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Are you looking for Best 1 Ton Split AC that can keep your little space or office cool? A 1-ton AC is recommended for small areas of less than 800 sq ft. Yet not all 1-ton ACs are the same, which is why we have made the list of the best 1-ton air conditioners on the Indian market.

Longer and warmer summers are becoming a daily occurrence, with temperatures in all major Indian cities breaching the 40-degree barrier every summer. In such a environment, air conditioning is not a luxury, but a requirement.

Like predicted for every growing business, the air conditioning sector in India actually feels that there will be 14-15% growth in the industry this year. Despite heavy monsoons in most countries, it has already begun to feel hot in Mumbai, Gujarat, Delhi, Kolkata and a few other parts of the country.

There are so many brands offering a wide variety of items. The complex marketing jargon used by salesmen can be complex for most customers to grasp. This guide will make the process simpler and make the final option simpler for you.

Best 1 Ton Split AC in India

1. LG 1-ton 5-star Split AC Inverter

This LG 1-ton inverter AC also ranks as one of India’s best 1-ton split AC due to its 5-star design. This LG AC comes with a dual-inverter compressor that ensures quicker cooling and thus more power and money savings.

This model has a high cooling score of 5 which enables it to remain cool even when the outside temperature is over 50 degrees Centigrade. HD Filter provides high-grade filtration by eliminating harmful particles from the air, such as pollen, dust mites, bacteria, etc. This AC provides the greatest comfort due to the uniform distribution of cold air in the house.

The monsoon season can present challenges to AC units due to high humidity rates. In this AC, the Monsoon Comfort feature detects the room ambient temperature and adjusts the cooling output to provide maximum comfort while consuming less electricity.


  • Split AC with compressor inverter – saves electricity.
  • Capacity of 1 ton – suitable for a room size of < = 110 square feet.
  • 5-star ranking – energy efficient.
  • Copper condenser coil-low maintenance.
  • R32 refrigerant – eco-friendly.
  • One-year warranty on the machine and 10 years warranty on the compressor.

2. Daikin 1-ton 5-star Inverter Split AC

When LG is an all-rounder, Daikin would be a professional. This company manufactures some of the finest ACs in the world. This particular model is one of the best ACs in India under Rs 45.000, someplace at the same price as the model mentioned earlier.

This AC ranks among the best in the infrastructure sector. There are several benefits of Neo-Swing compressor technology. This reduces friction and vibration and avoids gas leakage during compression. So, you’ve got an effective, noiseless performer.

Econo Mode, also known as Power-Saving Mode, limits the maximum power consumption, particularly when multiple electrical devices are in the same room. That’s why you end up with a high power bill.

The Power Chill process ensures that the room is refrigerated as soon as possible. This is therefore the perfect gadget if you need instant relief from the scorching temperatures of the summer months.

Families love Daikin ACs as they emit the lowest noise of all ACs. In Quiet Operation Mode, the noise level comes down to a whisper to encourage your baby to sleep peacefully at night.

The Coanda Airflow feature offers radiant cooling by moving air to all the nooks and corners of the room, creating a wonderful atmosphere.


  • Split AC with inverter – excellent low-noise efficiency and high savings.
  • 1 ton size – perfect for modern Indian 10 X 10 bedrooms.
  • 5-star efficiency ranking – high-quality power savings with an ISEER of 5.80.
  • Copper condenser coils – increased cooling with low maintenance.
  • R32 Refrigerant – no loss of ozone.
  • One-year component warranty and five-year compressor condenser warranty.

3. Voltas 1 – Ton 3 Star Split AC

Voltas 1 – Ton 3 Star Split AC

The 123 CZA from Voltas is an outstanding one-ton air conditioner from the Indian company. It should not be said that Voltas is a subsidiary of Tatas, a corporation well known worldwide for its products.

That makes this air conditioner so unique is its ability to cool down though the ambient temperature is 50 ° C. This isn’t overkill because it nearly hit that high in Delhi this summer.

The dehumidifier is another appealing feature. It’s hard to come across such a smart feature at this price range. The dehumidifier functions to keep the moisture content of the space under control throughout the monsoon season. Otherwise, if you cool a room with 90% relative humidity down to 23 ° C, there would be droplets of water everywhere, rendering it hot.

