the perfect spa feeling.
  • One year on-site doorstep warranty is provided with AMC facility.

Comparison of Top Body Massagers

Product Yay Nay
Dr Physio USA Electric Full Body Massager Compact and sturdy Heavy
Lifelong LLM180 Electric Hand-held Full Body
Easy grip Too large
Dr Physio (USA) Electric Heat Shiatsu Machine
Body Massager
Handless operation Less durable
Dr Physio (USA) Eva Cordless Rechargeable
Personal Body Wand Massager Machine
Portable and compact,
Confusing control settings
Ozomax BL-182-PR Pro Massage Apparatus Large number of massage heads Few speed settings
HealthSense Toner-Pro HM210 Electric Hand-held Body Massager Anti-ageing IR light, seamless
speed transition
Easily accumulates dust and lint
Dr Physio Electric Hammer Pro Massager Double-headed for extra relief Bulky
Weltime 8 in 1 Digital Therapy Machine More effective than mechanical
and IR therapy
Less robust
Dealsure Dolphin Hand-held Massager Great look Rattling sound
Jsb Mz16 Full Body Massage Chair All-round relief Costly


Body massagers make for great investments, especially if you are hardly finding time to relax in life. But make sure that the one you are buying is therapeutically sound and will not do you more harm than good. It is best to research the prospective buy well, from customer reviews to blog assessments. This will not only help you ascertain whether the massager is right for you, but also if it is durable, easily controllable, functional, versatile and handy. Price is also a major point to consider. This buying guide should help you take most of the essential decisions regarding which body massager is best for you to use.



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