Best 2 Ton Split AC in India | Reviews & Buying Guide

Looking for the best 2 Ton Split AC for your home or workplace? Here I’ll mention Best 2 Ton 5 Star and Inverter Split air conditioners in this article.

A 2 Ton AC is ideal for the size of space ranging from 190 sq ft to 300 sq ft. If you intend to cool down your Sitting Room, Hall or Large Office with a Split Air Conditioner, please check out the article below. I also mentioned the Top 1.5 Ton Air Conditioners and Best AC of 1 Ton.

Note: If you live in areas with regular power cuts or voltage fluctuations then using voltage stabilizers are recommended.

Best 2 TON Split AC in India

1. Hitachi RMC424EAEA 2-Ton Split Inverter AC

The Hitachi RMC424EAEA is the best inverter ac 2 ton which comes with an impressive 4.21 energy efficiency ratio and the AC is rated 4 Stars by BEE.

This Hitachi 2 Ton Inverter Air Conditioner comes with a Rotary compressor and a copper condenser. This Hitachi RMC424EAEA 2 Ton Split AC is not only effective in terms of energy but also robust.

The Hitachi RMC424EAEA is the best option when you’re looking for a 2 Ton AC for your living room or office. The Inverter Engineering AC can be used for long hours, and compared to a fixed speed AC there would be a significant amount of power savings.

With all the necessary features and excellent energy efficiency, this 2 Ton AC comes. Hitachi RMC424EAEA AC’s other features include kaimin rule, powerful mode, dry mode, and soft dry mode.
R-410A is the Refrigerant used in this Hitachi 2 Ton Inverter AC. R-410A has zero effect on the layer of ozone.

2. Blue Star 3CNHW24TAFU 2 Ton Inverter Split AC

bluestar best 2 ton ac india

This Blue Star, 2 Ton Inverter Split Air Conditioner comes with a Copper Condenser and Corrosion Safety Special Blue Fins. The EER value of this Blue Star 2 Ton Inverter Split AC is 3.98 The Blue Star 3CNHW24TAFU is the right option if you live in a corrosive area or close to the shore and are searching for a 2 Ton Split AC.

For this AC are installed seven types of Dust and Anti-Bacterial filters. Active Carbon Filters, Anti-Bacterial, Vitamin-C, Catechin, Silver Ion, Dust and Anti-Acarien filters are used to keep the air fresh indoors.

R-410A Refrigerant also comes with the Blue Star 3CNHW24TAFU AC. The Auto Mode, Dry Mode, Turbo Cooling, Self Diagnosis, Anti-Freeze Thermostat and I Feel technology are other features of this AC.

This Blue Star AC’s Inverter Rotary Compressor provides optimal cooling while using less fuel. That lets you save on your energy bills, naturally.

3. Panasonic CS-NU24WKYW Best 2 ton Split AC

Panasonic CS-NU24WKYW Best 2 ton Split AC

The Panasonic CS- is a split AC type of 2 Ton inverter that targets large homes and office spaces. For improved environment and corrosion resistance, the outdoor package of air conditioner is made using a combination of zinc, aluminum and magnesium alloy.

This 2-ton AC comes with a rotary inverter compressor which provides impressive cooling efficiency. This AC manages to cool the interiors considerably faster than other rivals in this market, even when the ambient outside temperature is high enough.

The process is very quiet because it has a rotary compressor. At a total energy consumption of 1850 W the 2 Ton Panasonic CS-NU24WKYW has a maximum cooling power of 6200 W. The Panasonic AC is fitted with a two-stage particulate filter to ensure breathable air quality coming out of the indoor unit. The first stage removes dangerous bacteria and the second PM 2.5 filter prevents the entry of dust and other particulate matter into the airflow.

The twin flaps on this AC that travel horizontally as well as vertically result in a 4-way airflow that allows the air to enter every nook and corner of the room evenly.

4. Godrej 2-Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC – GIC 24 MGP5-WRA

Godrej 2-Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC – GIC 24 MGP5-WRA

Godrej is a reputed air conditioner manufacturer based in India. This company has a huge reputation to stick to quality at all costs. Consequently, it has become India’s most trusted brand across a variety of products. The air conditioner is one of those excellent Godrej stable products.

This AC comes with green inverter technology that not only provides excellent efficiency and power savings but also ensures environmental security by reducing carbon emissions.

The Godrej AC comes with a separate copper- and aluminum alloy condenser. Hence, you have excellent capacity to dissipate heat. The anti-corrosive golden nanocoating ensures long condenser life, thereby improving the AC’s overall efficiency.

Because of the inclusion of the following four filters this AC provides the purest air:

  • Active carbon filter – eliminates bacteria and unwanted odors
  • Anti-bacterial filter – collects dust, pollen, spores, bacteria and viruses to provide 100% safety
  • Anti-dust filter – eliminates larger impurities such as dirt, animal dander, pollen and dust
  • Anti-microbial self-cleaning – prevents the development of harmful micro-organisms by holding the AC device dry.