Also use Sleep Mode in Voltas to conserve fuel. A few hours after you turn it on, it will slowly cause the temperature to increase slightly by 1 ° C. Since it’s still colder in the early hours, it lowers energy use so you’ll never feel it because you’re fast asleep at 3 a.m. This is very economical to work with an annual consumption of 782 units.


• Warranty: 1 year on device, 1 year on condenser and 5 years on compressor.
• Energy efficiency: 3 stars of the Hive.
• Size: 19.5 cm x 84.5 cm x 27.5 cm.
• Element of the coil: aluminum.
• Installation Included: special service costs.

4. Godrej 1-ton 3-star Split AC – 12RTC3-WRA

Godrej 1-ton 3-star Split AC

Customers deserve to get the finest services at the most affordable prices when they buy the Godrej brand. This AC doesn’t let them down in any way.

Aside from delivering an outstanding cooling efficiency, this Godrej AC helps to purify the air circulated in the room. The Safe Auto-Blow function inhibits the growth of bacteria, maintaining the circulation of fresh air.

While it operates on a non-inverter compressor, the AC provides a multi-layer acoustic jacket to muzzle the signal, guaranteeing quiet operation. The evaporator coils are additionally covered in the form of a Bluefin coating for protection against rust and corrosion.

The non-inverter compressor is still capable of supplying reliable and precise cooling when running at the lowest noise level. This AC uses R32 refrigerant, one of the most used today because of its ‘No Ozone Depletion’ consistency. It’s a welcome step towards creating a greener world.


• Break AC with a non-inverter compressor – nice on the end.
• One-ton power – perfect for small Indian bedrooms that you have in apartments today.
• 3-star efficiency ranking – fair in terms of electricity savings.
• Copper condensing coils – better performance.
• R32 coolant – perfect for the weather.
• One year warranty on the machine and condenser, and five years warranty on the compressor.

5. Mitashi 1.0 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

Mitashi 1.0 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

It’s a sleek and compact air conditioner at an reasonable price. This Mitashi air conditioner has all the functionality you’d expect in the top of the line of luxury models.

The advanced inverter compressor will adjust its rate of work depending on the load and save you time. An outstanding Mitashi product that is ideal for any house.

Copper coils and a proprietary Multi-Fold evaporator coil design allow you to cool easily and comfortably. The panel has big and easy-to-read numerals, and the remote operates from any perspective. A special aspect is that the evaporator drain operates on both ends. You should use it if you think it’s fitting.

The dehumidifier performed well in our measurements, leaving the air visibly less cold. Sleep Mode is also extremely responsive and works late at night while you’re sleeping early. It’s possible to cool your room almost instantaneously with Turbo Mode.


• Warranty: 1 year on drug, 1 year on condenser and 5 years on compressor.
• Energy efficiency: 3 stars of the Hive.
• Size: 20 cm x 79 cm x 27 cm.
• Element of the coil: aluminum.
• Setup Included: special service fee.

6. Daikin 1-ton 3-star inverter Split AC

Daikin 1-ton 3-star inverter Split AC – ATKL35TV

5-star ACs, relative to 3-star versions are expensive. The inverter ACs are similarly more expensive than the non-inverter ACs. The Daikin model is a three-star AC split inverter that has praiseworthy features to rate one of India’s best 1-ton ACs under Rs 35’000.

Daikin ACs come with some of the newest innovations, such as Power Chill Operations. During the summer months, this function ensures instant cooling and warmth from the sparkling sun.

Around the same time, the Econo mode provides full power savings. This function is useful where other electrical equipment operate in the same room. You wind up with high power costs. This AC varies from many of the above models due to the integrated stabiliser which comes with a step-up and step-down to accommodate for low and high input voltages. You also save money not by spending in an external stabilizer.

The Daikin ACs are one of the best in India for low noise. This AC comes with an indoor quiet process that optimizes the airflow velocity according to the level of noise, thereby ensuring uninterrupted sleep.

One of the highlights of Daikin AC is the self-diagnostic feature that lets the technician easily identify the damage by showing the error code. You can quickly explain the issue to the technician of the service.


• Split AC with the compressor inverter – Variable speed, thus more powerful.
• Strength of one ton – suitable for small spaces under 110 square feet.
• 3 star ranking – Performance is good.
• Copper Condenser spools – improved longevity.
• R32 coolant – to a greener world.
• Device one-year warranty and compressor five years.

