Best AC Brands in India

Many customers in India are still searching for the best ac brands because 70% still trust the brand value. In other words, customers rely significantly more on AC than on the product itself. Around 30 percent of customers, however, prefer a great combination of hardware technology, regardless of the brand of AC output.

Big brands have continued to boost their standard of commercial air conditioners since 2012 to gain customer confidence. The rivalry between the brands helps customers in a very indirect way. The rivalry also annually reduces the AC sale price, allowing middle-class families to purchase an inexpensive and best AC.

In this post, we covered up some of India’s best AC brands which are creative, affordable, and cost-effective. These all brands are available in 1, 1.5, 2 TON with 3 / 5 STAR Ratings. Let’s kick-off.

Best AC Brands in India

Hitachi AC Brand

Hitachi Ltd. is a Japanese brand, which started as an electric motor company in 1910. By then, Hitachi has developed as one of the Asia region’s largest brand of air conditioner manufacturing. Hitachi provides high efficiency and reliable AC with a number of air-conditioning models.

Why do you pick Hitachi?

  • When you are looking for company with premium AC.
  • If you can afford a price tag that’s small.
  • If you need an AC machine which is efficient and long running.
  • If you’re looking to buy award winning smart ac.

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Voltas AC Brand

Voltas Ltd. is an Indian company which currently has the nation’s largest market share of home air conditioning. According to MoneyControl’s survey, Voltas dominates 23 percent of the Indian market, followed in Q3 FY 2018 by LG (16 percent) and Blue Star (12 percent). The explanation for the growth of Voltas in India is that they know exactly what the Indian customers are looking for in an AC. Voltas Ltd. currently provides the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, with an air cooling facility, which is reason enough to trust this brand.

Why do you pick Voltas?

  • Wide range of low to high budget ACs.
  • Quite cheap AC with value ranked highly ISEER.
  • The country’s highest number of service centres.
  • Number one of India’s most respected AC marques.

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Carrier AC Company

It is an American company best known for creating the world’s first air-conditioner. Carrier is already one of the biggest global leaders at the moment and is very likely to develop in the Indian market. You may not have seen commercials or anything about this brand name, but in fact, Carrier does manufacture AC products of world-class. We are so impressed by this brand that it is our number one choice as India’s best inverter ac by 2020.

Why do you pick Carier?

  • Premium models of Hybridjet air conditioners (means the quickest refreshment).
  • The life of the other labels is slightly longer than 60 per cent.
  • Uses less fuel than any other AC fabricator.

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Blue Star AC Brand

Blue Star is a multinational supplier of AC that operates in North America, Asia, the UK and India. In the quick five years Blue Star is capable of doing great innovation. Blue Star adopts innovations such as precision cooling, dual rotation, climate control and brushless motor that improve the overall quality of the product. Over the past few years, Blue Star has increased its revenue by 40%, which is a surprisingly good record.

Why do you pick BlueStar?

  • The AC unit is built with care for the hot Indian climate.
  • Fast installation and excellent support for after-sales.

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Daikin and Lloyd AC Brands

Daikin and Lloyd are the two companies going into India’s AC market share. Combining the two, they share 22 per cent of the consumer industry interest (11 per cent for both). Havells India Ltd. owns Lloyd which makes it a national brand; but Daikin is a multinational Japanese corporation.

In terms of efficiency, Daikin ACs are generally much better than Lloyd AC. However, the Lloyd AC’s improvement in the last two years has been significant. The main difference between these two companies is that Daikin focuses mainly on HVAC (heat ventilation and air conditioning), while Lloyd focuses on all home electronic goods.

Why pick Lloyd or Daikin?

  • Select Daikin for better after-sales service.
  • If you choose to go with the Indian brand name select Lloyd.
  • All ACs are budget-friendly, and suitable for cooling.

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LG Brand AC

LG is an iconic brand name after Samsung and Nestle in India and in reality the third most popular brand. Regardless of its immense success, LG is India’s second largest air conditioning distribution firm (as of 2018). Like other brands, LG is slowly enhancing its level of service and of goods.

The company has introduced inverter compressor ACs which come with their Gold Fin technology and Himalayan Cool. These technologies are designed to increase the reliability of the product and optimize its performance by up to 30%. So nice job from LG. The only reason LG is at the top of our list is that they need more improvisation such as Voltas, Hitachi or Carrier to build a better AC eco-system.

Why are you chosing the LG?

  • If you want to go with one of the brands that have the most confidence.
  • LG provides decent cooling and savings with mid to high range AC.
  • Service centers are spread throughout the country, in all major cities.

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Samsung and Whirlpool AC Brand

Samsung and Whirlpool are India’s IT and technological giants; but they need to prove their expertise in the field of cooling. Some of the other factors is that they both companies ‘general price tag is higher than their rivals. Therefore customers are switching to other manufacturers. Samsung and Whirlpool are currently on our bottom list but who knows can come up high in the list of best AC Brands.

Why to select Samsung or Whirlpool?

  • If you can afford a brand name that is at a high price.
  • Offer a new, modern-looking AC that fits the interior of your home.

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