Because of the 30 meter extended piping facility, installing the AC becomes simple. This AC uses R290 coolant. The refrigerant has the lowest potential for global warming, and zero risk for ozone depletion. The inclusion of the Multi-layered Acoustic Jacket for the compressor makes this AC a noiseless one. Often, it prevents damage to the compressor.

The twin rotary compressor has a larger rotational frequency to ensure faster cooling and increased performance along with reduced sound rates. The AC comes with a built-in voltage stabiliser to protect the AC against major voltage fluctuations. This AC works at voltage ranges from 160V to 280V.

5. LG 2 Ton 3 Star Dual Inverter Split AC (JS-Q24BPXA)

LG and Samsung Air Conditioners are priced at less than Hitachi, Daikin, Blue Star, Mitsubishi and General Air Conditioners. Yet, in India, they provide value for money and have a wide range of service centres.

The LG’s best 2 ton split inverter ac in India comes with Dual Rotary Compressor and R-410 A Coolant. BEE’s awarded this Inverter AC 3 Stars, and the ISEER rating is 3.70. As I have already described, a BEE 3 Star Based Inverter AC is more power efficient than a 5 Star AC fixed speed.

This LG 2 Ton Dual Inverter Split AC comes with Mosquito Removal technology repelling mosquitoes. There’s also a 3 M Micro Safety Filter that collects up to 0.3 microns of dust particles and keeps the indoor air clean and fresh.

In this LG 2 Ton AC, there’s a Plasmaster Ionizer which kills bacterium and other pollutants in the air. Lg JS-Q24BPXA comes on compressor with 5 Year warranty.

6. Voltas 245 Dyi 2 Ton 5 Star Split AC

Voltas 245 Dyi 2 Ton 5 Star Split AC

Voltas is among the top manufacturers of Indian ACs. You can opt for this Voltas model if you are looking for a Budget Friendly 2 Ton AC.

This Model comes with an environmentally friendly R-22 Refrigerant. In the coming years the R-22 models will also be banned. Better buying an AC which comes with R-290, R-32, R-410A.

This Voltas 2 Ton Split AC is rated 5 Stars by BEE and is made of Alloy i.e., the Condenser coil used in this AC. Aluminum. Aluminum. However, this AC features hydrophilic aluminum bluefin which protects the condenser from moisture and moisture. The Hydrophilic Blue Fin is an outstanding tool for corrosion prevention.

The Voltas 245 Dyi 2 Ton Split AC’s energy-efficiency ratio is 3.55. The Auto Swing, Sleep mode, Anti-Dust Filter, Anti-Bacterial Filter and Sleep mode are other features of this AC.

The Voltas 245 Dyi 2 Ton Split air conditioner comes on the compressor with 1 Year Service Warranty and 5 Years.

7. LG 2-Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC-KSQ24ENXA

LG 2-Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC-KSQ24ENXA

LG is a household name in India with at least one LG product in each home. One of LG’s most popular items is the air conditioner. It comes filled with some of the world’s best apps.

One of the highlights of the LG air conditioners is the Auto Clean feature which prevents bacteria, viruses and molds from spreading. This means you keep breathing clean and safe air all the time. The LG AC units come with other notable features, in addition to this special feature.

The Dual Cool Technology and the Himalayan Cool technology combine to have the ultimate in refrigeration in the shortest possible time. And you get excellent efficiency with energy savings.

Essential elements of the AC are the evaporator coils. This LG AC comes in the form of Ocean Black safety with excellent safety for those coils. This function protects the coils from corrosive substances, such as salt, water, smoke and other contaminants.

The copper condenser coils ensure the highest heat dissipation rate thus enhancing the AC efficiency. The inclusion of Gold Fin technology to protect the coils from corrosion ensures the appliance’s extended lifetime.

8. Carrier 2 Ton 3 Star Split AC – (24 K Ester 3 Star, Copper)

Carrier is an American-based AC producer and Carrier 24 K Ester is one of India’s best-selling AC’s. This rated BEE 3 Star Carrier AC is Budget Friendly, and comes with a Copper Condenser. If your AC consumption is heavy, you can opt for an AC quality Inverter AC or BEE 5 Star.

Other features of the Carrier 2 Ton 3 Star Split AC include I 2.5 Filter that improves the quality of indoor air by eliminating bacteria and airborne dust particles. This Carrier AC is fitted with a Refrigerant Leakage Detector, which switches off the AC if leakage occurs.

For NeXgen Dehumidifier, Smart Diagnosis, Auto Restart, Turbo mode, Sleep mode and Auto Swing, Carrier 24 K Ester also comes. On the system one year warranty is granted and on the compressor four years.

9. IFB 2 Ton 3 Star Split AC

This best 2 ton AC is definitely one of the best products from IFB, especially considering how strong it is. With its 2 ton capacity, together with a powerful built-in fan, the AC is not only able to provide you with cool air almost instantly, but also to throw it up to 30 feet through the room.

The use of copper prevents energy loss which ultimately helps to cool faster. IFB coated titanium evaporators to repel any dust or water, and included a 6-stage bio-clean air filter to keep the air in your room free of pollution.

The 3-star AC features a large hidden front display to display vital information and provides a 5-year compressor brand warranty.