7. LG 1-ton 3-star Split AC inverter – KS-Q12YNXA

LG is a flexible AC maker supplying different forms of AC to suit Indian demands. The Indian modern bedrooms are tiny and portable. A 3-star 1-ton AC would therefore be the perfect one. The following exciting features are included in this AC.

This AC comes with a dual inverter compressor and is one of the best for fast refrigeration and power savings. The twin rotors execute in all respects an impressive mission. This LG is outstanding on the front cooling as it comes with a score of 5, providing exemplary convenience even though the ambient temperature is more than 50 degrees Celsius.

The best coils are the copper condenser as they allow heat to dissipate faster. Ocean Black Safety coils are used to deter damage from rust, salt, sand and chemical contaminants. This AC offers a special Monsoon Comfort feature that delivers outstanding cooling and warmth in the monsoon.

Many of the other impressive apps include the weak coolant warning app that warns you to coolant depletion. The HD filter ensures that you still have fresh air in the house. The Comfort Air solution provides an appropriate ventilation and guarantees constant cooling in the cabin.


• Split AC with transformer inverter – low noise energy efficiency.
• One-ton size – ideal for rooms in the field up to 100 m2.
• 3-star ranking – ideal for electricity and money saving.
• Copper condenser spools – low maintenance, thereby saving energy.
• R32 coolant – ecologically sound.
• One year machine warranty and ten years compressor warranty.

8. Samsung 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

Samsung 1 Ton 3 Star inverter Split AC

A innovative new 8-pole compressor that brings Electric Inverter technology one stage forward drives Samsung air conditioners. It keeps the air calm and new but does not turn on or off much. This improves your life and saves money. The air conditioner cools with a 2-step refrigeration cycle. The Quick Cool mode initially triggers fast cooling. The Comfort mode is then taken over and the temperature is retained.

Durafin is the largest USP of any Samsung air conditioner. It improves the efficiency of the heat exchanger and allows heat flow from the room to the outside to be more efficient.

The computer can withstand a large voltage difference. Our experiments have shown that it can run without problems from 150 to 290 volts. This is useful in many parts of the world, where voltage fluctuation contributes to the use of costly devices.

After we installed it in our laboratory, it did a 15 minutes self- to see if the installation was perfect. Our verdict is a fabulously made Samsung air conditioner.


  • Split AC with compressor inverter- speed to ensure good efficiency.
  • Capacity one ton – perfect for Indian small bedrooms.
  • 3 star ranking – mild saving of electricity.
  • Condenser coil Alloy – good value for money.
  • R410A – Nice R32 substitute.
  • 10-year compressor warranty and 5 years condenser warranty.

9. Blue Star 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

Blue Star 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

The Indian Blue Star cooling giant carries a genuinely modern technology. It’s well-designed, looks good and is solid. Blue Star air conditioners are typically state-of – the-art and this model is no exception.

Blue Star developed its iFeel device to increase the comfort of a room. Uniformly conditioned rooms contain cold and warm air pockets and this lack of standardization creates irritation. The majority of air conditioners are fitted with a single sensor with a restricted range and thus a limited range.

iFeel units use sensors in the indoor unit as well as in the remote control panel. The machine therefore detects the user’s exact temperature and provides continuous refrigeration in the room. This is also one of the quietest systems we tested with average noise from 33 to 38 decibels.

The luxury sleep of Blue Star provides an ambient temperature throughout the night that retains ventilation at a predetermined amount that guarantees a good night’s sleep.

This Blue Star bid, with its outstanding ventilation and low noise levels, is not the most energy efficient AC on the market. Nonetheless, if you are so inclined, the affordable price and the apps have an enticing bid.


  • Warranty: 1 year on Device, 10 years on compressor
  • Energy Efficiency: 3 Star BEE
  • Dimensions: 26 cms. x 90 cm. x 33.5 cm.
  • Coil Material: Copper 
  • Capacity one ton – perfect for small rooms.

10. Carrier 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC

Carrier 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC

Carrier invented air conditioning and remains the world’s leading company for almost a century. Owing to its quality, we were eager to test this one ton air conditioner.

A 2.5-micron filter means that no dust ever comes into your room or office. An incredibly powerful compressor will cool the interior in a few minutes regardless of the heat of the outside. It has not only all the normal features you want from a premium manufacturer-the Turbo Cold, the Sleep Mode and the Engine-but it also has a memory of a louvre location. This allows you to guide the airflow beautifully without the controls constantly being battled.

A coolant leak detector warns you to turn the system off to avoid injury. In our research, it has been able to work very well at a range of voltages, and much of the inverter compressor is noise free.

We consider it to be a very fulfilling device, which performs as you can imagine.


  • Warranty: 1 year on the component, 1 year on the condenser, 5 years for the compression unit
  • Power efficiency: 3 Star BEE
  • Dimensions: 18.8 cms x 80 cm x 27.5 cm.
  • Coil Material: Copper 
  • R32 refrigerant – no ozone depletion

India’s Best AC (Air-Conditioner) Brands

There are many brands on the Indian market. All of them have their specialties and skills. Various producers offer their goods something new to make them even more appealing to everyday customers.

Air conditioners have grown and worked for the last few decades, and today’s producers have a very hard job with the focus on energy conservation.

Here’s a short peek at some of the Indian market’s biggest brands.

1. LG

Since its arrival in the early 1990s, Korean electronics giant LG has made a splash in Indian markets. LG’s TVs, refrigerators and other home appliances are a very popular series, but their air conditioners deserve a special mention. For years now, LG has introduced air conditioners with the newest technologies and the highest quality into the Indian industry.

LG air conditioners are also highly powerful due to their special compressors ‘efficient cooling. For nearly all its products, LG’s ten-year warranty has brought tremendous customer loyalty and made LG one of the leading brands on the Indian air conditioning market.

2. Daikin

Daikin is a Japanese air conditioner company that specializes in high quality air conditioning. Unlike other companies focusing on a wide range of home appliances, Daikin focuses on ACs only and guarantees that its R&D departments keep their products consistent with the newest technical advancements.

With this emphasis on technical advancement, Daikin has invented many AC-specific innovations now available on the market and in models of any brand. Daikin is also one of the leaders in this area.

3. BlueStar

Possibly the world’s most popular Indian brand on the air conditioner market, has found it easy to recognize thanks to its omnipresent emblem, which has imprinted customers ‘minds as a symbol of confidence, efficiency and quality refreshing.

Blue Star is one of India’s pioneers and specializes in the supply of cooling devices and supplies to many company offices in India.

Blue Star has five plants in India that are specialized in the manufacture of medium-range air conditioners with a tonnage between 0.75 and 1.5 tons.

4. Voltas

Voltas is a well-known Indian company. This is not only part of the Tata group of companies but also because it has outstanding understanding of the nature of the finest white products.

It goes without saying that Voltas is the top air conditioner maker. The very fact that an Indian company outperforms the Korean giants shows the customer’s trust in the business.

Our portfolio includes the famous all-weather package that guarantees cooling even at 50 ° C. Their new collection is backlit and is easy to work in the night. This is this commitment to the wishes of the consumers that have made this highly competitive.

5. Carrier

The founders of industrial air conditioning, Carrier began operations in 1902 and has a century of expertise with its products. Carrier is one of India’s most popular brands. Carrier is also known for its powerful and efficient goods and is one of the most expensive air conditioning brands. Carrier Window ACs costs as much as other air conditioners in Break, and it is generally agreed that Carrier is the gold standard in air conditioning.

Carrier ACs come with a range of features and a fee is charged by the brand name. You will be willing to pay for it if you choose a plane.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much electricity does an AC consume on average?

Different devices have varying consumption; on average, during warm conditions, AC absorbs between 3000 – 5000 watts of power if it runs 9 hours daily.

What’s better, 1 ton or 1.5 ton?

The solution is the size of the place you installed it in. When you have a larger space, the 1.5-ton AC is stronger because it can provide 50 percent more cooling than 1 ton.

The time needed for the 1,5 ton AC to cool the air is much less than the other air. At the other side, it’s easier to use 1-ton ac if the space is limited since it needs less power than 1.5-ton ac.

How much area 1 ton ac can cover?

1-ton AC can cover 80-120 sq. ft.  The boundary range is 144 square feet.

Final Words

I hope you like this article on Best 1-Ton Split AC in India. Let us know in comments which brand you like the most.

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