10. Whirlpool 2 T MagiCool 2 ton 3-star Split AC

If you’re looking for a larger-capacity AC then this Whirlpool product should solve your aim. Using the 6th Sense FastCool technology, this 2 ton AC will be able to cool a large room up to 180 square feet at a much faster rate than other lower capacity ACs. For that purpose an IntelliSense Inverter compressor was also included.

The company has kept the noise level in check to save you from loud noise and you can use the AC without the need for an external stabiliser. Features such as turbo mode have been included which help you to cool the room even outside at high temperatures. It is a 3 star AC and its compressor comes with a 10 year warranty.

2 Ton Air Conditioner Buying Guide

Inverter Air Conditioner

The majority of consumers believe that the Power Back Up Inverter AC is not real. An Inverter Air Conditioner varies the speed to match room temperature. The Inverter ACs come with velocity shifting motors which change their speed as needed.

Standard Split ACs are fixed in size while variable speed motors come with the Inverter Air Conditioners. Inverter Technology is like a size-adjustable Elastic Trouser.

Not only are the Inverter Air Conditioners effective but they also save money. A 3 Star Inverter AC is 7 per cent more energy-efficient than a 5 Star Fixed Speed Split AC, according to BEE.

Therefore, it is easier to opt for an Inverter Air Conditioner if your use of the Air Conditioner is heavy.

Air Purifier

It is best to opt for an AC that comes with dust and anti-bacterial filters if you live in a Heavy Traffic area or a Polluted environment. Many air conditioners from Blue Star come with PM 2.5 Air Purifiers, too.

ISEER, EER and Star Ratings

ERR reflect the energy efficiency of an AC and the amount of cooling that an Air Conditioner will provide per watt of electricity. Higher the ERR value and the Star Score, an AC’s power output would be lower.

Ratings for ISEER (Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) will be compulsory as from January 2018. For Inverter Air Conditioners some of the Top AC Brands have already embraced the ISEER mark.

BEE-Star-AC Ratings

Copper Coil vs Aluminum Coil

The two types of condenser coils used in the air conditioners are Copper and Aluminum. There will be corrosion, no matter what sort of wire. Yet, relative to aluminium, copper coils are simpler to patch.

Aluminum spindles are cheaper but not as durable as copper. An Aluminum coil is difficult to maintain and repair.

So, choosing an AC that comes with an anti-corrosion feature would be much better, particularly if you live near the shore. Blue Star Air Conditioners come with corrosion-preventing Blue Fin Condensers.

Two of Air Conditioning Manufacturers ‘commonly used Anti-Corrosion methods are Blue Fin Condensers, Micro Channel Condenser tubes, or Multi Jet Engineering.

Questions Frequently Asked

1. Which AC is best and how to select it?
In general, depending on the size of the room (capacity) and the space you are trying to keep it cool, we need to choose the AC. The 1 ton AC is for smaller spaces, 1.5 tons AC is for medium spaces and 2 tons AC is for large rooms.

  • For size of room (0 to 80 sq. ft.), capacity is 0.75 tons
  • For size of room (80 to 150 sq. ft.), capacity is 1 ton
  • For size of room (150 to 200 sq. ft.), capacity is 1.5 ton
  • For size of room (200 to 300 sq. ft.), capacity is 2 tons.

2. Why am I choosing the Dual Fan Compressor AC?

The temperature can range from 45 – 50 ° C during the peak summer in India, then the temperature of the compressor chamber will rise to 54 – 59 ° C for the outside unit inside. At this high temperature this ultimately results in the problem of the compressor trip. Even at 57 ° C the dual fan compressor will help to work and make the air conditioner work perfect.

3. What’s Residential AC’s Lifetime?

The air conditioner has an average lifespan of 7-9 years. Although, its performance depends on a qualified technician’s use and regular filter cleaning, along with the service.

4. Difference between 2 ton AC inverter and 2 ton Non Inverter AC inverter?

Most people become confused about which one is best, whether inverter or non-inverter air conditioner. Here is a bit of a difference that explains what inverter and non-inverter AC is.

Compressor – The AC inverter comes with compressor motor and variable velocity in which the compressor will always be ON. The non-inverter air conditioner comes with a fixed compressor and the speed in which the compressor operates ON & OFF is set.

Temperature – In the AC inverter, the temperature automatically determines whether heating and cooling is done. The inverter ac goes ON & OFF which keeps the temperature in the room by making it less environmentally friendly.

Cost – The inverter AC is slightly more expensive than the non-inverter AC, and installing non-inverter AC will cost more than the cost of an inverter AC.

5. How often do I need to clean AC air filter?

The dust and airborne particles easily accumulate to an air conditioner’s air filter. The high the dust buildup, the low the air quality in the room. So, from time to time, you have to clean the air filters regularly to get better air quality. Make sure your service provider knows how to properly open and attach the air filter before cleaning.
Just clean the filter once or twice a month along with your AC’s annual maintenance service, where the experts thoroughly and perfectly clean the air filters and other parts.

Final Words

I Hope you like top 10 best 2 ton AC in India. You may buy any of these as we have made this list after proper analysis.

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